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    Rick wakes up and tells our survivors that he plans to take over Alexandria if he is exiled. Nicholas jumps the walls and Glenn follows him. Aaron and Darryl encounter an old friend.
    1 April 2015 - 3 comments
  • 57
    Glenn tells Nicholas not to leave the walls. Carl tracks Enid while Michonne and Rosita track Sasha who is hunting Walkers. Rick goes to Jessie to confront her about Pete.
    25 March 2015 - 4 comments
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    Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Noah, Aidan and Nicholas go on a supply run. Rick investigates a broken sculpture. Abraham joins the construction crew. Carol is pestered to make more cookies.
    16 March 2015 - 5 comments
  • 69
    The survivors come to terms with their new lives in Alexandria. Rick, Carol and Darryl make a plan to steal some guns for themselves but each is challenged about whether they should. Meanwhile Sasha struggles to cope with life inside but Michonne begins to come to terms with it.
    12 March 2015 - 3 comments
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    Our survivors settle in to Alexandria. The community leader Deanna assigns them all jobs.
    5 March 2015 - 4 comments
  • 68
    Aaron tells Rick that he's been watching their group and thinks they are good people. Rick won't believe him but can't prove that he's lying.
    23 February 2015 - 5 comments
  • 66
    The group are out of food, water and gas. They fight to survive while Darryl, Sasha and Maggie contemplate whether they can go on.
    18 February 2015 - 6 comments

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  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Summary (with on the fly thoughts mixed in parenthesis). This is a going to be LONG one folks. The action...
    1 April 2015
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Summary (On the fly thoughts and comments in brackets):

    We open with a shot of a Monkey in a...
    28 March 2015
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Summary (with on the fly thoughts mixed in):

    Deanna, Reg and Spencer sit around a coffee table in their house...
    23 March 2015
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Day 10

    Jules and Sister Amy have a conversation; Mother in exchange for Immortality. In the background the Abbey's...
    22 March 2015
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The solar power system has failed for the Alexandria compound.

    Noah is being mentored by Deanna’s husband Reg to help build...
    16 March 2015

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  • *I may be gone for now but check out these podcasts:* The Angel Rewatch (with Derek and William)[https://theangelrewatch. wordpress. com/] Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Rewatch (with Cordia and Celeste)[http://returntostarshollow. blogspot. co. uk/] Trailerclash: The Movie Trailers Podcast (with Roberto and friends)[http://trailerclash. wordpress. com/] Hi everyone, As you can probably imagine producing podcasts takes a lot of time. An hour to watch the show, sometimes an hour to write, an hour to read and edit feedback, an hour to record, an hour to edit and post and prepare for the next one. Between "The Walking Dead" podcast and the Buffy Rewatch my spare time is well used up.
    5 September 2014 - 43 comments
  • Hey everyone, As I announced on the podcast for The Walking Dead's "After", I recently read Compendium One of the graphic novels. I then recorded a podcast summarising each chapter briefly and commenting on it in my usual style. The podcast is 2 and a half hours long by the end but obviously every second is audio gold :-) I'm asking listeners to donate $5 or more to get their copy of the podcast. Just click on the donate tab and leave me $5 and then email thetvcritic@gmail.
    13 February 2014 - 24 comments

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  • Fluids on Conquer
    ~~~~~~~~~~ Thoughts: Lenny James has solid intense on screen presence. I sincerely hope he stays on this show a while. The first Wolf was a great actor as well. What is being conquered in this ...
    1 April 2015
  • Ben F. on Conquer
    I enjoyed this finale, wasn't as good as last year's finale though. Season 3 ended with an episode that tried to defy viewer expectations, but I think this episode did so in a different and better ...
    1 April 2015
  • Matt E. on Conquer
    The problem I am having with this show is its own success, which gives the producers far too much leeway to take forever. I am sure AMC wants to keep TWD going as long as possible, but stop teasing m...
    31 March 2015
  • Great Eagle on Mockingbird
    I think others have commented on the Vale scenes enough...It's sad that you missed the underlying ideas. What if Littlefinger wanted Lysa to see him kissing Sansa because he knew how she would rea...
    29 March 2015

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