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  • There was lots to like about *Stranger Things*. But it felt like an extended movie rather than a TV show. All the character beats were big and broad. The plot flew along predictably toward a happy ending. And none of that is bad. But I don't see a point in producing a season two. The story has been told. I could see this as an anthology series but would have little interest in revisiting Hawkins itself. *Atlanta *reminded me quite a bit of *Girls*.
    2 March 2017 - 2 comments
  • I'm struggling to think of another TV show like *Westworld. *And by that I mean I can't remember another major TV show which tried to function with no main character. Delores is not a main character. She is still a robot. A robot that needed both her creators to instruct her to murder them in order for her to achieve sentience. Ignore all the philosophy and the memory games. Delores is not yet a character in the real sense of the word. We can't root her on, emotionally, because we don't really know who she is.
    10 December 2016 - 4 comments

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  • Aaronic on Everybody Hates Hugo
    I absolutely agree with this, I really expected there to be a much better story for Hurley in the hatch, but this felt unimportant, uninspired and pointless. Furthermore I have the same issues with...
    26 March 2017
  • Aaronic on Orientation
    I think you really didn't give this episode enough credit for what it accomplished. It was very busy but there was so much to like that I feel it deserves a lot more credit. The focus on the man of...
    25 March 2017
  • Chris on The 23rd Psalm
    I really feel the need to put in my two cents here. I felt this is a very strong episode. With a strong story of Mr. Eko and many religious references. This is the second time I am watching Lost. And ...
    19 March 2017
  • Aaronic on Adrift
    I will keep my comments here shorter and I'm going to write in more detail on my website. I agree that this episode feels like stalling and honestly there is pretty much nothing that is must-see h...
    17 March 2017

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