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Author Topic: Game Of Thrones: Living Character Location (S4E7): 1301 Views
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    Game Of Thrones: Living Character Location (S4E7): Link to this post

    FAQs & Examples on how you can interpret this thread:

    SEE Previous posts.

    Inheritance Rights and Politics:


    @ Means currently this is where the character is.
    (?) Means could the person could be dead or alive or they could be located there or not.
    (KG) Means they are member of the Kings Guard.

    (If they are a member of House that holds lands their name is listed in there too.)

    Houses who no longer have land: Survivors

    House Stark: Arya, Benjen(?), Bran, Hodor, Jon Snow, Rickon, Sansa;
    House Targaryen: Daenerys;
    House Tully: Brynden (Blackfish), Edmure, Lysa;

    Groups out on Travel:

    #1: Arya and the Hound: @Arya, @Hound;
    (Last seen on the edge of entering the Vale.)

    #2: Benjen's Scout party: @Benjen (?);
    (Last seen ranging North of the Wall. His horse came back; not him. Two members of his party were found dead and one resurrected as a wight which Jon Snow dealt with.)

    #3: Blackfish (Brynden Tully): @Blackfish
    (Last seen fleeing Riverrun Castle.)

    #4: Gendry: @Gendry;
    (Last seen rowing away from Dragonstone.)

    #5: Ramsay is off to Moat Cailin (FINALLY?): @Ramsay, @Theon;

    #6: Davos, Stannis, Salladhor Saan & his 30 ships:
    @Davos, @Stannis, @Salladhor;
    (On the way back to Dragonstone.)

    #7: Yara, 50 men and one ship: @Yara;
    (Heading back to the Iron Isles after a failed attempt at getting Theon at Dreadfort.)

    #8: Brienne on a quest to find Sansa: @Brienne, @Podrick;(heading for the Vale.)

    #9: Brandon and company: @Bran, @Hodor, @Jojen, @Summer; (Giant Wierwood bound)

    #10: Lady Olenna: @Olenna;
    (She told Margaery she was leaving King's Landing, S4E4.)

    #11: Daario's group:
    @Daario, @Hizadahr zo Loraq, @Second Sons (2K troops);(Bound for Yunkai to stop insurrection)

    Summer Isles:
    Naath: Grey Worm;

    Geographic Location: Overlord; Capital; (Bastard Surname)
    Notable Living Characters;
    Free Cities:

    Braavos: The Sea Lord; N/A; (N/A);
    Jaqen H'ghar, Meryn Trant, Syrio Forel (?), @Tycho Nestoris;

    Lorath: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);

    Lys: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);
    Salladhor Saan, Varys;

    Pentos: Prince of Pentos; N/A; (N/A);
    @Illyrio Mopatis;

    Qohor: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);

    Myr: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);

    (Mentioned S1E7.)

    (Mentioned S1E7. S2E6 by Talisa.)

    Essos (All the rest):
    Geographic Location: Overlord; Capital; (Bastard Surname);
    Notable Living Characters;
    Asshai: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);

    Dothraki Sea: Unknown; Vaes Dothrak; (N/A);
    @Aggo, Daenerys, Jorah Mormont, @Jhaqo Kovarro, Malakho, @Pono;

    Golden Company (Sell Swords): N/A; N/A; (N/A);
    Jorah Mormont;

    The Jade, Qarth: N/A; N/A; (N/A);

    The Red Waste: N/A; N/A; (N/A);

    The Shadowlands: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);

    Slaver's Bay, Astapor: Unknown; N/A; (N/A); Grey Worm, Unsullied (8K troops);
    Slaver's Bay, Meereen: Unknown; N/A; (N/A);
    Daenerys et al: @Barristan, @Daenerys, @Drogon (Black Dragon), @Rhaegon (Dragon), @Viserion (Dragon), @Grey Worm, @Jorah, @Kovarro, @Malakho, @Missandei, @Unsullied (8K troops), (Unknown number of Yunkai and Meereen freed slaves as soldiers);
    (Ruling in Meereen.)

