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    The group come across a Priest who identifies himself as Gabriel. They set up camp in his church, find some food and agree to head to Washington. Carol and Darryl come across a car and use it to pursue Beth's kidnappers. Bob wanders off on his own to cry and gets captured by the Terminus survivors.
    21 October 2014 - 8 comments
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    Carol and Tyreese capture one of the Terminus outer guards. Carol heads on into Terminus disguised as a Walker after blowing a hole in the gates. Inside Rick leads his people out as they mow down their captors. After an emotional reunion the gang move on. Morgan is following their path. In flashback we see how Terminus went from sanctuary to prison.
    19 October 2014 - 15 comments
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    25 October 2014
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    Bran's companions encounter undead enemies at the giant Heart Tree. Jojen is killed but a child of the Forest takes them to safety where they meet the Three Eyed Raven. Manse is surprised by Stannis' army and taken prisoner. Brienne encounters Arya and the Hound. Brienne badly wounds the Hound but loses Arya. She lets the Hound die and jumps on a boat to Braavos. Cersei refuses to marry Loras. Jaime helps Tyrion escape but he chooses to kill Tywin instead. He and Varys leave on a ship. Daenerys is forced to chain up two of her dragons after they kill a child.
    18 June 2014 - 36 comments - Podcast Available
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    Gilly makes it to Castle Black while Ygritte promises to kill Jon. A large section of forest is set on fire north of the Wall and an attack begins both on Castle Black and the Wall. Alliser Thorne is killed defending the Castle while Janos Slynt hides with Gilly. The attack on the Tunnel is repelled despite many casualties. The attack on the Castle is too but Ygritte dies in Jon's arms. Giantsbane is taken prisoner and Jon heads out of the gate to kill Manse.
    12 June 2014 - 21 comments - Podcast Available
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    Ygritte lets Gilly live while the Wildlings sack Mole's Town. Grey Worm and Missandei sort of admit to having feelings for one another. A boy hands Ser Jorah's pardon to Ser Barristan. He passes it on to Daenerys who kicks him out of Meereen. Theon helps Ramsay take Moat Cailin and the latter gets upgraded to a Bolton. Sansa confesses who she is but protects Baelish to the Lords of the Vale. The Hound and Arya arrive only to learn that Lysa is dead. The Mountain kills Oberyn in the Trial by Combat.
    6 June 2014 - 35 comments - Podcast Available
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    Jim sends out a memo about Don breaching his contract. Don angrily reacts and Bert supports his out of loyalty. Everyone watches the Moon Landing including Don, Peggy, Pete and Harry who are out pitching to Burger Chef. Don insists that Peggy give the presentation so that the business is hers. Bert dies and Roger talks to McCann about a takeover. He puts together a deal which would put him in charge and keep Don around.
    2 June 2014 - 14 comments

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  • *I may be gone for now but check out these podcasts:* The Angel Rewatch (with Derek and William)[https://theangelrewatch. wordpress. com/] Return to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Rewatch (with Cordia and Celeste)[http://returntostarshollow. blogspot. co. uk/] Trailerclash: The Movie Trailers Podcast (with Roberto and friends)[http://trailerclash. wordpress. com/] Hi everyone, As you can probably imagine producing podcasts takes a lot of time. An hour to watch the show, sometimes an hour to write, an hour to read and edit feedback, an hour to record, an hour to edit and post and prepare for the next one. Between "The Walking Dead" podcast and the Buffy Rewatch my spare time is well used up.
    5 September 2014 - 40 comments
  • Hey everyone, As I announced on the podcast for The Walking Dead's "After", I recently read Compendium One of the graphic novels. I then recorded a podcast summarising each chapter briefly and commenting on it in my usual style. The podcast is 2 and a half hours long by the end but obviously every second is audio gold :-) I'm asking listeners to donate $5 or more to get their copy of the podcast. Just click on the donate tab and leave me $5 and then email thetvcritic@gmail.
    13 February 2014 - 23 comments

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  • The TV Critic on Strangers
    If last season showed Rick the folly of trying to stay behind walls, is this season going to teach him to kill anyone who crosses him?
    24 October 2014
  • Fluids on Strangers
    This episode brings another show axiom into focus: In some (perhaps all ?) cases, if you have an enemy it's kill or be killed: (Se...
    23 October 2014
  • Fluids on Strangers
    OMG! Termite Martin is chowing down on part of Bob's leg in the end sequence! That means Tyreese didn't kill Martin. I don't think he was lying though to Carol, so he must have thought he killed Ma...
    22 October 2014
  • Ben F. on Strangers
    I have to apologize to The Walking Dead, I came into this episode thinking this would be a filler episode, where they meet some guy who seems "nice" and eventually tries to kill them. Halfway in, I...
    21 October 2014

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