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    The solar power system has failed for the Alexandria compound.

    Noah is being mentored by Deanna’s husband Reg to help build and design things for the compound.

    Glenn, Noah, Eugene, Tara, Aidan and Nicholas set off on a supply run to find a dozen micro inverters that are needed to fix the Solar Power system.

    Rick pops by Jessie’s house and sees that someone has trashed her owl sculpture. She thought trying to find the perpetrator wasn’t necessary (later we learn that it was Pete who scuttled her artwork.) She pushes to know what Rick would do if he found the culprit (probably to see what he would do to her husband, Pete.)

    Glenn and crew get to the solar power equipment warehouse and a perimeter security check shows them that there are a load of walkers by the front door entrance (a revolving door.)

    Eugene desperately tries to cover up being a coward by taking credit for bringing them all to Alexandria. Tara clarifies how they brought him up there and asks him if he’s that much of a coward and he reiterates his cowardice.

    The group enters the warehouse through the back door and split up looking for the needed equipment. Aidan runs into a body armor clad walker wearing some grenades and shoots one of the grenades accidentally setting it off. The explosion opens a cage where walkers had been penned up since the outbreak and Aidan gets impaled unconscious on two pieces of metal. Noah thinks he’s dead. Tara ends up getting knocked unconscious with a head wound.

    Carol finds Jessie’s kid, Sam hiding in her house. He’s there because his house has no power; he wants more cookies and to tell her his owl statue got trashed. (We later learn this was a cry for help because his father (Pete) is an alcoholic child abuser and wife beater.) Carol pushes him out the door telling him those are not her problems and she will help him make cookies if he steals chocolate for himself and her from the Armory and threatens him to say nothing if he gets caught.

    Tara is in pretty bad shape with head trauma; needing medical attention asap. Aidan as well and he regains consciousness and his screams cause walkers to head for him. This also alerts Glenn, Noah and Nicholas that he’s still alive and they try to rescue him while Eugene assures them he will take care of Tara.

    Abraham in the meantime is at the construction site getting materials to expand the wall so they can add more houses to the settlement to accommodate Rick’s entire group which is to take about a month. Tobin accidentally shoots the hydraulic line to a bucket loader that sends the armed lookout guard Francine to the ground in the middle of an encroaching group of walkers. Abraham shoots his way in to save her and loads her into a tractor’s operator compartment; crawls underneath and then shoots those walkers. He gets up and uses some nearby equipment to cave in the heads of other walkers coming around the back. Other construction workers go and help Abraham and Francine.

    Pete comes over to Rick’s place totally drunk looking for a drinking buddy to further enable his alcoholism. Rick refuses his need for companionship and Pete staggers off.

    Eugene grows a pair and manages to defend himself and brings Tara out of the warehouse on his shoulder and into the van.

    Aidan admits to Glenn that it was his panic that cost the new scouts their lives and Glenn, Nicholas and Noah cannot get him off the shrapnel and he gets torn apart in one of the most gruesome walker devour scenes there ever has been.

    Tobin wants to call it quits for the day and Abraham wants to forge ahead and takes control of the crew since they have three hours of daylight left and no one got hurt.

    Tobin retreats back to the compound to tell Deanna what happened. He admits if Abraham had listened to him then Francine would be dead. He quits the foreman job and says it’s better suited for Abraham.

    Deanna notes to Maggie how she keeps putting people in positions of power and Maggie vouches for them. Maggie asserts that they know what they are doing.

    Back to Sam and Carol. Sam pushes Carol about her need for the guns and Carol pushes Sam as to who broke his Owl statue. Sam wants a gun to help someone he knows to help protect themselves (probably Jessie from Pete.)

    Noah, Glenn and Nicholas get trapped in the revolving door at the front entrance of the warehouse (Glenn and Noah in one compartment; Nicholas opposite with walkers sandwiched in the sections between them.)

    Eugene saves them by blaring techno music from their van and leads away the walkers menacing them from the front area with the van. Glenn, Noah and Nicholas try to figure out a way to escape; Nicholas panics, however and forces his way out and this causes Noah's foot to get grabbed by walkers who pull him back into the building where they tear him apart right in front of Glenn in the goriest death scene by a cast member so far.

    Nicholas makes it back to the van and wants Eugene to leave without Glenn. Glenn arrives and punches Nicholas unconscious and Eugene helps load him into the van.

    Gabriel confides to Deanna that Rick’s group is ‘Satan disguised as the Angel of Light’ and that they cannot be trusted and they are dangerous. (Deanna still hasn’t learned that Aidan has been killed.)

    Maggie overhears the conversation on the downstairs landing.

    This is inter-cut with Carol going to confront Pete who answers the door drunk. Carol knows just by looking at him that he abuses his wife and son and he’s an alcoholic. Pete shuts the door.

