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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: S5E7: Consumed: Feedback 2533 Views
  • Fluids
    Community Member
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    The Walking Dead: S5E7: Consumed: Feedback Link to this post

    Another Walking Dead axiom – Just because someone looks and acts trustworthy doesn’t mean they are trustworthy; especially if you just met them. (Bob Lamsen from Dawn’s group.)


    •   A new zombie term: Rotter! Love it.
    •   Special FX and makeup for this episode were INCREDIBLE! OUTSTANDING!
    The highlight was the melted zombie obstacle course Rick and company tried to navigate through. Utterly disgusting…Kudos Nicotero et al!
    •   Tyreese continues to provide a lovely moral compass (taking the place of Hershel). Daryl is also falling into that camp. This became clear to me when they had an alternate plan to not kill anyone in order to rescue Beth and Carol. Rick and Maggie wanted to kill everyone in Dawn’s group.
    •   Father Gabriel struggling with the realities of his religious faith and keeping alive in the apocalypse were wonderfully tragic.
    •   Eugene is alive! However, I kind of expected that.
    •   Great action sequences.


    •   Carl describing how to handle the machete to bash a walker’s skull in to Father Gabriel was a bit much. I understand its function was to show us how Father Gabriel is struggling between his faith and the reality of keeping alive in the apocalypse.
    •   It’s unclear what Abraham’s group is doing as a goal to me and who is leading that group. It appears it’s a combination of Glenn, Maggie and Rosita running the show.


    What is going to happen to Gabriel? Is he on his own now?
    It appears Rosita’s group is still going to DC. Is that the case?
    How rough of shape is Eugene in? Is he fit to travel?
    Where is Morgan? He has to be close by. He was tracking Rick’s group.

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  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead: S5E7: Consumed: Feedback Link to this post


    -More effort to flesh out Rosita
    -Solid Darryl Vs Cop fight
    -Strawberry Bribe
    -Less predictable than previous episodes


    -Episode structure was a bit jarring after the previous few episodes
    -Too many split plots, (especially after splitting up Team Firetruck, Team Hostage) slow down the pace to a fault
    -Feels like part 1 of 2 for finale, rather than part 7 of 8 for the season.

    -Is lack of focus on Carl, Michonne this half season intentional?
    -How will Team Firetruck factor into next week? If they remain separated from the city/church, then their story seems like a waste of time that could have been spent elsewhere.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: S5E7: Consumed: Feedback Link to this post

    Great comments Ben!

    Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

    Yes, I agree. If Team Firetruck has nothing to do with the main action or the problem (rescuing Carol and Beth), what use would it be to show them at all?

    There's nothing that can begin and end in one episode with them.

    One thing the writers may be doing is setting that group up with a long term conflict or story arc with a cliff hanger to be resolved in the back 8.

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