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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Show Axioms (Updated 3/29/16) 4838 Views
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    Walking Dead: Show Axioms (Updated 3/29/16) Link to this post

    I thought this would be great thread for sharing what we all have found as things or concepts that seem to apply in every Walking Dead Show or have been introduced during a show. Please add to or comment!




    Past Season Axioms (in no particular order):

    * Always be at the ready to battle humans or zombies.
    * Animals do not turn into Zombies if bitten by zombies or if they eat Zombie carrion.
    * Basic survival skills apply: Food, Water, Shelter, Medical Supplies, Clothing, Tools and Weapons
    * Either live together or die at the hands of other humans and the zombies.
    * Generally the older the zombie the slower they move.
    * Groups have become loose warring factions until centralized government is reestablished.
    * Groups have to have effective weapons and security to protect them from humans and Zombies.
    * Groups have to have leadership of some kind to function well as a group.
    * Humans are more of a threat in most cases than the zombies themselves.
    * It appears no physical safe place from the Zombie Apocalypse.
    * Safety in Numbers.
    * Significant characters usually have spectacular deaths.
    * Walker herds should be avoided at all costs. Eventually they will win.
    * Walkers are attracted to moving objects, sound and light. The bigger the sound or light display the more will come.
    * Walkers can lay dormant for a while until a food source is detected and then they *wake up*.
    * When fellow humans die there needs to be a protocol of containment to protect other members of the group from being bitten and turning into a walker.
    * Zombies can all act differently. Some can hold objects, some can scale things. There were Zombies scaling fences in early Season One episodes. Some zombies can turn doorknobs (Morgan's wife.)
    * Zombies can taint water supplies. (One of Hershel's wells)
    * Zombies move slower also if they are *malnourished*
    * In Rick's group, any living member who is bitten and dies and is killed before turning is buried.
    * Dead walkers are burned.


    1. The Zombie Apocalypse keeps those who are intrinsically bad as bad people.
    You may be a bad guy that has a moral epiphany and become good natured by your own choice, however you will be conflicted because you will have little choice but to kill sometimes humans and zombies in order to survive, which ends up being a negative reinforcement. (S4E6-S4E8: Governor Episodes)

    2. The Zombie Apocalypse has caused 'an evolution of morality' for some characters to include preemptively
    killing of humans for various reasons. This list now includes:

    A. Killing humans for supplies to survive (3rd group unknown)(Governor also did this in Season three with National Guard);
    B. Killing injured humans who have survived fellow human attacks. (S4E7: Mitch)
    C. Killing humans who are a serious biohazard to other group members. (Carol)(S4E4)

    3. It appears there is no way for groups of humans to cohabitate the same facility when each has killed the other's members. (S4E8: Prison battle)

    4. Disease trumps security and speeds up the process of infection and causes zombies to occur within a secured group. (S4E1-S4E5)

    5. A quarantine system must be implemented to contain the spread of viruses and preserve the lives of the uninfected. (S4E1-S4E5)

    6. Zombies can carry infectious diseases on top of their ability to kill humans with their walker 'Viral/Bacteriological/Fungal/Act of God' thingy. (S4E1-S4E5)

    7. Children do need to be prepared in order for them to also be able to survive. (Carol was right).
    Tyreese would be dead if not for Lizzie's quick thinking with a gun. Remember Meghan's river demise. Tyreese told Mika she did the right thing by running into the woods and hiding when she thought she heard a zombie.
    Think about how psychotic Lizzie became. The lack of parents there to give her proper context about killing, death and the walkers has allowed her to develop a very horrible fascination with killing and concept of what the zombies are.

    8. Regrouping plans are essential in the event of a storming of a stronghold by humans or walkers. If you have no plan you can add separation anxiety to the list of things our survivors face. Not knowing where your loved ones are on top of trying to survive must be traumatizing and should be avoided at all costs; have a plan.

    9. There are benefits and disadvantages to coexisting amongst a large group of survivors versus a small one. A large group probably gives you more protection against other humans, however provides a huge noisy tasty target for a herd of walkers.

    10. There is an implied moral code Rick's group lives by:

    A. Murdering fellow survivors is verboten (whether you are of sound mind or not. Banishment or death are potential outcomes of this action.)
    B. Rape is punishable.
    C. Harming of children in any way is punishable.

    11. It appears that this world will change you, so you either have to adapt or you die.
    If codependents that are incapable of helping themselves aren't helped by others they are doomed to be killed either by Walkers or nefarious humans.
    Their fate is in the hands of their protectors.
    This includes: the sick (S4E1-S4E5), the elderly (S1E4), children (S4E14), mentally challenged (S4E14), the blind and the handicapped.


    1. Terminus represents Institutional Evil (S5E1 and Scott Gimple on Talking Dead.) Institutional Evil has no mercy and no emotion and is larger than it's members. It's relentless.

    2. "No matter how many people are around, or how clear the area looks ... no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think ... YOU. ARE. NOT. SAFE. It only takes one second, one second and it's over. Never let your guard down, ever." - Rick Grimes to Carl S5E2 (This is an overarching corollary for everyone.)

    3. "You're the butcher, or you're the cattle". Some groups you encounter have this mentality. Those groups MUST be treated without mercy because they have already stated they will have no mercy on you. As Martin put it to Tyreese "You're a good guy. That's why you're gonna die today."

    4. Just because someone looks and acts trustworthy doesn’t mean they are trustworthy; especially if you just met them. (S5:E7: Bob Lamsen from Dawn’s group.)

    5. Bad things happen in this world and people make mistakes. You need to let go of things and do the best you can and accept the fact that all you can do is try your best and live in the moment; don't live in the present constantly beating yourself up for the things you have done wrong in the past to the point that you are too paralyzed with fear and anxiety to make decisions that affect you right now. (S5:E9: Tyreese's demise.)

    6. *Spiritual Epiphany and Blueprint for Mankind:
    The problem (the zombie apocalypse and the collapse of civilization) has been equated to being a 'Nightmare' that you have to wake up from. What I think is being conveyed here is how you view living life in the apocalypse in your mind. Humanity; working together in great numbers reestablishing morality, spirituality and civilization is how you *wake up* from the *nightmare*. The zombies aren't going to go away; human beings just need to learn to adapt and readjust to these horrible new sets of problems and consequences ( if dealt with wrong) and move on with their lives. (S5E16)


    1. Sometimes you have to kill other humans or they will kill you or lead to consequences that can in danger your homestead or the people who you live with.

    2. Pure evil people still exist in the Apocalypse and they are not reformable. If you do not deal with them with effective ways they will kill you and pose the most severe threat to everyone.

    3. Those who cannot adapted to killing walkers in your group threaten the security of your group.

    4. Those who are injured when a group are on the run from walkers can cost the entire group their lives.

    5. (S6E15): I think the characters are slowly learning that Fate is a thing you think you can control in this world by your actions, however (like a river) it is stronger then us all and has its own course of action that is going its own way regardless of your meddling with it in a good or bad way. Since that is the case, Morgan has chosen to think that all people deserve to live regardless of how evil they are because bad things are going to happen regardless and so will good things. Carol may think that Fate is divine (judging from her holding onto the cross.)

    Conditional Axioms:

    If humans are in fact all infected (Pre and Post Zombie Apocalypse) with the Walker virus then:
    A. Wherever there are humans there will always be zombies (when humans die).
    B. No place is safe for humans.

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