    Glenn arrives at the gates crying for help as Carol tells Rick Pete has to be killed because of his abuse to Jessie and Sam. Rick gives this look like he’s up for it.


    I understand how loud music could lure walkers away from the compound; however wouldn’t it equally attract walkers that weren’t necessarily going to head into that area? Wouldn’t it also alert hostile human groups of their presence as well? It really was dropped in there so Eugene could use it later to help rescue Glenn, Noah and Nicholas.

    Here are my some things I picked up from interactions in this episode:

    Abraham: Suffers from an anxiety disorder.

    Carol: Is probably more far gone than she was during Indifference in the fourth season. Her prescription for mental disorders (as well as substance or alcohol abuse) or any biological threat is death; just kill them.

    Rick: Aaron had mentioned to Noah they had a great surgeon at Alexandria who could fix Noah’s injury. Is that surgeon Pete? If it is, I very much doubt Rick is going to kill Pete for beating up Jessie because they are going to need Pete to save Tara’s life.

    Maggie: No doubt she’s going to tell Rick about Gabriel’s words with Deanna.

    Eugene: Is the closest person in Rick’s family to the folks at Alexandria. You need to learn how to defend yourself or others and yourself will end up dead. Abraham’s foreman knows this now and Aidan and Nicholas learned the hard way.

    Gabriel: Should be called Judas in this episode. He still doesn’t seem to understand that in this life violence is a necessary means to protect your flock and your own life. He still hasn’t accepted the world for what it has become now. This I believe is why he sees Rick’s group as being evil rather than being pragmatic. That being said Rick and Sasha did go too far with ending the lives of the Termites in his church with their brutal overkill actions.


    *Reg’s notebook (This is the beginning) *: To me, this symbolizes a couple of things. It could be prophesying a bad turn for everyone. It could symbolize how Noah was just starting a new life and then he was cut down and torn apart before he even started.

    *Strawberries in Gabriel’s church*: I suppose it’s a gift of good will. It definitely set Gabriel up with confiding to Deanna about how he felt about Rick’s group.


    *Eugene facing his fears. This really brought him more into Rick’s camp. Before that I thought of him as being too ill equipped to survive in this world as also the Alexandrians.

    *Gabriel feeling like the Alexandrians were normal and Rick’s group were savages. The reality for the most part is Gabriel is in strong denial of the current world outside the gates of Alexandria and his church and is also a hypocrite. You can't be thankful to god and praising the people for saving you from the claws and jaws of walkers and then condemn them in the next breath for doing what they have to do to avoid death. That being said, Rick, Abraham and Sasha did impart savage overkill to the Termites back at Gabriel’s church.

    *Glenn’s reaction to Noah being torn apart in front of him was emotionally intense. That helped me feel something for Noah because of that. This also needs to come from my feelings for Noah, which he didn't (so that part is bad.)

    *The makeup and special effects for both Aidan and Noah's deaths were amazing; some of the best I have seen on the program.


    *Peter as an alcoholic abusive husband. It’s been done in shows so many times it’s just too tropic. If he ends up being not only a Dr but also a surgeon then this might get interesting because Rick really needs him to save Tara’s life.

    *Noah’s demise was too soon. I suppose that’s the point. He was just at the beginning of his life in so many ways. The problem is I needed more of him doing things and meaning something to other people to really care about him. He was just starting to do those things, so his death doesn’t have the impact. However, Glenn’s reaction to his death was spectacularly handled acting wise by Steven Yeun (SEE the good.)

    *I still don't see exactly what the source of the guilt Gabriel has been feeling and burying with his denial about the apocalypse that is also causing him to try and shift blame over to Rick and his crew by having Deanna give them the old heave ho. We also don't know how he looks at that source of his guilt. Does he feel like he has lost faith in god which lead to the death of his disciples? Does he feel god has been testing him? Does he feel like it is the 'End Days' and he needs to be as moral as possible to go up to heaven in the rapture? Or perhaps the rapture has already come and gone and he feels like he is damned and is struggling to understand why god thinks he has lost his faith? Very unclear...There are a lot of possibilities and I think that is important because it shows how a really religious person deals with what is going on around them in this enviornment.


    Will Tara live? Will Rick end Pete’s life or just beat the crap out of him after he saves Tara’s life?

    Who does the title of the episode refer to? Spend what?

    Will Rick confront Pete about his alcoholism and abuse?

    What will Deanna say or do after learning about Aidan's demise? Will she try and retrieve his body and Noah's and have Gabriel perform a ceremony for them?

    Will Olivia confront Carol about her chocolate thefts?

    With all the action at the Solar equipment warehouse it wasn't clear if Eugene was able to get the dozen micro inverters he needed to fix to Solar Power grid. Did he get what he needed or do they have to go back there?

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