    Slaver's Bay, Yunkai: Wise Masters; N/A; (N/A);
    (200K freed slaves that could be used as soldiers for Dany.)
    House of Eraz; @Razdal mo Eraz;

    Westeros: Seven Kingdoms:
    Geographic Location: Overlord; Capital; (Bastard Surname)
    Notable Living Characters;
    Dorne: House Martell; Sunspear; (Sand);
    @Eglantine, @Trystan, Oberyn, @Myrcella, Ellaria, @Arys(KG);

    The Iron Islands: House Greyjoy; Pyke; (Pyke);
    @Balon, Cotter, Yara, Theon;

    The North: House Bolton; Dreadfort; (Snow);
    @Myranda, @Roose, @Steelshanks, @Violet, @Walda;

    The Reach: House Tyrell; Highgarden; (Flowers);
    Mace, Loras, Margaery, Olenna;

    The Stormlands: House Baratheon; Storm's End; (Storm);
    Myrcella, Tommen, Stannis;

    The Vale: House Arryn; Eyrie; (Stone);
    @Mord (Jailer), @Robin, @Petyr Baelish (Little Finger), Lothor Brune, @Sansa;

    The Westerlands: House Lannister; Casterly Rock; (Hill);
    Cersei, Jaime(KG), Kevan, Lancel, Tyrion, Tywin, (Myrcella, Tommen);

    Westeros: Everything else:
    Geographic Location: Overlord; Capital; (Bastard Surname);
    Notable Living Characters;
    Crownlands: House Baratheon; Kings Landing; (Waters);
    @Balon(KG), @Boros(KG), @Bronn, @Cersei, @Ellaria, Gendry, @Genna, @Hallyne, @High Septon, @Ilyn, @Jaime(KG), @Kayla, @Kevan(?), @Lancel(?), @Lothor Brune, @Mace, @Margaery, @Marillion, @Meryn(KG), @Mirelle, @Oberyn, @Olyver, @Preston(KG), @Pycelle, @Qyburn, @Shae, @Ser Pounce, @The Mountain, @Tobho, @Tommen, @Tyrion, @Tywin, @Varys;

    Dragonstone Island: House Baratheon; N/A; (N/A);
    Stannis, @Melisandre, Davos, @Selyse, @Shireen;

    The Gift: The Night's Watch;N/A; (N/A);
    Mole's Town: @Gilly, @Sam(baby);
    Unknown Village: Guymon, @Ygritte, @Styr, @Thenn Warg, @Tormund (32 additional Wildlings);
    (South of the Wall eating Northerners at a homestead.)

    North of the Wall: Haunted Forest:
    Somewhere: @Crasters daughters;
    White Tree Village: (S2);
    5 Other Villages: (S2);

    North of the Wall: Fist of The First Men;
    North of the Wall: Frostfangs Mountains: Skirlings Pass;

    North of the Wall:
    Free Folk: (AKA: Wildlings: 90 Tribes (100K Troops): Thenns, Hornfoots, Ice-river clans, cave people, Giants);
    King-Beyond-the-Wall; N/A; (N/A);
    @Mance Rayder, @Lord Of Bones (Rattleshirt), Tormund, Ygritte, @Orell (as an eagle);

    North of the Wall: Lands of Always Winter;
    Whitewalkers & Wights; N/A; (N/A);

    North of the Wall:
    Whitewalkers & Wights; N/A; (N/A);

    The Riverlands: House Baelish; Harrenhal; (Rivers);
    Petyr (Little Finger);

    The Wall: Castle Black; The Night's Watch; N/A; (N/A);
    (100 men including) @Aemon; @Alliser, @Balian, @Bowen, @Dareon, @Eddison, @Ghost, @Grenn, @Guymon, @Halder, @Hobb, @Janos, Jaremy (?), @Jon Snow, @Matthar, @Othell, @Pypar, Rast, @Samwell, @Toad;

    The Wall: East Watch; The Night's Watch;Castle Black; (N/A); @Cotter, @Borcas;
    The Wall: Nightfort; The Night's Watch; Castle Black; (N/A);

    Westeros: Seven Kingdoms:
    Geographic Location: Vassal;
    Notable Living Characters;
    The Iron Islands:

    Lordsport: House Botley;
    Red Harbor: Yara's 29 ships;

    The North:

