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Forums » Other TV Shows » What is the Walking Dead to you?

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Author Topic: What is the Walking Dead to you? 6763 Views
  • Fluids
    Community Member
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    What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    Robin (et al), I am long time fan of this podcast, The Walking Dead TV Show, Talking Dead and the comic version of the Walking Dead. I have listened also to other podcasts you have created for other TV shows like Lost.

    I especially love this podcast in particular due to the lively discussions and would now love to contribute to the discussions about the Walking Dead TV Show.

    My thoughts on how I look at the show:

    To me, this show is about the struggle of humanity facing what appears to be very adverse permanent conditions. We will all die some day and in this show that happens sooner than later. How does each character struggle with maintaining their humanity? How graceful and resourceful are they with their circumstances and with each other?

    How they deal with other Walking Dead (humans) in this apocalyptic construct is more important and pressing I think then hoping for a cure to people turning into zombies.

    Especially if there was never intended to be a cure, than I think the show is all about the evolution and struggle of humanity given the current set of permanent environmental conditions.

    Comparing the TV show to the comic I think isn’t really a good idea, so I won’t.

    Each medium has characters that are amalgams of several characters or have characters doing things that they don’t do in the other’s story or medium. TV allows for dimensions in character development by the actors that the comic book could never give.

    The comic book allows for pauses and reflection and back story that the TV show cannot give due to it being a TV show and it would ruin the pacing of the show.

    I look forward to your podcast this coming Thursday of the latest episode.

    What is the walking dead to you all?


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  • Rob H
    Community Member
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    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    The Walking Dead tv show is a dream come true for me. As someone who has been into the genre for over 30 years, I still can't quite believe its on tv and, even better, a huge, huge success. Its the first time a continuing show set in the zombie apocalypse has ever been tried so Im not surprised that mistakes have been made at all levels.
    There are certain staples of the genre that have to be included and can come off quite goofy to the uninitiated. Unique zombie kills (gags) are something that has been around for years and its one of the reasons we see some strange scenes that don't quite look organic to the story. Once the viewer understand that, I think it becomes easier to forgive the show some of its failings.
    For me, the most important person involved with this project is Greg Nicotero. As a protege of George Romero and Tom Savini, he was involved in the latter stages of Romero's original Dead Trilogy and carries the torch for the genre. TWD is also a dream come true for him and as long as he is part of the creative team there will always be a certain quality to the show that will keep me watching.

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    Thanks for starting a discussion. It's such an interesting way to phrase the question - "What is TWD to you."

    I think first it is a "universe" show to me. As in a TV show with the budget and scope to make me believe that it is a real world that exists somewhere. Like Lost and Game of Thrones it's something of a dream come true for me to see TV show receive that same level of budget as movies.

    So far I'm still not sure what the show is. I've never seen a show which is so sunken in grief. And while that portrayal may be quite realistic I still think the show could handle things differently. I'm really looking forward to reading the comic and seeing how the tone comes across there.

    My favourite moments so far have been Shane shooting Otis and Rick blowing away the guys in "Nebraska." Both had that wonderful moment when you realised that with no civilisation around to help you men were forced to make a decision that they never otherwise would have. I feel like there are a hundred smaller stories which the show could have told that have never been touched. For example and not to be sexist. But some women spend a huge amount of time on makeup and clothing and won't leave the house without feeling their best. I think it would be interesting just to explore how a world with no civilisation would affect someone like that. How would they redefine their value. Same goes for men forced to abandon a white collar job that has no value in the new world. And so on.

    The show has so far been so committed to survival that there's been no room for much else. I would love to see the spinoff take a radically different approach just to see what would happen. The problem is that I think a lot of TWDs appeal is that it's the first time anyone has done an ongoing zombie show. I think even if TWD: The Next Generation was amazing a lot of people won't watch it because they tuned in once to see zombies and they aren't interested enough to watch another version.

  • Jeff K.
    Community Member
    2 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    An interesting question because there are several ways to interpret the show and your criticism of the show has to be based on whatever that interpretation is.

    In listening to Robin's podcasts on this show, I have felt for awhile that the reason he might not enjoy the show as much as some others (although he obviously enjoys it enough to continue to invest time in watching it and recording the podcasts) is that he has perhaps set the bar too high and expected more out of it than the show was ever intended to give.

    To me....the show is first & foremost a real-action version of a zombie genre comic book. It is horror and post-apocalyptic. It inherently deals in drama because as much as it's a story about zombies, it's even moreso a story about people. And stories that involve people - no matter what kind of story you're telling - is going to deal in relationships between people, i.e., drama.

    As the show was based on a comic book - a comic book which was not a mini-series but rather a story that was supposed to be ongoing - it is therefore a show where the overall arc is unknown even to those who are creatively involved in it.

    For me, the dramatic aspects of the show are secondary to the fact that these people are living in a world where death is thrown at them from multiple directions. Survival is a 24/7 job and in order to survive you must be creative in your survival as well as skilled.

    It does seem that our heroes (and human villains for that matter) are like Pac-Man....the more skilled will hang around longer....but ultimately - the ghosts will get you.

    But maybe not? Their ability to survive....and how they survive.....and those that ultimately don't's why I keep watching.

  • Rob H
    Community Member
    14 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    Its safe for you to start reading the comics up until Issue 14 now if you want to start. Don't go any further because I think they might be using some of the following story in the upcoming episodes.
    The compendium would be the way to go.

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    @RobH Thank you for that. I suspect the comics may be coming my way at Christmas so I will keep that in mind

    @JeffK I will always want more from shows than they are designed to give. It's just my nature. I'm too aware of what might be possible

    I am really looking forward to reading the comic to get a sense of the tone. From the few zombie films I've seen there is always a release at the end of the misery. Either a safe haven to reach or just an end to that particular character's suffering.

    It's really hard for me to imagine a story that is satisfying with no hope for happiness or peace. I think a large part of the problem with TWD is the absence of that natural release for the audience. They've been brave enough to experiment with episodes like last week's Governor-centric one where we don't get much zombie action or any of "our" characters. So could they not present an episode where our characters were happy and safe at the prison? How would that be as a series finale? The gang get together and have spaghetti Tuesday and get drunk and laugh and sing? I think that would give us a chance to care about these people and see them happy and relaxed.

    You could always end the episode with a zombie horde outside walking menacingly toward the prison gate or whatever you think you need to stress that peace won't last. But without any relief in the show it becomes a very bleak, unrewarding experience.

  • Rob H
    Community Member
    14 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    Quick update Robin.
    Go ahead and read the whole of compendium 1 up to issue 48.

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: What is the Walking Dead to you? Link to this post

    Thanks William says something similar on the podcast today, see if you agree with him...

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