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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game Of Thrones: Kings Guard Politics

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Author Topic: Game Of Thrones: Kings Guard Politics 2423 Views
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    Game Of Thrones: Kings Guard Politics Link to this post

    Brief background (given to us from the show):

    This is a position that owes strict allegiance to the King
    and Queen of King's Landing in the Crownlands of Westeros.

    They guard the King and anyone the King commands
    them to guard. It is made up of the best swords men
    in Westeros. They wear golden armor with the King's
    Crown embedded on the front breast plate.
    Here's a picture:
    Note the white cloak. (Not to be confused with the
    Gold Cloak knights which are from the City Watch that
    look like this:
    BTW: There are loads of those.)

    It's a position held until death and the Knight cannot
    bear children or be married. I also believe they cannot
    hold lands. In S3E1, Tyrion tried to be Lord of Casterly
    Rock and brought up how legitimately he was heir
    (since Tywin was now Hand of the King and Jaime was
    Lord Commander of the Kings Guard.)

    Usually it's made up of 7 knights representing the 7
    realms of the Kingdom, however it appears there
    doesn't have to be a knight from each part of the realm
    represented in the Guard. Can anyone verify if that is
    the case? The lead knight of the 7 is called the Lord
    Commander. The Lord Commander stands vigil for a
    dead knight. (Barristan watched over Ser Hugh of the
    Vale. S1E4) Jaime indicated that the Lord Commander
    also is responsible for documenting the feats of all the
    Knights Guard. S4E4. (I suppose in a way that person
    has the ability to document and create history for eyes
    of new generations.)

    I think it's important to note which House these
    Knights come from in the realms of the kingdom:

    Ser Jaime Lannister: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard (House Lannister, The Westerlands)
    Ser Boros Blount: (House Blount, The Crownlands)
    Ser Preston Greenfield: (House Greenfield, The Westerlands)
    Ser Arys Oakheart: (Currently in Dorne as the sworn shield of Myrcella Baratheon.)(House Oakheart, The Reach)
    Ser Meryn Trant: (House Trant, The Stormlands)
    Ser Balon Swann: (House Swann, The Stormlands)
    Sandor Cleghane: (The Hound, deserted his position during the Battle of the Blackwater.)(Hose Cleghane, The Westerlands)

    The wild card I think here is Jaime Lannister. Jaime
    may do what he wants to do rather than what honor
    requires. What do you think?

    Technically there is one slot open (The Hound's).

    Is that the case or is the Hound still a member of the King's Guard?

    Tywin already threatened to Olenna Tyrell he would
    appoint Ser Loras of House Tyrell that position if both
    marriages (Loras to Cersei and Margaery to Joffrey) didn't occur.

    I suppose that's out the Window unless Tywin tells
    Olenna that Margaery can marry Tommen if Cersei
    marries Ser Loras or else the same thing will happen.

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