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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead: S5E12: Remember

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: S5E12: Remember 1515 Views
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    The Walking Dead: S5E12: Remember Link to this post


    Rick and Company try to fit into Deanna’s compound in Alexandria.

    The storyline is inter-cut with interview videos.


    I am going to guess and hope that the next episode is going to be more of the same (that is it will be about the group getting used to the Alexandria compound with interviews inter-cut with Abraham, Maggie, Rosita, Glenn, Eugene, Gabriel, Noah, Tara and Sasha.)

    If the show runners do that then we would at least get more characterization and ideas of how each them are dealing with living at the compound.

    It’s pretty clear that the Alexandria folks have had it easy and don’t know how to defend themselves and they could always use more security. Either that or they are having problems dealing with other groups threatening their security.

    Rick’s gun cache was gone so they were probably being watched by someone while his group made its way to the compound.

    The writers are already setting up a conflict between Jessie’s husband Pete and Glenn with Deanna’s son (I believe his name is Aidan.)

    Deanna mentioned that this was a planned community for really wealthy folks and that Northern Virginia (including Alexandria) was evacuated at the onset of the outbreak. That’s convenient huh? That would cause a low count of walkers that you need to deal with for a little while. It would also account for how these people were able to get the walls up and remain relatively unscathed during the apocalypse so far.


    *Wow, running water, electricity and no doubt heat and security.
    I like that these people don’t really know how to defend themselves well. It appears they have been extremely lucky, however that has come at a premium price. It’s easy to see Deanna is desperate for them to stay there.

    *Carol appears to be acting like aging soccer mom a real ‘people person’ probably to get more intelligence on the people of the community.

    *It makes sense that Rick’s group would all stick together in the same house. They don’t know these people and this way they can watch out for each other. At the end of the day they can also compare notes on things. Hopefully they are taking into account the houses might be bugged.

    *The compound keeps guns in one locked area. This says a few things to me:

    1. They have never endured an attack from a human group.
    2. A large group of walkers has never breached the walls before.

    If they had, everyone would be armed at their homes.

    I bet Rick is very concerned about that.


    There are a couple of predictable things that are coming:
    1. A conflict between Glenn and Deanna’s son and
    2. Rick and Jessie’s husband. The fact that the guy is out on his porch smoking in the middle of the night probably means he doesn’t get along with his wife. (Perhaps it will get real cliché and he will end up being spousal abuser. )


    * What is the group remembering? That they need to stay tough and strong and always have an edge? Remember what it’s like to be a member of pre apocalyptic community inside a post apocalyptic environment? Remember what it’s like to encounter other groups of survivors?

    *Is Rick’s house bugged? Aaron did have surveillance equipment the last episode, so one can assume they also have listening devices in the form of bugs. I believe there is power in the houses as well, so it’s certainly very possible. Is Rick looking out for that type of equipment?

    *Is Deanna really going to side with Rick and his group or her son?
    *Is Deanna hiding something with her banishment of three people? Did she banish them or kill them? Is this a variation on Dawn at the hospital? I hope not.
    *Is Reg Monroe (Deanna’s husband) still alive?

    *What will become of Enid? Will she become a love interest for Carl? She seems to be the only kid in the compound besides him that knows how to fend for herself out in the world. Is she trying to make a run for it? Is she stashing supplies and eventually she will have enough to leave?

    *How big is the population of this compound? How big is the security force?

    *Is Morgan going to be able to track Rick’s group from Noah’s house to Alexandria? There was a map that he found in the church that would bring him as far as Richmond.

    *If Deanna truly sides with Rick over the incident with her son and Glenn why is she so desperate to have Rick’s group stay? Is there some type of threat out there other than the walkers that her compound group are not well prepared to handle like a hostile group of humans?

    *Will Rick’s group end up taking over Alexandria?

    *What will Daryl end up being? A member of the security force or a scout?

    *Is the Alexandria community too soft and untrained to stay with?

    *Not having a working phone system makes sense. Do they have radios?

    What do you think?

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