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Author Topic: Walking Dead: The Train Tunnel Scene (deconstructed) 3250 Views
  • Fluids
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    Walking Dead: The Train Tunnel Scene (deconstructed) Link to this post

    Walking through a scene is a great way I think of seeing if things work between dialog, set and actions or if they don't.

    The Train Tunnel full of Walkers was a wonderful prop.
    However, the story suffers due to dialog inconsistencies between what Maggie said has happened and what we are actually seeing in the Train Tunnel.

    I believe Maggie said to Glenn she caused the cave in with a gunshot after being *surrounded by walkers* inside of the Train Tunnel. Let's walk through that:


    Deconstruction possibility #1:

    1. This means she shot in *back* of herself causing debris to fall on the walkers behind them.
    2. Maggie, Sasha and Bob somehow managed to get through the walkers in front of them. They did so without killing them all or having the walkers follow them out of the tunnel.
    3. Instead the walkers opted to hover around the rubble in the train tunnel. Really?

    Is that plausible? No...

    (It's even sillier and more reckless if she shot *straight up* at the roof of the Train Tunnel and the cave in and debris fell around Maggie, Sasha and Bob; killing all the walkers surrounding them and not them.)

    Deconstruction possibility #2:

    What about this version?

    1. Maggie, Sasha and Bob are in the Train Tunnel and a horde of walkers are ahead of them.
    2. Maggie shoots at the ceiling in *front* of them and all the debris falls on every single walker that's in front of them.
    3. They climb over the pile managing not to kill a single trapped walker and no walkers are in front of them at all which is why there are no walker bodies after the rubble.
    4. After they leave the tunnel new walkers pile up at the rubble spot on both sides.

    Is that plausible? Still no I am afraid...

    Maggie says when she took the gunshot they were "surrounded by Walkers". The scenario directly above this comment doesn't work then. It only covers the circumstance if Walkers were all in front of them; not surrounding them.

    Deconstruction possibility #3:

    In the AMC Forums someone has mentioned they thought Maggie caused the cave in and then went up and over the mountain rather than go through the tunnel. That gives us a third possibility which also won't work because of several things:

    1. Maggie didn't say on her sign she caused the cave in or instruct Glenn to go over the mountain rather than through the Tunnel.
    2. Maggie says they were surrounded by walkers which says to me they were in back of her as well as in front of her.
    3. If the cave in was caused earlier that day as Tara and Glenn concluded then Maggie would be on the mountain still when Tara and Glenn were in trouble. (Abraham said to Glenn and Tara it would take at least a day to hike over the mountain to get past the train tunnel.)
    4. Maggie never says she went around implying she went through the tunnel. They were surrounded right?

    The first scenario fits Maggie's dialog the best.


    How this scene fails:

    Beyond TV and Movie physics

    A concrete lined train tunnel that has held up some of the innards of a mountain for many years is brought down by a single gunshot and didn’t trap or kill them?

    I would say that’s a bit of plot hole. I had a huge problem with that. If part of a tunnel can be brought down with a single gunshot does it make sense to be in that tunnel trying to make a cave in to kill walkers?
    No, that’s kind of acting stupid, which none of them are. What if it caves in on all of them? I think the scene was written around the tunnel prop and to make that work the story suffers.

    Inconsistencies with the scene as it is:

    1. There are no large piles of dead walkers after the cave in rubble.

    We have to assume there would be *some* dead walkers lying on the ground in front of the cave in to show that Maggie, Sasha and Bob fought their way out of the tunnel and escaped. If you look at the shots where Glenn shines the flashlight on top of the pile of rubble looking ahead you only see walkers. There isn't a single dead zombie lying on the ground, which their should be if Maggie was surrounded.

    2. There are a *lot* of walkers hanging out after the rubble of the cave in inside of the train tunnel.

    Wouldn't (most if not all) the walkers have followed Maggie, Sasha and Bob out of the cave? I guess we can assume after they left a horde of walkers continued to enter that tunnel entrance and piled up next to the rubble.



    Eliminating the walkers in the cave after the cave in would ruin the suspense of the situation and also the great bonding scene between Glenn and Tara and also undermine the rescue by Maggie and crew of Glenn and Tara.

    Is there a better solution using what is already there?
    Here's where simple dialog modifications (better writing) can make this work.

    1. Simply change Maggie's dialog to indicate that they weren't *surrounded* by Walkers but there was a huge horde of Zombies in *front of them* so she created the cave in with the gunshot. Add a shot of walkers going into the tunnel from the other side. Everything will be consistent for the second possibility to work.


    2. Take out Maggie's dialog about causing the cave in and Tara's dialog about the cave in being fresh from earlier that day. Add a shot of walkers going into the tunnel from the other side.

    Instead make the cave in preexisting to either group.

    This will make add to the existing suspense and not give away whether Maggie is dead or alive to Glenn.

    Maggie can instead explain to Glenn that she was too far into the tunnel to go back and put the cave in on her sign.

    The walkers entering the cave on the other side helps with both solutions at explaining why there was a horde of walkers after the cave in after Maggie's group left.

    They could also litter the ground with dead zombies amongst the walker horde after the cave in to help corroborate Maggie had gotten through there or at least someone else had gotten through.

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  • Joseph
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    Re: Walking Dead: The Train Tunnel Scene (deconstructed) Link to this post

    I think it's dumb, but here's the only way I think it could work.

    1) The trio are "surrounded" by walkers and low on bullets.

    2) Maggie shoots the ceiling behind them, collapsing the ceiling on most of the walkers.

    3) In the confusion, they run out through the walkers in front of them, possibly killing a few on their way out. Any walkers on the Glenn side of the cave in make their way slowly through the rubble.

    #2 is actually the least plausible step. #3 could happen if you were lucky.

  • Fluids
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    Re: Walking Dead: The Train Tunnel Scene (deconstructed) Link to this post

    Yes, that would work, however they would also have to put a few dead walkers in the horde in front of the cave in to cover the walkers you indicated Maggie's group killed. All they show presently is just walkers approaching Glenn when he is on top of the cave in. Coincidentally for me the lack of dead walkers is what set me thinking the scene was funny in a wrong way (that there was no evidence of Maggie's escape other than the cave in itself, which shouldn't have fallen on all the walkers that surrounded her group.) If the debris did fall all around Maggie's group (taking out only the walkers) why at the very least isn't someone injured from the debris or killed?

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