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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: S5E3 Speculation

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: S5E3 Speculation 1322 Views
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    • If Stannis cannot get the Wildlings as troops, I think he will make a pact with Little Finger to use troops from the Eyrie to try and overtake Winterfell and secure the North. As Robin has pointed out, Baelish probably wants revenge on Roose for killing Catelyn, so he would go for this. Little Finger also probably put Sansa there to keep her safe and for simultaneously watching how the Boltons implement their plans and also to help implement his own plans for revenge of Catelyn (and to also maneuver without Sansa checking his every move.) Roose doesn’t trust him, so if Little Finger has plans for securing the North he has is going to have to find a way to get his messages out other than raven for his true plans. He will probably use his songbirds.

    • My prediction (as it was in Season 4) is that the Wildings will work on the Wall helping to defend it from White Walkers. They could easily man all the existing abandoned castles along the wall; rebuild them and take on watch duty all along the wall. I am not so sure they would work with Stannis (especially after he burned their King at the Stake and took them all prisoner.)

    • The massive thing under the cloth next to Qyburn in his chambers no doubt is the Mountain (in some feral form). When will his horrible repaired magnificence be unveiled?

    • What will happen when the Lannisters find out Sansa has been married off to the Boltons? Will they think that King Joffrey was killed by the Bolton’s to secure Sansa as Ramsay’s bride and secure the North for themselves? Is this why Roose is keeping such a tight watch?

    • I predict Little Finger is setting up Roose for a bad fall. He will have Stannis to deal with in the North and the Lannisters to deal with coming from the South; probably the Greyjoys to deal with from the West.

    • What happens if Prince Trystane in Dorne is harmed in any way? The Lord of Sunspear (Doran) would have none of that and it would bring Dorne into a war with the perpetrators.

    • Winter will come soon (either later this season or next.)

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