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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: House Fealty (S4E4): 1138 Views
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    Game of Thrones: House Fealty (S4E4): Link to this post

    This is a living document keeping track of alliances and friendships through Season 4. Wikias have way too much information; spoilers and I wanted to reference (as I watch) a concise form and came up with this. There are lots of stuff missing (characters and places.) Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information. From here forward, I will save a version of this after each episode. Unfortunately I don't have time to go backwards and do this for every episode prior.

    Character examples that demonstrate fealty through friendship are noted in (parenthesis.) This will only be covering living relationships. Past relationships would accumulate quickly since alliances change all the time.

    Minor notes:

    * Notes alliances forged by Marriage.

    (K) Notes Houses with the Kingdom Lands.

    ** See 'Houses of Vague Fealty' at the very bottom

    List of Overlords and Vassals by Fealty:
    Hold Fealty to House Baratheon of the Crownlands (House Lannister):

    House Arryn(K) of The Vale
    (Lysa refuses to commit her forces to aid her sister Catelyn Stark in the War of the Five Kings.)

    House Baelish(K) of The Riverlands (Petyr is playing the Lannister's against the Tyrells.)
    House Bolton(K) of The North
    House Lannister(K) of The Westerlands
    House Martell(K) of Dorne**
    House Slynt
    House Stark: (Tyrion and Sansa*)
    House Tarth of Tarth**
    House Thorne of The Crownlands

    House Tyrell(K) of The Reach
    (Olenna to Margaery: "Our alliance with the Lannisters remains every bit as necessary to them as it is unpleasant for us...You did wonderful work on Joffrey.The next one should be easier." They have designs on marrying Tommen to Margaery.)

    Hold Fealty to House Bolton(K) of The North:

    House Dustin
    House Frey (?)(Lord Bolton is married to Walda Frey.)

    Hold Fealty to House Frey of The Riverlands:

    House Erenford (Walder's ex bride Joyeuse)

    Hold Fealty to House Arryn:

    House Baelish(K) of The Riverlands (Petyr is to marry Lysa of the Vale. )
    House Royce of Runestone

    Hold Fealty to House Tully:

    House Mooten of Maidenpool
    House Smallwood of Acorn Hill

    Hold Fealty to House Stark:

    House Dormund (S2E6)
    House Glover of Deepwood Motte
    House Karstark of Karhold**: (Cousins of Starks)
    House Manderly (S3E9)(Wendel died at the Red Wedding)
    House Marsh of Greywater Watch: (Fealty to House Reed)
    House Poole (Season One Vayon is killed at Red Keep when Ned is labeled a traitor in the purge.)
    House Portan (S2E1)
    House Reed of Greywater Watch: (Jojen and Bran)(Howland Reed saved Ned Stark's life during the rebellion S3E2.)
    House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square
    House Tully of Riverrun Castle**
    House Umber of Last Hearth: (Rickon Stark is there.)
    Brotherhood without Banners: (Arya and Hot Pie)

    Holds Fealty to House Baratheon of Dragonstone:

    House Baratheon(K) of Stormlands:
    (Stannis killed Renly and his followers now follow Stannis.)
    House Haigh of the Riverlands;
    House Musgood of Stormlands;
    House Peasebury of Stormlands;

    Holds Fealty to House Tyrell(K) of The Reach (House Lannister):

    House Baelish(K) of The Riverlands (He helped Olenna poison Joffrey. However he may be playing the Tyrells against the Lannisters.)
    House Oakheart of Old Oak (Ser Arys of the King's Guard is guarding Myrcella)
    House Tarly of Horn Hill
    House Redwyne of The Arbor
    House Florent of Brightwater Keep

    Holds Fealty to House Baelish(K) of The Riverlands:

    House Bracken of Stone Hedge
    House Frey of Riverrun City and The Twins**

    Hold Fealty to House Targaryen:

    House Mormont of Bear Island
    (Jorah is now Lord with his father deceased.)

    House Selmy
    (Barristan saves Daenarys from an assassin in Season 3 at Astapor in Slaver's Bay.)

