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Forums » Other TV Shows » Similarities between LOST and Game of Thrones:

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Author Topic: Similarities between LOST and Game of Thrones: 1117 Views
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    Similarities between LOST and Game of Thrones: Link to this post

    Similarities between LOST and Game of Thrones:

    *Both G.O.T. and LOST expose us to more and more groups that were around before the groups we are originally started with.

    *G.O.T. 'The Sight' (Greensight) in a way is like the flashes backward and forward with the wheel on Lost.
    However, in G.O.T our characters aren't moved through time through the use of 'the Sight'.

    *There is magic on the Island and there is magic used in all the different lands of the World of G.O.T.

    Character matchups (G.O.T versus LOST):

    Beric Dondarrion and John Locke: (healing powers)
    Bran and Desmond: (have special capabilities)
    Brienne and Ana Lucia: (great fighters)
    Cersei and Eloise: (both calculating)
    Cressen and Leslie Arzt: (Die from weapons they are holding)
    Daario and Sayid: (assassins)
    Daenerys and Kate: (more dangerous than you anticipate.)
    Drogo and Sayid: (Not the same person after magic is used)
    Gilly and Claire Littleton: (have newborns)
    Hot Pie and Hurley: (comic relief)
    The Hound and Mr. Eko: (Fighters)
    Jaime and Sawyer: (unpredictable)
    Jon Snow and Jack: (Main heroes)
    Little Finger and Benjamin Linus: (calculating and manipulating quick based on chaos)
    Melisandre’s Black Smoke Stannis and Smoke Monster: (Smoke monsters!)
    Ned Stark and Jack: (sacrificed their lives for their groups)
    Samwell and Charlie: (Love interest for the mothers)
    Sansa and Juliet: (between two opposing groups of folks)
    Tyrion and Sawyer: (One step ahead of everyone and good lines)
    Tywin and Jacob: (Trying to keep things going using candidates or heirs)

    There are loads of differences. What similarities have you spotted?

    Robin and Roberto make some comparisons between the two shows here:

    *The feud between Damon Lindeloff and George R.R. Martin:

    Game of Thrones: Threads at the TV Critic
    LOST: Threads at the TV Critic

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