Robin reads The Walking Dead

Hey everyone,

As I announced on the podcast for The Walking Dead's "After", I recently read Compendium One of the graphic novels.

I then recorded a podcast summarising each chapter briefly and commenting on it in my usual style. The podcast is 2 and a half hours long by the end but obviously every second is audio gold :-)

I'm asking listeners to donate $5 or more to get their copy of the podcast. Just click on the donate tab and leave me $5 and then email and say "Give me my episode!" This is just a one-off sale to help cover the costs of my time. All the episode review podcasts are on the feed as usual. If you have any questions please email me.

Some quick notes:
1. You will need to download that from a browser. It's not connected to an RSS feed and won't appear in Itunes or an App.
2. It is called a "graphic" novel for a reason in this case. Don't listen to it around impressionable minds.
3. It obviously contains spoilers for The Walking Dead. If you are an up to date TV viewer who hasn't read the comics (and doesn't plan to) then I think you are safe to listen. Nothing major going forward is spoilt.
4. If you "buy" the episode please don't share the link with anyone.

If you listen to the episode and want to discuss the graphic novels then please comment below. So if you haven't read them or heard the podcast STOP READING NOW. THE BELOW COMMENTS ARE ALL SPOILERY!


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