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    Rick's crew make the switch of the two officers for Beth and Carol. However Dawn asks for Noah to be returned. He agrees to save more bloodshed. Beth stabs her and she shoots her reflexively. Darryl kills Dawn but the other officers call for a ceasefire.
    7 December 2014 - 9 comments
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    Rick leads a group to capture some of the cops and cut a deal with Dawn. One of them, Bob, pretends to be cooperative before knocking Sasha out. At the hospital Dawn allows Beth to treat Carol. Out on the road Eugene wakes up while the rest of the gang get over the loss of Washington.
    5 December 2014 - 1 comments
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    Carol and Daryl stalk the police to the hospital in Atlanta. In flashback we see some of the missing pieces in Carol's story. They run into Noah and Carol is picked up by the police.
    5 December 2014 - 6 comments
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    Abraham's crew crash after Eugene sabotaged their school bus. He admits this to Tara while Abraham pushes everyone relentlessly forward. When he tries to take them through a large horde of Walkers, Eugene breaks down and admits that he isn't a scientist. In flashback we see how Abraham lost his family and found Eugene.
    16 November 2014 - 2 comments
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    Beth wakes up in a hospital in Atlanta. The building is run by cold police officer Dawn while kindly Dr Steven Edwards tends to the wounded brought in. Beth is asked to work to pay off the cost of her rescue and care but is quickly disenchanted with the bleak morale of the staff and the harsh discipline. Things get worse when creepy cop Gorman makes it clear he has intentions with Beth. Fellow sufferer Noah plans to escape and Beth helps him but is caught herself. She realises that even Dr Edwards can't be trusted and prepares to kill him when Carol is wheeled in.
    5 November 2014 - 5 comments
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    Bob reveals his bite to the horror of the Termites. They return him to the church and Rick prepares an attack. Gareth has anticipated this and enters the church. However Rick's group quickly return and smash their heads in. Bob is lain to rest as the group splits up. Maggie, Glenn and Tara agreed to go to Washington if Abraham would remain at the church. Darryl then appears out of the bushes but we don't see who he is with.
    28 October 2014 - 7 comments
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    The group come across a Priest who identifies himself as Gabriel. They set up camp in his church, find some food and agree to head to Washington. Carol and Darryl come across a car and use it to pursue Beth's kidnappers. Bob wanders off on his own to cry and gets captured by the Terminus survivors.
    26 October 2014 - 9 comments

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  • *I may be gone for now but check out these podcasts:* The Angel Rewatch (with Derek and William)[https://theangelrewatch. wordpress. com/] Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Rewatch (with Cordia and Celeste)[http://returntostarshollow. blogspot. co. uk/] Trailerclash: The Movie Trailers Podcast (with Roberto and friends)[http://trailerclash. wordpress. com/] Hi everyone, As you can probably imagine producing podcasts takes a lot of time. An hour to watch the show, sometimes an hour to write, an hour to read and edit feedback, an hour to record, an hour to edit and post and prepare for the next one. Between "The Walking Dead" podcast and the Buffy Rewatch my spare time is well used up.
    5 September 2014 - 42 comments
  • Hey everyone, As I announced on the podcast for The Walking Dead's "After", I recently read Compendium One of the graphic novels. I then recorded a podcast summarising each chapter briefly and commenting on it in my usual style. The podcast is 2 and a half hours long by the end but obviously every second is audio gold :-) I'm asking listeners to donate $5 or more to get their copy of the podcast. Just click on the donate tab and leave me $5 and then email thetvcritic@gmail.
    13 February 2014 - 24 comments

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  • Eddie on TOW The Prom Video
    The acting was very well-done! The best moment was easily the kiss between Ross/Rachel. It was beautiful watching that scene!
    8 January 2015
  • Eddie on TOA Joey And Rachel Kiss
    Comparing this episode to the rest, this was just...BAD! The Joey/Rachel parts were making me yawn! The Monica storyline was even worse! Mike getting slapped by his GF, Precious was the only part that...
    8 January 2015
  • Eddie on TOW The Blackout
    This was a great episode to watch!
    7 January 2015
  • The TV Critic on Sort of Goodbye
    4 January 2015

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