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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: S4E6 Speculation: 1314 Views
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    Game of Thrones: S4E6 Speculation: Link to this post

    ***Tywin related***:

    Tywin: "When the testimony's concluded and a guilty
    verdict rendered, Tyrion will be given the chance to
    speak. He'll plead for mercy. I'll allow him to join the
    Night's Watch. In three days' time, he'll depart for
    Castle Black and live out his days at the Wall.
    You'll remove your white cloak immediately.
    You will leave King's Landing to assume your rightful
    place at Casterly Rock. You will marry a suitable
    woman and father children named Lannister.
    And you'll never turn your back on your family again."

    Jaime: "You have my word."
    Tywin: "And you have mine."

    I believe Tywin. Why?

    Because he consistently has done things that mainly
    protect his family name and perceived reputation.
    As he is doing this he does tend to go about that in a cruel fashion.


    * Giving Tyrion's bride to his men because she was a
    whore. (Whoring around gives House Lannister a bad name.)

    * Forcing Cersei to marry Ser Loras and Jaime to leave
    the King's Guard to Lord over Casterly Rock (This
    dispels the rumors about Cersei and Jaime incestuous
    relationship, and preserves the longevity of the House
    Lannister line. It simultaneously is a cruel blow to both
    Cersei and Jaime because that's not what either of them want.)

    * Red Wedding. Brutally killed Robb, Talisa and
    Caitlyn. All to preserve Joffrey as King and him as the
    Hand of the King.

    Has Tywin ever killed anyone just for the joy of killing?
    Not that I have seen.

    So I believe he will show Tyrion mercy if he is found
    guilty or loses a Trial by Combat.

    Otherwise Jaime will remain Lord Commander of the
    Kingsguard and the House Lannister line will not
    progress through Jaime.

    ***Tyrion related***:

    If Tyrion demands a Trial by Combat and this is
    accepted by Tywin who will he choose to fight for him?

    He already knows if he loses he can ask for mercy and
    Tywin will send him to the wall so Jaime can take over
    Casterly Rock as Lord.

    If he really wants to win he only really has Bronn as an
    option. He doesn't want Jaime to die on his behalf so
    this seems like the best choice.

    If he wants to lose on purpose he may pick someone
    he hates to represent himself like Meryn Trant.

    Now Tywin may make Tyrion chose the person who will
    represent him in the duel first. If Tyrion choses Jaime,
    Tywin will chose someone Jaime can beat easily so he
    has an heir to Casterly Rock and Tyrion wins.

    If Tywin choses his the representative of the Crown for
    the duel first, Tyrion may chose someone who will lose
    because Tywin chose someone nearly impossible to
    beat like the Mountain, so why risk his brother's life?

    What do you think?

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