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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game Of Thrones: What Scenes did not work for you? (Up to S4E6):

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Author Topic: Game Of Thrones: What Scenes did not work for you? (Up to S4E6): 1192 Views
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    Game Of Thrones: What Scenes did not work for you? (Up to S4E6): Link to this post

    ***SPOILERS: Do not read unless you are up to S4E6.***

    What Scenes did not work for you?

    *Attack of the Men of the Knights Watch by White Walkers and Wights at the Fist of the First Men.* (S2E10)

    We got to see the perspective of the Wights heading towards the Fist of the First Men. That was fine. However, Season Three we saw the bodies of the horses slaughter at the Fist, however are we lead to believe that 300 men are now Wights? Wouldn't there be body parts for some of them?It was very unclear what happened and the severity it brought on the number of men left at Castle Black to defend the Wall.

    *Battle of Blackwater*. (S2E9)
    What was the net result of this epic battle? Tyrion acquired a scar. Davos got some too. Four kings were still around afterwards. It looked great, however the story didn't budge.

    *Sept encounter between Cersei and Jaime*. (S4E3)
    This has been gone over by all of us in detail.
    The rape pieces should just be cut out of the scene. There's no consequences to those actions. Two characters characterization (IMO) got messed up or seems a bit confusing. Nothing was achieved by it either other than us knowing that Cersei wants Jaime to kill Tyrion which could have been accomplished without the rape piece (or whatever the show runners decide today what to call 'THAT'.)

    *Attack at the Dreadfort by Yara*. (S4E6)

    Yara spends weeks traveling to rescue her brother and then abandons the rescue after spending only a few seconds with him and succinctly assessing his mental state as non recoverable as the hounds are being released on her? Apparently it takes just as long to sail from the Iron Isles all the way around Westeros to attack the Dreadfort as it does to go on land from the Twins to the Dreadfort in a stealthy manner. I am having a hard time believing this.

    *Shae's Testimony*. (S4E6)
    It appears she was coerced into testifying against Tyrion (since she was allegedly put on a ship to Pentos). However, she does say Tyrion forced her to call him "Little Lion". The only one who knew that was Shae herself, so she could have volunteered her testimony. Tyrion did tell Shae that Tywin would execute any whore he found in his bed, so I am finding it hard to believe Shae would willfully testify against Tyrion outting herself as his whore.

    What things didn't work for you?

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