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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: Who is Fighting Who? (S4E7): 1413 Views
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    Game of Thrones: Who is Fighting Who? (S4E7): Link to this post

    This thread is to document who is fighting who in Game of Thrones (just the TV show things we know, sorry if something is just in the books it shouldn't be here.)

    This will be ongoing living document for up through Season Four. Please contribute anything you would like to add or corrections and I will add all contributions to this main post based on all of your responses.

    I will save a version of this after each episode, so there will be one of these for each Season 4, episode.
    This is to help show the progression.

    In general, at the beginning of Season Four:

    In spite of the death of Joffrey, most of the mainland of Westeros is under control by the Lannisters. Their main enemies are Greyjoys and Baratheons.

    Why they are fighting relies on alliances (Fealty).
    You can check that out here:

    'P' means the action started before that season. Precisely when varies.

    House Fights:

    Season fight started; fight participants (clarifications)

    PS1: White Walkers versus Castle Black men;
    PS1: White Walkers versus the Wildlings;
    PS1: White Walkers versus Westeros;
    PS1: Wildings versus Castle Black men;(That's 100,000 versus 100. It's not looking good very Castle Black.)
    PS1: House Baratheon versus House Targaryen; Robert Baratheon killed Rhaegar Targaryen.)
    PS1: House Lannister versus House Targaryen; (Jaime killed King Aerys Targaryen.)
    S1: House Arryn versus House Lannister; (Jon Arryn is poisoned by Hugh of the Vale in exchange for a Knighthood by a Lannister.)
    S1: House Lannister versus House Stark; (Jaime nearly kills Bran; Joffrey had Ned, Catelyn Tully and Robb Stark killed.)
    S1: Westeros versus House Targaryen; (Dany wants to rule Westeros.)
    S3: House Bolton versus House Stark; (Robb is killed.)
    S3: House Frey versus House Tulley; (Catelyn is killed by Walder Frey.)
    S3: House Stark versus House Frey; (Catelyn is killed by Walder Frey.)
    S3E2: Thenns do not get along with the Hornfoots.
    S3E2: The Hornfoots do not get along with the Ice-River Clans.
    S3E2: None of the Wildlings get along with the Cave People.
    S4: House Martell versus House Lannister; (Elia Martell was married to a Targaryen killed by the Mountain, sister of Oberyn. Myrcella is betrothed to Trystane of House Martell.)Tywin has made Oberyn a member of the Small Council.
    S4: House Bolton versus House Greyjoy. Ramsay Snow has been sent to capture Moat Cailin from the Greyjoys.
    S4: The Thenn hate the Hornfoots (and 88 other North of the Wall groups), however they have all banded together under Mance Rayder as a mega army to defeat the men of Castle Black. The troops number 100K.
    S4: House Lannister & House Martell versus House Targaryen. Tywin told Lord Oberyn of the threat at the wall and of Dany in the East with her Dragons.
    S4E4: Lord Baelish has been plotting all along to have House Stark fight House Lannister (it appears he's the one who hired the assassin to kill Bran using Tyrion's dagger.)
    S4E4: Lord Baelish had Lysa poison Lord Arryn so the Baratheons and Starks would think it was because Lord Arryn was getting too close to the truth about Robert's children.
    S4E6: Finally Tywin has posted a reward for killing the Hound for deserting the King's Guard and for cursing the King.
    S4E6: Tyrion will have Trial by Combat. It's unclear who will be representing him or the Crown in that duel.
    S4E6: Tywin is doing something about Danaerys. It's unclear what that specifically is.
    S4E7: Petyr kills Lysa taking over as Regent of the Vale.

    Character on Character Fights:

    Arya Stark wants Ilyn Payne, Cersei, the Hound, the Mountain, Beric Dondarrion, Melissandre, Thoros and few others dead for a variety of reasons.

    Cersei Lannister wants Tyrion to die for allegedly poisoning Joffrey. She may also want Margaery dead for calling her Sister and then Mother.

    Ser Alliser wants to see Jon Snow dead.

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