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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: S5E5 Speculation:

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: S5E5 Speculation: 1463 Views
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    Game of Thrones: S5E5 Speculation: Link to this post

    •   I thought Samwell already knew that Dragonstone Island had Dragonglass? Well, he knows now. The fact he relayed slaying the White Walkers with the Dragonglass to Stannis means to me:
    1. Stannis will survive the battle of Winterfell and possibly head up the Battle against the White Walkers.
    2. Jon Snow’s journey to Hardhome will be successful and he will return unharmed with the Wildlings and possibly head up the Battle against the White Walkers.
    3. Both Stannis and Jon combined forces will take down the White Walkers together.
    •   I am guessing the Wildlings will be settling the Gift (area all along the Wall in the North) that they have been reaving in earlier seasons when Jon gets back with them. Those lands I don’t believe fall under Tommen’s rule; they are lands of the Men of the Night’s watch, so technically the Wildlings would not have to bend the knee to anyone to settle those lands.
    •   There’s a rather short list of main characters with a lot of troops and knowledge of how to slay the White Walkers with Dragonglass and access to lots of Dragonglass. We know the Children cannot do that alone because there aren’t many of them. We also know that most men and armies in *all* the lands south of the Wall don’t even know the Children still exist (or the White Walkers for that matter.)

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