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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: Cersei has had to much Milk of the Poppy (S5E2)

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: Cersei has had to much Milk of the Poppy (S5E2) 1457 Views
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    Game of Thrones: Cersei has had to much Milk of the Poppy (S5E2) Link to this post

    Cersei has had to much Milk of the Poppy.

    I can see why Kevan Lannister just threw up his arms and went back to Casterly Rock.

    What's with making Qyburn Master of Whispers?

    That's like appointing Ser Ilyn Payne the dentist of the Crown lands.

    Little Finger would have been the best choice. Perhaps she doesn't trust Little Finger anymore? Although she hasn't expressed any doubts to anyone of his loyalty or ability.

    I agree Robin about Qyburn's skill as a Master of Whispers.
    Varys spent years developing his network of spiders and songbirds and only he knows really who those folks are and money buys there allegiance (not Fealty to a House).
    There's no evidence that's been given to us that Qyburn has a network of ears out in the world (especially as extensive as Varys).

    Varys could very easily (IMO) keep his network (no matter who he works for).
    He knows who his eyes and ears are and perhaps someone like Little Finger is smart enough to know Vary's songbirds, however Qyburn hasn't demonstrated any social networking skills yet for me on the program other than being a Maester with unorthodox and questionable practices.
    BTW: What will he do with that severed head? Perhaps he will use that to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations? He will need a lot of heads to get the results Varys has had for years

    And Mace Tyrell the Master of Coin?

    The Tyrells may be the richest House in Westeros, however what if he's as good as Little Finger with finances?

    The Tyrells will be even richer and King's Landing even poorer. The Tyrells I believe aren't wealthy because Mace is such a great financier. I believe it's because a lot of the food people eat come from there.

    It also appears she is filling in also for Hand of the King. That's not such a big deal except as her Uncle points out she's not focused on running the realm; instead she's focused on protecting her family.

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