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  • Ben
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    As the current television season comes to an end, I figured I'd reflect on my television experiences of the past year. I've probably watched less television this year than any year of my life, although thats partially due to school.

    My past year breaks down like this

    Scripted television series:

    Better Call Saul - A bit of a cheat as it aired last spring, but given the next season isn't airing until the fall I figured it counts. I have loved BCS through its 3 seasons, I did think season 3 was ~half a step below the first two seasons but was still extremely high quality television. While not quite as good as Breaking Bad, being older I am able to appreciate it more than I did with BB those years ago.

    South Park - More of a habit than out of devotion, I mostly just watch out of habit since I was a teenager. This show has gone through odd changes over recent seasons, with mixed results.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 9 was an odd season, while it was solid comedy and entertainment, it felt very strange by Curb standards. The pacing, focus, and plots just seemed a bit off in spots. Characters like Jeff and Leon were pushed to the side often, and the writing for Suzie was strange. Still, highlights like the Judge Judy and unhelpful restaurant manager make my top Curb moments list. Apparently, the show is going for another season, but I'm mildly concerned.

    Divorce: Just another HBO show I sorta watched on a whim, but my HBO subscription got messed up so I couldn't finish season 2...

    Ballers: HBO show again, this show is SOO bad. Not so bad its good, but it's no secret that I love criticizing stuff. This show is sexist, poorly plotted, full of unlikable characters and failed attempts at drama and humor. Having been a football fan for many years (go Patriots), this show does nothing for me emotionally besides disgust.

    SMILF: An interesting slice of life dramedy with an impressive sense of week-to-week continuity and serialization. Not hilarious by any means, but it has its moments.

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Dark comedy at its finest, with the occasional miss but plenty of hits. I'm really hoping Howerton does return to the show.

    A.P. Bio: Saw the pilot, didn't like it. Sunny-light type show.

    Man Seeking Woman: Clever twists on relationships and some fun concepts.


    Impractical Jokers: Honestly, my favorite show for the last 7 years. Super funny show that I saw on its premiere and I've seen every episode since.

    Nathan for You: This show is so much fun, with the recent season finale ranking in my top episodes of television of all time.

    Busted!: A Korean Netflix series I recently started watching, another guilty pleasure that is just kinda amusing and fun to watch unfold.

    The Chris Gethard Show: Such a weird show, quality all over the place, with episodes that fail but individual moments of brilliance.

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