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  • *A new book featuring some material from thetvcritic. org is now available.
    18 September 2015
  • Hey, I have moved the Game of Thrones podcast (A Pod of Casts) to Libsyn (the dedicated podcast hosting service). This means that most of the links at thetvcritic. org to those podcasts won't work. Your Itunes subscription should work fine and if you prefer to download the files individually go here: http://apodofcasts. libsyn. com/. If you need to know the RSS feed address it's http://apodofcasts. libsyn. com/rss. If you want episode one of Season 5 right now then download from here: http://traffic. libsyn. com/apodofcasts/A_Pod_of_Casts_501_The_Wars_to_Come. mp3 If you are wondering why I don't get those links fixed then go back to the "Sort of Goodbye" Blog post.
    16 April 2015

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  • Danny on No One
    I just can't take your ratings seriously when you have this episode rated as 20 points below an average episode of Dollhouse. Kinda ridiculous.
    24 June 2016
  • Gilbert on The Agreement Dissection
    I really enjoyed Sheldon crushing Priya, and being the unknowing hero by saving Leonard from that cold woman, revealing her true feelings.
    21 June 2016
  • A Commentator on Battle of the Bastards
    Yeah, that was my problem with the whole Sansa thing too.. until I realised that maybe she didn't tell Jon because she doesn't honestly trust him. Her time with Ramsay has seriously changed her, and s...
    20 June 2016
  • Fluids on Battle of the Bastards
    I love your comments. I already put my comments here at Just to comment on your comments: Great point on Sansa's decision. I figure Sansa knows Jon's impulsiveness and Ramsay'...
    20 June 2016

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