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Author Topic: My rankings of Television Seasons 1403 Views
  • Ben
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    My rankings of Television Seasons Link to this post

    I really enjoyed ranking seasons of shows like Walking Dead and Better Call Saul. So here's my rankings of various shows (starting with shows covered by TheTvCritic). I'll add to this list over time.

    30 Rock (Only watched the first 4 seasons):
    #1. Season 1 (The phase in my life that I found Tracy Morgan funny)
    #2. Season 2 (Okay time waster during "Comedy Night Done Right"
    #3. Season 3 (Episode 10, Generalissimo, switched something in my brain that made me realize that perhaps I didn't like this show as much as I thought I did)
    #4. Season 4 (barely got through this one)

    The Office:
    #1. Season 2 (One of my favorite seasons of TV of all time)
    #2. Season 3 (Slightly less real than Season 2, but still classic)
    #3. Season 4 (Dinner Party is a classic, 28 laughs at least)
    #4. Season 5 (Broke is the best individual "story" of the entire show)
    #5. Season 7 (On average, worse than season 6, but the Micheal-centric episodes are really good)
    #6. Season 6 (Filler season)
    #7. Season 1 (Season 2 w/o the funny)
    #8. Season 9 (How to hate Ed Helms in 25 easy steps)
    #9. Season 8 (Whoa Nelly)

    Breaking Bad: This is like comparing 5 gold bars, I promise.
    #1. Season 2 (RIP Tuco)
    #2. Season 1 (Season 2 was a bit more complete, w/o the writer's strike affecting it)
    #3. Season 5 (A few weak episodes in part 1 saved by fantastic episodes in part 2
    #4. Season 4 (Slow start, better middle, amazing ending)
    #5. Season 3 (Hated Fly, and thought IFT (episode 3) was the weakest episode of the show at the time of its airing)

    Heroes: Never saw season 4
    #1. Season 1 (Not even close)
    #2. Season 2 (Slower, but still half-okay version of season 1)
    #3. Season 3 (one of the worst seasons of major network TV i have ever seen)

    #1. Season 2 (Fun, funny, and just flat out entertaining)
    #2. Season 1 (Prototype for season 2)
    #3. Season 3 (Slightly watered down version of 1 and 2)
    #4. Season 5 (Stuck the finale quite well)
    #5. Season 4 (quite a few stinkers in this season)

    Scrubs: Saw the entire show, but not truly "in order"
    #1. Season 2 (Slightly more composed as a complete television program than season 1)
    #2. Season 3 (funniest season to me)
    #3. Season 1 (First half of the season had a rawness that was special)
    #4. Season 4 (Only season I cared about Carla/Turk)
    #5. Season 8 (Interns + great finale)
    #6. Season 6 (Take away Kim, and its not that bad a season)
    #7. Season 5 (Attack of the unfunny fantasy sequences)
    #8. Season 7 (Unfinished decline)
    #9. Season 9 (liked the first 3 episodes, hated everything after)

    Curb Your Enthusiasm:
    #1. Season 4 (The episode that got me hooked on the show; Ben Stiller's Birthday Party)
    #2. Season 3 (Just one dud in the whole season, Benadryl Brownie)
    #3. Season 8 (New York > LA)
    #4. Season 6 (Single Larry!)
    #5. Season 2 (Show was just shy of findings its feet at this stage)
    #6. Season 9 (Funny, but awkward season by Curb standards)
    #7. Season 5 (Weak story arc with some amazing individual episodes)
    #8. Season 7 (Bad finale sinks the taste of the season)
    #9. Season 1 (Larry was just dipping his toes into the comedic waters, it felt like to start)

    Arrested Development: Saw the first 3 seasons, and couldn't stand season 4 past episode 2.
    #1. Season 3 (Mr F. !!!!)
    #2. Season 2 (As good as season 3 if you ask me, very close to call)
    #3. Season 1 (Kinda like Season 1 of Curb, they had to ease into their comedic rhythm)
    #4. Season 4 (Did you not read what I said? 2 episodes and I couldn't take more!)

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: My rankings of Television Seasons Link to this post

    Other shows:

    My Name is Earl:
    #1. Season 2 (Enjoyable guest stars and great ending arc)
    #2. Season 1 (Karma = entertaining)
    #3. Season 4 (Inside Probe parts 1 and 2 saves this from the bottom spot)
    #4. Season 3 (Jail isn't so funny, who'd have thought?)

    Doctor Who
    #1. Series 5 (Matt Smith = best doctor, Pandorica = best story arc, easily #1)
    #2. Series 6 (The episodic nature of part 1 of the season was the most engaged i've ever been with Doctor Who)
    #3. Series 9 (Really solid 2 parter episodes with a solid finale)
    #4. Series 7 (Diverse standalone episodes)
    #5. Series 1 (Ignoring the love story that I never bought for a second, it was a enjoyable introduction into this sci-fi world.
    #6. Series 10 (Hit-miss ratio dipped throughout the season, but some interesting ideas/concepts shine through
    #7. Series 3 (Hate Martha, love The Master)
    #8. Series 4 (Donna is better than Martha, but the finale doesn't work at all)
    #9. Series 2 (The bad episodes really stink, and the good ones don't age well.)
    #10. Series 8 (Doctor boring, maybe 3 or 4 good episodes in total)
    #11. Series 11 (Embarassingly bad)

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: My rankings of Television Seasons Link to this post

    Ballers: One of the few shows I hate-watched from start to finish, not to mention it may go down as the comedy with the fewer ATTEMPTS at jokes of all time.
    #1.Season 1: Half amusing show until you realize the writers have more interest in showing parties and naked women than how the NFL players live off the field.
    #2.Season 2 (diminishing returns from season 1, Eddie George's guest starring the only highlight)
    #4. Season 3 ( BORING without a joke in sight)
    #3. Season 4 (Russell Brand will never improve a show ever)
    #5. Season 5 (embarrassingly pathetic attempt at wrapping up a show)

    American Vandal: Fantastic Netflix show
    #1. Season 1: Best combination of comedy/mystery I've ever seen
    #2. Season 2: Less compelling structure, with some great characters and messages.

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