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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: S5E6: Consumed: Feedback 1922 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: S5E6: Consumed: Feedback Link to this post


    The first time I watched the episode I was so-so about it however when I watched it again I liked it a lot more. The best part of the episode for me was just seeing the city again and did you notice the shot at night when Daryl and Carol are driving in the car is the same place that Rick went past in season 1 (one of my favourite images from the show).

    I initially felt the flashbacks aside from the beginning one were pointless as we had already seen it before but watching it again I understand they were building the episode around the symbolism of fire, with Carol around the fire in the past and Daryl lighting the fires in the present. This was summed up well in the conversation Carol had talking about Ed and Sophia where she basically says that part of her has been burned away.

    The only part of the episode I didn't like was everything to do with the van. It was bad enough that they both decide to go in the van putting more weight on it to potentially fall over, they then wait until the last second to get out giving them no chance of beating the walkers before jumping back inside. Daryl redeems himself however by becoming the best driver in history. The directing of the van falling scene was ridiculous, half-way down it's falling on its roof and then the camera pans away and suddenly it lands on all 4 wheels.

    Overall good episode but from the promo it looks like everyone is back next week and it will be good to hopefully get some action because although the last 3 episodes haven't been bad I don't think anyone can argue that it has killed he momentum the first three of the season created.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: S5E6: Consumed: Feedback Link to this post

    Great Comments Tiarnan.

    Yes, I found the same thing; the rewatch for me was more satisfying than the first viewing.

    I was drawing a blank on bad stuff, however looking back at the ambulance on the overpass that definitely felt a little contrived. Perhaps it was because it was the only vehicle on the overpass so it was too obvious an action beat. Also they did that take twice from what I hear and due to the bad continuity it looks like we got pieces of the those two takes. That's kind of sloppy.

    Here's my two cents:

    They should have titled this one ‘More on Carol (with a little twist of Daryl thrown in)’.

    The flashbacks were great at establishing emotional beats in her
    journey through the apocalypse and did give some wonderful glimpses into her psyche.


    I felt like Carol and Daryl are moving together and meeting each
    other as a couple and I think sparks will fly romantically soon.

    In her own eyes I think she feels lost and not worthy of being with other people. Maybe she doesn’t trust herself. In a psychological way that puts her similar with Daryl because back in the episode in Season 4 entitled 'Still' it became clear that Daryl struggled with feeling out of place and lost most of his life.

    In Carol’s eyes Daryl (emotionally and behavior wise) is no longer a boy.

    He’s growing. He's learning how to communicate his feelings better by better understanding his past.

    I think she sees him now as being more vulnerable and caring (dealing with the walker mother and child) and definitely she can see he is trying to get in touch with who he is and was (the child abuse book).

    He did straighten her out once by getting her to admit she meant to
    shoot Noah and his way of looking at Noah was the most objective.

    Noah was just a kid trying to survive; not a threat.

    However, Daryl still has a ways to go. She did bring Daryl back from
    his growing indignant attitude with Noah for stealing their stuff and
    letting zombies loose on them and he saved the kid from Zombies.

    I felt Daryl senses dealing with Myka and Lizzie was very hard for
    Carol to cope with which is why he didn’t want or need to push knowing what happened with them. Also maybe that isn’t as important to Daryl as Carol’s feelings and anxieties and helping her get back her self esteem.


    Nothing really stuck out as being really bad, however it did feel hollow for some reason to me and I don’t know why. There was some bad continuity on the overpass scene with the ambulance. At one point while it was in the air it looked the truck would be landing on its hood and then it hits the ground on all four wheels. I believe they shot this twice and you can tell the scene we got was a marriage of two separate takes. That's kind of sloppy, however if they didn't have budget it's understandable. It's almost nit picky but not really.


    It’s pretty clear the person with Daryl showing up to the Church back in S5E3 is Noah. Can Noah be trusted?

    Will Abraham’s group reappear also at the Church?

    If so, will they join the party to rescue Beth and Carol?

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