    Second Sons (2K Troop) includes Daario
    Unsullied (8K Troops) includes Grey Worm

    The City of Astapor
    The City of Meereen
    The City of Yunkai (200K slaves have been freed.)

    Hold Fealty to House Greyjoy:

    House Botley of Lordsport

    Hold Fealty to House Baratheon(K) of The Stormlands:

    House Dondarrion
    House Swann

    Hold Fealty to House Lannister:

    House Cleghane of Casterly Rock
    House Crakehill
    House Greenfield of Casterly Rock
    House Lefford of Golden Tooth
    House Lorch
    House of Payne of Casterly Rock
    House Sarsfield
    House Westerling of The Crag
    House Yarwyk

    Geographic Areas that Challenge Fealty:

    Castle Black:
    (House and titles don't matter there. They are all brothers. )(Jon and Sam)

    North of the Wall:
    (House and titles don't matter there.)

    Characters that Challenge Fealty:

    (Swore an oath of loyalty to Lady Stark S2E5.)
    (Is in love with Jaime Lannister.)

    Peter Baelish (Little Finger):
    (It's pretty clear that Little Finger is very ambitious and will go after anyone to further himself and his House. He had a special fondness for Catelyn Stark and Cersei displayed her power by ordering her guards to cut his throat and then stopping it when he threatened to out Joffrey and her other children as illegitimate (S2E1). He also was responsible for poisoning Joffrey. His outward Fealty is to House Lannister, however if he's ever outed it will be House Tyrell.)

    Tyrion Lannister:
    (Cersei wants Jaime to kill him or someone to kill him (she thinks he poisoned Joffrey. If Jaime betrays Tyrion then this will drive him to help the Starks and Martells.)

    (He is on the side of the people, not a house although he serves in Kings Landing. Alliances shift all the time with him and the major characters.)

    White Walkers and Wights:
    (Fealty goes out the window when being attacked by Necromancers with undead armies.)

    **Houses of Vague Fealty:

    The Kings Guard:
    (Supposed to swear strict Fealty to whomever is King or Queen. It's important to note the following: Lord Commander is Jaime Lannister.)

    The Faceless Men of Braavos:
    (Assassins. Jaqen H'ghar is one.)

    House Stark of The North:
    (Sansa is married to Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion also connects with Jon Snow and Bran. Arya has Joffrey on her hit list.)

    House Karstark of Karhold: (Cousins of Starks)
    (Robb had Rickard executed for treason. If any house members are left their fealty is unclear. It is also unclear whether they will follow the Lannisters through Sansa; or Arya; or Bran and Rickon.)

    House Frey of Riverrun City and The Twins:
    (Walder Frey may feel slighted after killing Robb Stark by only being be given Riverrun City instead of all of the Riverlands. He could turn alliances.)

    House Martell(K) of Dorne:
    (Oberyn makes it quite clear to Tyrion that he is bent on revenge against Gregor Clegane, Tywin's bannerman who raped and murdered Elia Martell and slaughtered her children. Myrcella Baratheon is betrothed to Prince Doran's son Trystane. If she is ever outted as a Lannister they could kill her.)

    House Tarth of Tarth:
    (Brienne's fealty needs to be established more to
    accurately put which House Tarth has fealty to. She does appear to love Jaime and also has sworn Faelty to Catelyn Stark.)

    House Tully of Riverrun Castle:
    (Blackfish escaped and favors the Starks, however Edmure is Lord of the Castle and he married Roslin Frey. He's currently imprisoned at the Twins. Technically it's Fealty is to House Baratheon of King's Landing.)

    House Tyrell of The Reach:
    (The Queen of Thorns murdered Joffrey unbeknownst to anyone. They are playing nice with the Lannister's now, however if Olenna is ever caught it becomes official to everyone their Fealty with House Lannister is false.)

    Purchasable Fealty:

    Bronn: (Currently working for Tyrion and Jaime)
    Lothor Brune: (Currently working for Lord Baelish)

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