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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: War of Five Kings (S5E2): 1395 Views
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    Game of Thrones: War of Five Kings (S5E2): Link to this post

    This is a living document to run up through Season 5. Wikias have way too much information and can spoil things and I wanted to reference (as I watch) a concise form and came up with this. There is lots of stuff missing (characters and places.) Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information. From here forward, I will save a version of this after each episode. Unfortunately I don't have time to go backwards and do this for every episode prior.

    War of Five Kings

    Territory House King Status

    #1. King of The North: Speculation: Could end up being Balon Greyjoy, Roose Bolton or Ramsay Bolton (Depending upon if Little Finger is trying to marry off Sansa.)

    #2. King of the Iron Throne: Baratheon of King's Landing (Lannister); Tommen Baratheon; Alive
    (Territories now include The North and The Riverlands.) Tommen appears to be wiser than Joffrey. He is being mentored and manipulated by Cersei. I look at this as the Crown (still) being run by Tywin House Lannister.

    #3. King in the Narrow Sea: Baratheon of Dragonstone; Stannis Baratheon; Alive
    (Territories now include Stormlands and North of the Wall. He has 30 more ships due to Davos getting the Iron Bank of Braavos to give him a loan. He's defeated the Wildlings by capturing Mance Rayder. He has loads of calvary and now 100K Wildlings that could add to his army.)

    #4. King in High Garden: Baratheon of Storm's End; Renly Baratheon; Killed

    #5. King of the Iron Islands: Greyjoy; Balon Greyjoy; Alive (Lost Moat Cailin. Yara's attempt to rescue Theon was unsuccessful.)

    Major Events:

    * Stannis was in charge of a Navy that defeated the Greatjoy Fleet a number of years before the War of the Five Kings so there has been bad blood between the Greyjoys and Stannis in the past. (S1E7.)

    * Battle of the Blackwater: Lannisters held back the Baratheons and Tyrion has the scars to prove it.

    * Stannis killed Renly using dark magic: Most of his followers at Storm's End sided with Stannis.

    * House Tyrell is brokering for peace with a betrothal of Margaery to Tommen Baratheon. That will firmly
    put 'The Reach Kingdom' in the hands of Baratheon of King's Landing (Lannisters.)

    * Red Wedding: Lannisters used the Freys and Boltons to kill Robb Stark (S3E9.)

    * Purple Wedding: Joffrey is poisoned after his wedding to Margaery Tyrell at his wedding reception (S4E2.)

    *Stannis received a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos (S4E6.) He now has:

    4,000 troops; 32 ships; 30 ships hired from Salladhor Saan

    *Stannis defeated Mance Rayder North of the Wall and his troops may now include 100K Wildling forces.

    Speculative Anticipated Upcoming Events:

    Little Finger isn't getting married but rather he has cleverly married off Sansa to Balon Greyjoy or Ramsay Bolton. Sansa is a Stark and the Stark's are truly the family that represents the North. Anyone who is married to Sansa secures the North. Balon considers himself a king already so he could nullify Sansa's marriage to Tyrion and take her as his bride or Roose Bolton could declare himself King of the North and nullify her marriage to Tyrion and Ramsay could marry Sansa. She would be back at Winterfell (albeit with a psycho), however the North would be behind the Boltons. Ramsay could figure out a way to kill his father; or Roose just dies of natural causes; or in battle and Ramsay Bolton becomes King of The North.

    Attack on Winterfell (and the rest of the North) by Stannis his troops with some of the Wildlings

    Attack on the Wall by the White Walkers and Wights

    Attack on Westeros by House Targaryen:
    (Not Yet.) Danaerys currently has:

    8,000 Unsullied Troops
    2,000 Second Sons Troops
    Small # of Dothraki Troops or followers
    Unknown # of freed Yunkai Troops or followers
    3 Dragons
    The City of Meereen
    (She's defeated Astapor, Yunkai not sure if we should count Quarth.)

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