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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game Of Thrones: Direwolf Update (Up to S4E3):

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Author Topic: Game Of Thrones: Direwolf Update (Up to S4E3): 1112 Views
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    Game Of Thrones: Direwolf Update (Up to S4E3): Link to this post

    This is a living document to run up through Season 4. Wikias have way too much information and can spoil things and I wanted to reference (as I watch) a concise form and came up with this. There is lots of stuff missing (characters and places.) Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information. From here forward, I will save a version of this after each episode. Unfortunately I don't have time to go backwards and do this for every episode prior.

    Stark Child: Direwolf Name; Direwolves Status; Location

    Arya Stark: Nymeria; Alive; Somewhere in Riverlands
    Bran Stark: Summer; Alive; North of the Wall
    Jon Snow: Ghost; Alive; Haunted Forest (North of the Wall)
    Rickon Stark: Shaggydog; Alive; Last Hearth (South of the Wall)
    Robb Stark: Grey Wind; Deceased (by Lannister sympathizers)
    Sansa Stark: Lady; Deceased (by Ned Stark)

    BTW: Did you notice every person who has killed a direwolf has ended up dead a short time later?

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