    Bear Island: House Mormont; Jorah;
    Barrowton: House Dustin; @Barbrey;
    Deepwood Motte: House Glover: @Galbart;
    Karhold: House Karstark;
    Last Hearth: House Umber @Greatjon, @Osha, @Rickon, @Shaggy Dog;
    Moat Cailin: @Iron Island forces;
    The Neck: Greywater Watch: House Marsh; Bowen;
    The Neck: Greywater Watch: House Reed; Meera, Jojen;
    Torrhen's Square: House Tallhart; (S2E1)
    White Harbor: House Manderly; Amarylis (S1)(S2E6)(S3E9);
    Winterfell: House Stark; Arya, Benjen(?), Bran, @Farlen(?), Hodor, @Quent(?), Rickon, Jon Snow, @Palla(?), Sansa;
    House Dormund; @Marlin;
    House Portan; (S2E1)
    House Poole; @Jeyne; (Season One Vayon is killed at Red Keep when Ned is labeled a traitor in the purge.)

    The Reach:

    The Arbor: House Redwyne; Olenna;
    Brightwater Keep: House Florent; Imry, Selyse;
    Horn Hill: House Tarly; Samwell;
    Old Oak: House Oakheart; Arys(KG);
    Old Town, The Citadel: The Conclave; Qyburn;

    The Stormlands:

    Black Haven, Dornish Marshes: House Dondarrion
    Dornish Marshes: House Swann: Balon(KG);
    House Musgood;
    House Peasebury;
    House Selmy: Barristan;
    Tarth: House Tarth: Brienne, @Selwyn;
    House Trant: Meryn(KG);

    The Vale:

    Mountains of the Moon: Hill Tribe: Black Ears; @Chella;
    Mountains of the Moon: Hill Tribe: Moon Brothers; @Ulf;
    Mountains of the Moon: Hill Tribe: Painted Dogs;
    Mountains of the Moon: Hill Tribe: Stone Crows; @Shagga;
    Runestone: House Royce; @Yohn;
    House Waynwood;

    The Westerlands:

    Ashemark: House Marbrand; @Damon;
    The Crag: House Westerling;
    Fairlands: Faircastle; (S2E10)
    Golden Tooth: House Lefford; @Leo (?);
    Lands near Casterly Rock: House Clegane:
    Gregor, Sandor;
    Lands near Casterly Rock: House Greenfield: Preston(KG);
    Lands near Casterly Rock: @Tysha(?);
    Lands near Casterly Rock: House Payne:
    Podrick, Ilyn;
    Lannisport: @Reginald;
    Oxcross (S2);
    House Crakehall: @Desmond; (S3E10)
    House Lorch;
    House Sarsfield; @Eldrick; (S3E10)
    House Yarwyck: Othell;

    Westeros: Everything else:
    Geographic Location: Vassal;
    Notable Living Characters;
    The Crownlands:

    Duskendale: House Rykker; Jaramy;
    House Blount: Boros(KG);
    House Slynt: Janos;
    House Stokeworth: Bronn, @Lollys, @Falyse;(S4E7)
    House Thorne: Alliser;

    The Riverlands:

    Acorn Hall: House Smallwood; Pypar;
    Fairmarket: Farmhouse nearby: @Sally, @Sally's father;
    Hollow Hill: Brotherhood without Banners : @Anguy, @Beric, @Thoros;
    House Erenford;
    House Haigh;
    Inn: @Hotpie;
    Maidenpool: House Mooten;
    Riverrun Garrison: House Tully; Blackfish, Edmure, Lysa;
    Riverrun City: House Frey; Walder Frey;
    Salt Rock (S2E10);
    Seagard: House Mallister; @Jason (S2E10)
    Stone Hedge: House Bracken; @Jonos;
    The Twins: House Frey; @Arwaya, @Black Walder, @Derwa, @Edmure, @Freya, @Janeya, @Lothar, @Marianne, @Merry, @Neyela, @Roslin, @Sarra, @Serra, @Shirei, @Walder Frey, @Waldra;


    Basilisk Isles:
    (S1E7 Jorah Mormont speaks of them when talking to Daenerys about Robert Baratheon hunting her down.)

    Naath Isles:Missandei;

    Game of Thrones: Threads at the TV Critic

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