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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: S5E2 Speculation

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    Thoughts and speculation:

    I would like to preface these thoughts by stating, I am only a book reader of the first book and mostly a show watcher.

    I do think in this episode (and last) we have been given some strong clues about Little Finger’s plans. I have always found Little Fingers plans too deliciously irresistible to not speculate on what will happen.

    I think Tywin’s death has created a power vacuum; especially since Cersei seems to be too preoccupied with the welfare of her Children. Even her Uncle Kevan can see this and he has retreated back to Casterly Rock.

    The Inn scene had Little Finger’s line: ‘My marriage proposal has been accepted.’

    Then Sansa says:

    ‘I thought you still mourned the death of my beloved Aunt Lysa?’

    They cut to Podrick and Brienne spotting Sansa before we got his response to her.

    He did tell Sansa in the Season opener: ‘We are (heading west)... To a land so far from here, even Cersei Lannister can't get her hands on you.’ Before that line he told Lord Royce that on ‘(his) return (he) had no doubt Robin’s skills will have improved immeasurably’, which implies he will be returning without Sansa.

    I think there are two possibilities here with all those lines:

    #1. Little Finger intends to marry off Sansa Stark in exchange for the cost of hiding her.

    I am half expecting in episode 3 to have the writer’s finishing that scene at the Inn and with him saying to Sansa ‘Who said anything about the marriage proposal being mine?

    So I am speculating that in exchange for Sansa’s safety he has married her off to someone.

    Let us have that sink in for a second... A bunch of questions then flood my mind:

    • Who would benefit the most from marrying Sansa Stark that is in the West (far from Cersei’s eyes)?
    • Does this person know she’s Sansa Stark or is her identity also a secret to them?
    Can Sansa get out of that arranged marriage if that is what Little Finger has done?

    • Technically she’s still married to Tyrion, so the new marriage wouldn’t be legal. However, Little Finger could blackmail her into the marriage with fear of turning her over to Cersei. Then again, she could turn around and try to black mail him with his involvement in Joffrey’s death. I think Sansa knows though it would be her words versus Baelish and Lady Olenna.

    • If this person knows she is Sansa Stark they would have to keep that secret right? What would they stand to gain from knowing she was Sansa Stark ? I guess technically Jon Snow isn’t the rightful heir to Winterfell and Arya, Bran and Rickon are assumed dead, so as far as they are concerned she is the heir Winterfell. However, that doesn’t matter as long as she is still being implicated in Joffrey’s killing. Wouldn’t this person be risking death by harboring a possible assassin to King Joffrey so they would be branded a traitor for doing such a thing?
    • The two men who would fit plot line would be: Balon Greyjoy or maybe even Ramsay Bolton.

    • If Roose Bolton declares himself the King of the North, he can nullify Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion and then she could marry Ramsay Bolton. This would rally all the people of the North around Roose.

    • Balon already considers himself a King so he could just nullify Sansa's marriage to Tyrion and then marry her.

    Why would Little Finger marry Sansa off? She has too much value to kill off. She represents the North. He can use her to bargain for more power and riches and influence while distancing himself from her so he can go back to doing things without anyone paying close attention to him.

    #2.   Baelish is marrying himself off to gain another kingdom or more land. Let that sink in…More questions come up:
    •   What is the kingdom or lands furthest to the west that isn’t doing so well that has female heirs where he can gain more power and land? The Iron Islands…or maybe Bear Island?
    •   Perhaps Baelish has sealed a deal to marry Yara in exchange for the Greyjoy’s hiding Sansa? Or could it be to Maege Mormont or one of her daughters?

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