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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: S4E8 Speculation:

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: S4E8 Speculation: 1416 Views
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    Game of Thrones: S4E8 Speculation: Link to this post

    ***Ramsay related***:

    Will he end up trying to get rid of Roose to take
    over the North or will he wait until Roose passes
    to be the Overlord of the North?

    I speculate he will try to get rid of Roose over waiting.

    ***Stannis related***:

    If Stannis sacrifices his daughter Shireen to the Lord of
    Light he will have no heirs. I find the completely
    reckless behavior compared to head of other
    Houses. What good is ruling if you have
    no family to sustain your reign?

    I speculate he will sacrifice Shireen to illustrate how he
    must sacrifice everything to the Lord of Light in order
    to be King of Westeros.

    Interestingly enough other leaders have the same issues:

    House Lannister: If Tywin dies one son in King's Guard; the other he refuses to allow Lord over Casterly Rock and Cersei's Queen Regent.

    House Targaryen: Daenerys: Has no heirs.

    House Greyjoy: Balon has only son left who is a eunuch and one daughter left.

    House Arryn: Robin (is the only one left in House Arryn.)

    House Tully: Blackfish and Edmure are left.

    House Tyrell: Loras and Margaery are left after Mace.

    House Martell: Appears to run the healthiest kingdom (as far as heirs go.)

    Ironically Houses Frey and Stark also have a lot of heirs and aren’t in power…

    ***Tywin related***:

    Will he meet his end due to any sort of wrath of
    House Martell? (Fallout from the death of Prince Oberyn)

    ***Tyrion related***:

    Will Tyrion escape before he's executed?
    Will someone help Tyrion escape like Jaime or Bronn?

    I speculate Jaime will help Tyrion escape on Cersei's boat to Dorne as a stow-away.

    ***Baelish related***:

    If Tyrion is executed, can he force Sansa to marry him or Robin?

    ***Arya and Hound related***:

    I still see Arya completing her fighting training in
    Braavos and becoming one of the faceless assassins.

    I don't think the Hound will be with us much longer.
    He has a price on his head so he's a marked man in
    Westeros. I speculate if he survives his wounds he will
    probably end up in an encounter with Brienne and she
    will defeat him. If there is no encounter with Brienne, and he survives he will be bound for Essos.

    What do you think?

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