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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: S5E11: The Distance 1639 Views
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    The Walking Dead: S5E11: The Distance Link to this post

    S5E11 Summary:

    Aaron and Eric lead the group to their digs in the DC area.

    Along the way there is an inner family debate about whether they should go or not.

    Eventually they all conclude it's a good idea in their own ways over the span of the episode.


    The title can't help me thinking of Cake's 'The Distance':

    Rick's extended family: There seems to be cautious optimism about starting a new life at Aaron and Eric's compound.

    *Michonne*: She's the most optimistic, however she does seem cautious when she doesn't see any pictures of the survivors in Aaron's compound. She even steps up to Rick and the group asserting there is possibly some stability in Aaron's compound.

    The other women in the group seem to pick up on this: Sasha, Maggie, Tara and Rosita. Carol is the last to be convinced.

    *Rick*: is shell shocked (and rightfully so. He has the most to lose out of everyone in the group.) He appears to be the last person to give trust to Aaron.

    *Glenn*: points out Eric's broken leg and how everything Aaron has said so far is true. I think the spare battery also eased his concerns.


    *Collecting License Plates* - If someone can focus on a hobby in this apocalyptic setting they obviously have their living situation in order right?

    *Children playing voices* - I doubt that is a recording. We heard kids playing! I would say some type of civilization is through that gated fence.

    *Surveillance equipment* - To get a hold of this type of equipment takes time and it's not a high priority on the survival list. It appears Aaron is a part of a fairly large community and that he and Eric are scouts for this group that look around for potential folks to add to their community. They view people as the most valuable asset. The fact that Aaron and Eric are a couple makes this even more promising (I think) for Rick's group.


    *The apple sauce tasting was a bit strange. I suppose it was to show on the one hand Rick thought Aaron was suspicious since he wouldn't eat it and Aaron's point of view that he just hated Apple Sauce (however Rick doesn't know Aaron right?)

    *The part of the storyline where we lose the RV didn't sit right with me. It was very vaguely executed and I thought confusing. All of sudden the RV finds buildings and there is Eric with a broken ankle. There's a lot of stuff we missed here that would have been way more interesting I think than the close calls with Walkers and battling with flare guns in the woods with Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron.


    Great interactions between Aaron and Eric. For me in this setting, in order for an emotional relationship to be able to have the time to flourish that would mean some type of very stable living situation somewhere.

    The well stocked RV and very clean condition of everything also indicates some type of sophisticated community somewhere. Progress!! Show me it please!


    *I didn't quite get how part of the group ran into Eric and how he broke his ankle. How did that happen?

    *Is this place safe? As we have seen no place is truly safe from either walkers or humans. If this place is structurally safe from walkers then the threat has to be other humans right?

    *Who is Deanne?

    *Where are all the compound folks?
    (There wasn't even any guards. That's odd.)

    What do you think?

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