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Forums » Other TV Shows » Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2

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Author Topic: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 2443 Views
  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Link to this post

    You know those movies where characters don't say exactly what you want them to say, but instead say something vague that can be easily dismissed by another character as something completely harmless, when in fact they are trying to warn them about danger?

    Well we all hate those movies, and guess what? I HATE this show.

    Not only are we forced to watch a family we don't know anything about do nothing interesting or exciting, we don't even get to see the street riots (thanks to some window blinds).

    Why does this spinoff exist? Is there really a story to be told that requires a spinoff series, that cannot be told in TWD? Do we really need to see more African Americans killed off AGAIN?

    The novelty of seeing regular society exist isn't even brand new, many scenes in Alexandria, especially the infamous party, already showed us that.

    I could make a long list of my problems with the plot of this episode, but I don't think this show deserves the effort.

    If someone enjoys this spinoff, please tell me what I'm missing.

    I rarely give up on shows after two episodes, I know these first two episodes were meant to serve as the appetizer, as both were released to critics ahead of time and we also have a two week hiatus before the next 4, but I see no merit to this show. It is simply a grab at more money, no doubt to build up to some huge crossover episode special in a few years with the main series (I'm calling it now).

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Link to this post

    Hi Ben!

    Great to see your comments again and I hope you are well.

    I have to agree that there's nothing that's gripping about this show.

    There would have been a great opportunity to show at different levels (Government; through news; through community; through family; down to the individual)how the apocalypse is affecting humanity and the decisions they are making; and how they have to shelter the public from the truth.

    The focus instead has been chosen around characters in a family; however there's nothing very interesting about these characters.

    The family makeup doesn't have strong enough dramatic dynamics or inner turmoil or enough dysfunctionality (or anything interest to make them interesting.)

    The problems they face are fairly ubiquitous: extended families coping with their situations due to divorce (I think even one of the dialog lines alludes to this; one character admits that nearly 50% of kids have separated parents); teenage drug dependency... yawn....

    There is a weak thread the show is clinging to of them (the family) being in the know about what's happening compared to their neighbors or community. However, that's barely sustaining my interest.

    You are right about how the writer's are handling these people's ability to communicate what they know (or not know) to their peers. Poor use of dealing with irony between characters. This particular vehicle I feel is underwritten and underacted and the horror genre is filled with these treatments unfortunately.

    There are no strong actors like the original walking dead. There's no strong Rick (leader) character; no strong willed survivor types like Darryl, Michonne or Merle.

    There's no bad guy either. It's just kind of floating around; no definitive anything. Not even the zombie treatments are there to add elements of how horrific the potential is to society.

    Anybody else have thoughts on this?

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts

    Re: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Link to this post

    I'm sad to say I haven't got round to watching it yet. And I don't think I will. I saw the trailer and thought "this looks good, if it weren't for the fact that we all know every detail of the zombies at this point." The reviews (yours included) don't give me any hope in watching it.

    Choosing a family to be at the centre of an ongoing zombie story seems like such a terrible idea. The only way for this to go is for people to lose their loved ones. Or have terrible soap opera arguments with people they should be forming an even closer bond with.

  • Yogabon
    Community Member
    37 Posts

    Re: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Link to this post

    I did stick it out and Liked the 5th episode better. Probably because it had very little of the drug addict in it.

    I enjoyed the social criticism the show highlighted by showing the Military bungling of the outbreak. Two teens break into a rich persons home and play dress up and drink champagne.

    Most of the characters deserved to die but The Compassionate Doctor and wanna be doctor were good performances. In the final two episodes. They also introduced a slick opportunistic character called Mr Strand.

    The show will return for a season two, I am curious enough to check it out for myself.

    But I don't believe I can remotely recommend the series.

    I sure wish you were still blogging about TheWalking Dead. Season 6 had a very interesting premier...

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Link to this post

    Almost a relief to have TWD back, good to know that they hadn't forgotten how to make good television.

    I liked the premiere also, although i felt the dual narratives could have been played up more, like in a Memento-style. As is, the cutting back and forth didn't really add much.

    I'd give the premiere probably a score in the mid/upper 60's

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