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Author Topic: Game Of Thrones: Speculation on Jojen's Sight (S4E5): 1211 Views
  • Fluids
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    Game Of Thrones: Speculation on Jojen's Sight (S4E5): Link to this post

    I am trying to better understand Jojen’s visions (ie how they operate).

    * Does he constantly see the future based on all the
    decisions that are going on around him in real time or
    only after he has seizures?

    * He tells some things to folks and then doesn’t reveal
    other things. Why is that? As an example, it seems like
    he’s trying to insure a certain future with Bran. If that
    is the case, I can see why he tells Bran not to call out
    to Jon Snow or else he won’t find the three eyed Raven.

    * Robin and Roberto implied that it sounds like Jojen,
    Meera and Hodor don’t make it as far as Bran does.
    I believe this is with Jojen looking at the fire in his
    hand. “Meera and I, even Hodor, we're only here to
    guide you.” Is that the reason why he cannot tell his
    sister or anyone when they meet their end?

    * Is Jojen afraid to tell them all everything because
    Meera or even Bran would refuse to have them
    sacrifice their lives to help take Bran to where he needs to go?

    That's from this podcast:

    * If Jojen is seeing his own demise (like the centaur in
    the movie 'Krull') and Bran reaches his goal because of
    that, then that implies that his visions
    go past his own life and beyond.
    Does Jojen see far into the future to the Great War that
    lies ahead (Walkers versus Dragons)?

    * It appears people of the Sight are tapped into what I
    am calling “the possibilities of consequence.”
    Every action could cause a different
    outcome. Like the character Griffin in MIB III.

    * How would Bran get around also without Hodor?
    I suppose there would be other folks carting him
    around or somehow he's walking again in his own
    body (or perhaps he can warg permanently into other people).

    * One more thing about warging. I believe one of
    the Reeds told Bran there was a danger of him warging
    too long in another being. I believe his thoughts start
    to mix with that of the creature he wargs into and he
    can lose track of his identity. Is part of Hodor now in
    Bran and vice-versa? How many times can Bran warg
    into Hodor without acquiring brain damage?

    What do you think?

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