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    Sasha goes out target practicing and can’t help shaking the feeling that she is being watched.

    Rick, Carol and Darryl set up a plan to get weapons (just in case they need them) from the armory. This involves Carol unlatching the window and later sneaking in.

    Rick raps with Michonne about Deanna's uncertain intentions with them being security officers.

    Daryl catches Aaron tracking him and they try to rescue Buttons the horse.

    Deanna senses Rick’s apprehensions and makes her intentions clear to Rick and Michonne that she wants there to be a government Maggie her aide and Rick and Michonne the law. She has a vision of rebuilding the past and even asks them if this is pie in the sky and they say no. Rick tries to bring her down to earth by talking about the security of the compound.

    Sasha volunteers to be lookout and Deanna agrees if Sasha comes to a party she’s hosting.

    Daryl and Aaron commiserate about being outsiders and disagree about people and fear. Aaron says fear paralyzes you. Daryl has met lots of bad people who aren’t afraid to act poorly; Aaron disagrees and says that they were afraid. (I guess Daryl is forgetting about the recently deceased Tyreese or very much alive Gabriel.)

    Rick meets Deanna’s husband Reg at the party. They appear to have mutual respect for each other and for their achievements.

    Daryl and Aaron watch the Walkers bring down Buttons and they have to put it out of its misery.

    Noah is comforted by Glen and Maggie and kept from almost bailing from the party.

    Daryl has a spaghetti dinner with Aaron and Eric instead of going to the party. I love the look when Eric asks him to find a pasta maker.

    Rick's alcohol consumption gets the better of him and he kisses Jessie on the cheek (I suppose as a thank you for taking care of Judith. His eyes say more.) There are some sparks between Jessie and Rick at the party. A little bit after when saying goodbye he almost pulls a Shane by brandishing a revolver tucked in back of his waistband in the small of his back while waving goodbye to Jessie and glaring at her husband.

    Aaron offers Daryl an opportunity to be a recruiter and work on his bikes and he accepts.

    Abraham gets hammered to deal with feeling out of place and Rosita looks equally uncomfortable sporting a dress. The alcohol allows him to muscle up the courage to confide to Michonne that she needs to do more than just 'put on a dress.' She has to open to these new people.

    Carol sneaks into the armory to get guns and is caught by Jessie’s son. She threatens to leave him outside the compound to be eaten by walkers if he tells his mother she’s taking guns.

    Sasha freaks out at the party because she feels everyone is so complacent and relaxed as if the apocalypse never occurred and she can’t deal.

    Michonne hangs up her sword (I am quite sure not for good. If you notice it's not sheathed.)

    We close with Rick at the wall sensing the walker trying to claw its way into the compound.


    I can identify heavily with Daryl in this episode. I think we all have phases or moments in our lives when we operate under the duality of feeling like an outsider even though we get comfort in our lives in circles of family; community or with those that share our activities or interests. Daryl’s evolution comes from the balance of his inner strength and judgment from the comfort of Rick’s extended family and from his ability to be rebelliously self reliant which comes from being alone for extended periods of time throughout most of his life.

    In this world (much like life in general) *all* of our survivors need a balance of comfort from some type family; community and to be able to take risks individually to persevere in a healthy way throughout their lives in this world (that includes being able to kill zombies and humans.) They have to be true to themselves and their own individual paths while being anchored to some set of values that is maintained and echoed by their family or community. Daryl has this balance; the only thing he lacks is interpersonal communication and socialization skills. That will come with time (if like other characters he survives long enough and if there is a growth in community throughout the world.) It’s not really necessary nor will it really grow if the world never gets better.

    The writers are already setting up a conflict between Jessie’s husband Pete and Rick and an affair between Rick and Jessie.

    I would also say that something has to happen with the walls to jar some of these folks back into the horrible realities that are out in the world. What do you think?


    *Sasha shooting the pictures: I thought of that as a type of forgetting and the epitome of the post apocalypse. People in pictures long gone are worthless and meaningless to anyone else because there’s no one left in those peoples lives around to appreciate them. Pragmatically Sasha sees their faces are small enough though for a sniper to use as target practice though.

    *The Wall: Some of the folks in this community are insulated from the ugly reality of the world that lies on the other side of Reg’s well made walls of the compound.

    Rick at ‘the Wall’ feeling the relentless vibrations of the walker on the other side shows how tuned in he is to the threat of the undead and of bad peoples. They will always be there. Even though there is one lone walker behind the sturdy rolled steel walls, he knows it’s still a threat and he’s measuring it and there will be others and there will be worse (otherwise there's no show right?); other humans with bad intentions. It’s only a matter of time IMO.

    I would be willing to bet whatever the threat is that it will show up at seasons end which is only three episodes away.


    *Rick’s group is all outsiders and I feel there isn’t a character that is more the epitome of this than Daryl. The fact that Aaron picks up on this because he’s gay and feels that he and Eric are outsiders to his group makes sense. The choice of Daryl as a recruiter also makes sense. He does know how to judge good people from the bad very quickly and he is self reliant and feels fine living literally on the outside of the walls.

    *Sasha has a lot of anxiety to the point of paranoia. I loved her scenes at the party because on the one hand if you looked at the party as being normal you would have thought she had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), on the other hand she could be just pissed off about how people in this compound are acting in this post apocalyptic environment. I guess that all depends upon the thoughts of the Alexandrians who were at the party: Were they a bunch of survivors combining rations having a get together to at least briefly engage in some pre apocalyptic normalcy (blowing off some steam); or has this strong wall made everyone ignorant of the apocalypse and comfortable to the point of wanting others to present them with pasta makers and are mainly interested in swapping food recipes rather than deal with what lies on the outside? The wall apparently is insulating some of those people from reality.

    *Walkers with the ‘W’s carved into their foreheads. We saw these markings on walkers 100 miles south back in Noah’s family compound in Richmond. Now there are walkers up in Alexandria with these ‘W’s carved into their foreheads. Gangs in the real world often tag their territory with their gang symbol. My theory is whoever is marking these walkers is telling other humans that this is their territory and it covers about 100 miles radius. It has to be a fairly large group to be able to cover that distance.

    *Rick battles impulse control with wanting Jessie and almost offing her husband. Shades of Shane are creeping into his psyche. It blurs his character. It's interesting and sinister at the same time.
    Either he is reading the guy as a total bad person for Jessie or Rick is turning bad in some ways.


    There are a couple of predictable things that are coming:
    1. Rick and Jessie’s husband eventually having it out.
    2. Rick having an affair with Jessie. Just a little tropic for me.


    * What is the group forgetting or need to forget? Forget about the way they used to live their lives before the apocalypse? Or perhaps it’s to forget about living their lives the way the Alexandrians do? Or is it they need to forget about the way they had been living their lives just before getting to Alexandria?

    *Does Tobin have a thing for Carol?

    *Is Deanna trying to get rid of Rick’s group or is that just Rick’s paranoia?

    *Does Rick share Deanna’s vision of there being a government and a justice system? Is it just too soon?

    *Will Jessie’s son tell his mother that Carol took guns from the armory?

    *Did Carol take an extra chocolate square so she would have an alibi? Why did she do that? Won’t she get caught by Olivia the inventory armory manager?

    *How big is the population of this compound? How big is the security force?

    *Is Morgan going to be able to track Rick’s group from Noah’s house to Alexandria? There was a map that he found in the church that would bring him as far as Richmond.

    *Will Rick’s group end up taking over Alexandria?

    *Now Rick’s group is noticing the W’s carved into the foreheads of walkers. Are these carved by a rival group called the ‘wolves’ and are they getting closer?
    What do you think?

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