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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: S4E5 Speculation: 1300 Views
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    Game of Thrones: S4E5 Speculation: Link to this post

    ***Tywin related***:

    What if Tywin was involved with Lady Olenna and Baelish to get rid of Joffrey?

    What does he stand to gain?

    In my opinion: A lot…

    What do you think?

    With Joffrey out of the way:

    He has better control over Westeros with Tommen on the throne.

    With the Tyrells in the family he has more lands and
    control of the debts. He has more soldiers and resources as well.

    Basically House Lannister has better control over The
    Reach, The Riverlands and The Vale. They sort of have
    control of The North through House Bolton.
    (I speculate when the wildlings attack control will go
    away from House Bolton and Lannister.)

    (They still need to control the Iron Isles, Dorne and The Stormlands)

    As a judge for the trial:

    He could get rid of Tyrion finally (He's always hated Tyrion.)

    Cersei will be happy that Tyrion is gone so she may
    behave better as well.

    ***Hound related***:

    If the Hound takes Arya to the Vale it’s going to be
    known pretty quickly that at least one Stark girl is
    there. Even if Baelish or Lysa receive Arya at the
    Bloody Gate, the Hound will have to identify himself
    and Arya to the Captain of the Bloody Gate when they
    first arrive. All the guards will know right away she’s
    Arya Stark once the Hound opens his mouth.

    If Lysa or Baelish do not receive Arya at the Bloody
    Gate, and the Hound is allowed to take Arya all the
    way to the Eyrie, there would be an additional risk that
    the Hound might also see Sansa. Word will get out
    about both Stark girls if he’s allowed to leave alive.
    Unless of course they bribe the Hound with lots of money, lands and titles.

    ***Baelish related***:

    I can see why Lysa might want to protect and hide
    Sansa with a new identity since she’s a relative.
    However, I am having a hard time believing Baelish
    wouldn’t want to use her as Sansa Stark to secure the
    North as his lands by having her marry Robin as Sansa Stark.

    Varys was talking about Baelish maneuvering to do this with Lady Olenna back in S3E4:

    What do you think?

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