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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: S5E8: Coda: Feedback 2200 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead: S5E8: Coda: Feedback Link to this post

    Favorite scene:

    The prisoner exchange; I wasn’t expecting this would result in Beth’s violent, quick demise. The writing to get there was very well done.


    •   Wow, Rick has no forgiveness for strangers anymore. He gives you one chance now and that’s it. Bob wouldn’t stop so Rick ran him down and shot him in the head. The weird part was him stopping and trying to explain to Bob that all he had to do was stop and then killing him. Was he trying to teach him a lesson before he killed him? What was that?
    •   BETH!! I was very surprised and in shock and not expecting her life to end that way. It was swift, unexpected and devastating; very well done. I cried when Maggie saw Daryl holding Beth.
    •   I felt Dawn’s character was put together rather well. She was a psycho. I believe there were five people we were aware of her killing: Hanson (her mentor); three officers (Gordon, Jeffries, and one other); then O’Donnell and then Beth. There is a wonderful psychological disconnect inside of Dawn captured by Beth’s dialog “You keep telling yourself you can do what it takes until it’s all over. This is it. This is who you are.” Dawn’s response to this focuses on the fact that she thinks she saved Beth and she thinks Beth is turning against her. Mentally it appears to me that Dawn is in severe denial of the apocalypse. She feels the need to control others because she thinks that controls all of their reality. It is to such an extent she thinks the people that have come to terms with grim reality are the ones that are losing touch with reality instead of herself. When Dawn gets to the point where she feels her secure view of the ‘temporary apocalypse’ is threatened she eliminates the person who has introduced that reality to her to keep her version of reality intact. She was mentally ill and in a position of power and control; with serious abilities in self defense; very dangerous and very well done.
    •   Beth as a character is very well centered at this point and she is at peace with the apocalypse and accepts one day soon she will die. I also got the impression that Beth felt Dawn would never let her leave the hospital alive, so she sacrificed herself to save Noah.
    •   Dawn sensing Beth and Carol were together was well done (especially when she sat down on the bed between them.)
    •   Dawn saying “Noah would be back” only became a reality because she forced a situation to control him to come back. Like O’Donnell said in his final moments Dawn can’t let go of people around her because she equates that with losing control over her leadership and reality. When Noah was forced to come back she turned to Beth and said I told you he would be back, Beth then knew Dawn was mentally ill and needed to be eliminated.


    •   I thought the opening scenes where Gabriel led the walkers back to the church were a little predictable. Why he would fixate on pamphlets first and then see Bob Stookey’s cooked leg was a little hard to believe.
    •   It would have been a great opportunity when he was calling for help on the church front door to fade in memories of him listening to the cries for help of his parish from the past.
    •   They need a better version of the Judith papoose (backpack). It looks smaller than Judith that pulled me out of the moment a bit when Carl, Michonne and Father Gabriel were escaping the church.
    •   I felt that Maggie never once appeared to ruminate over where Beth might be or if she was alive; especially after Eugene’s lie was exposed. To go from showing little or no emotions for Beth to all of a sudden realizing Beth was alive left me feeling not as much emotional impact as it could have had.


    •   How did Abraham know to park the bus in front of the church? There were no walkers visible. Perhaps it was enough to show Michonne, Carl and Judith.
    •   Rick asked the hospital folks if they would like to come with his group. Did anyone from the hospital go with Rick’s group? No doubt, Noah will go with them.
    •   Morgan is still following them. He has to play some significant role this season. When will Morgan reach Rick’s group? What was Morgan laughing about in the church at his shrine at the alter?

    •   What kind of affect is Beth’s death going to have on the rest of the group if one of them gets kidnapped in the future? Will it be take no prisoners (like Rick wanted to do originally to get back Carol and Beth from the Hospital folks?) or will it still be take prisoners and negotiate?

    • Is this all there is? To Ben's point below every settlement Rick's group comes across ends up with battle and they move on. Will Rick's group ever set up their own settlement somewhere and interact possibly with other settlements? Is civilization of any kind totally dead or are there others out there?

    What did you think of the show?

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  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead: S5E8: Coda: Feedback Link to this post

    A very disappointing episode, overly busy, poorly paced, with too many shortcuts.

    Too many necessary scenes were cut; Rick discovering Bob escaped, Rick talking over the radio to Dawn, Carol waking up (moving in her sleep doesn't count", Beth and Carol learning that Rick was coming for them, Team Firetruck heading to the church, Eugene being confirmed to be alive (I thought his unconscious grunt last week was very Walker-ish).

    Too much time was spent on the hospital cops, who I didn't care for.

    I could sort of understand Beth attacking Dawn, but stabbing the sowing scissors into her bullet proof vest was a terrible idea, something like her neck, eyes, or face would have made more sense.

    Gabriel investigating the school did give the story a nice circular element, however I actually didn't know that Judith was on Michonne's back (looked too small to carry her), I thought they had left her in the back-right room of the church, so when they went into the left room I thought they accidentally left her behind.

    I am curious if Carl's crush on Beth will be mentioned in future episodes.

    This midseason finale had a lot of hype, and I don't think it delivered. Ultimately, i think this half season was a bit of a failure, the Terminus action was far superior to the Hospital cops story, and even then Gareth's exit was flawed.

    The structure of the story harmed the half season, and outside of the DC hopes being extinguished, we are in the same position as we were at the start of episode 2 of the season.

    The last few seasons have seen the survivors be unable to peacefully interact with Woodbury, Terminus, and the Hospital. I would have been interested in seeing them live with other people (but not be in charge as they were at the prison in season 4 with the woodbury-ians).

    Lastly, the end scene with Morgan was kinda pointless, feels more like webisode material since he's done nothing signifcant.

    This episode will be viewed as "The one where Beth dies", but I don't think it holds up to any of the other finales (except for season 3 episode 16, that one stunk also). It feels as if the writers thought if they killed off Beth it would automatically be deemed a good episode.

    I would probably give this episode a score in the high 40's

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead: S5E8: Coda: Feedback Link to this post

    Great points Ben.

    Yes, I felt the scenes with Morgan didn't fit really with the episode. I honestly thought it was preview of S5E9 rather than the end of S5E8.

    I hope they do other scenes with him interacting with someone while he is looking for Rick's group. His cameos are becoming too predictable.

    Did Father Gabriel go back to the school to see Gareth's camp where they held Bob captive or just to see if there were any survivors at the school?

    Yes, Beth stabbing Dawn in the vest didn't make sense. It would have made better sense if at least stabbed her in the throat.

    I remember one of the captured cops saying Dawn would 'see this trade as a rip-off if she thinks you took out one of our guys.' That's basically what happened with Dawn regarding Lamsen and Noah. Was it worth spending all that time with those characters to get that? We didn't get anything else really from focusing on them other than that bit of info.

    If you eliminate those scenes the final scenes with Beth still hold up, so they could have done more scenes with Abraham's group and the church group.

    It would have made more sense if the walkers burst out of the church doors and as they were massing on Michonne, Carl, Judith and Father Gabriel, Abraham could have plowed them over with the firetruck. Then again, that might be predictable. The way it was given to us I didn't see what keyed Abraham into knowing to block the church doors as he got there to keep the walkers in.

    I suppose the future entails burying Beth; no doubt Father Gabriel giving the Eulogy...What then? Is that the point that there is no point to this show but just surviving?

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