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Forums » Other TV Shows » Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Three: Thank You

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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Three: Thank You 1367 Views
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    Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Three: Thank You Link to this post

    Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Three: Thank You

    I gave this a 62. As moving as parts of this episode were for me; overall I was disappointed with
    the story-line; dialog; character interactions, special FX and blocking; basically everything.

    I also have a far fetched theory that's probably wrong (SEE the unknown for that.)


    Overall, I don't understand the blocking of the story line, however here it goes...

    1. Half the zombie herd breaks off and heads towards the Alexandria compound due to the horn blast. Rick regroups all the side herders of the walker parade I am guessing so they can lead that part of the walker parade away from the compound through an abandoned town while Sasha, Abraham and Daryl are leading the head part of the herd away from the Alexandrian compound. (At one in point S6E1 Rick and the herders were on the side of the parade while Sasha, Abraham and Daryl lead the parade.)

    2. Rick separates from his group to run to pick up the RV and then plans to drive it to a position in front of Alexandria compound to move the walkers away from there once they reach that spot. (Why they all don't go with him is unclear. I suppose it's to try and lure the herd away from Alexandria on foot first.)

    The group will eventually make their way to Alexandria. I believe the group are all frantically running in the beginning because they are maybe 10 minutes from the zombie parade at that point and they are trying to get about 30 minutes from the parade to buy themselves some time to set up the distraction and make their escape to Rick. The RV would put some miles between all of them and the parade.

    Rick had a fallback plan which Michonne and Glen chose to ignore; leave the Alexandrians if they bog you down so you can come back alive.

    3. Sturgess bolts off after accidentally shooting one guy through the leg and Dave gets bit by a zombie and Annie twists her ankle. The group finds its way through a town using Nick. They find Sturgess' body and hide out in a Pet Store because they are surrounded by two moderate groups of the walkers and with the wounded.

    4. Daryl decides to separate from the front of the parade and go off on a drive somewhere. (A waste of camera time in my opinion.)

    5. Nick and Glen set out as a separate team to light a feed store on fire (because it will go up easy) which will distract zombies away from their Pet store position so the whole group can escape.

    6. Carol and Carl's gunfire back at Alexandria is heard from far off and this causes the zombies to become distracted and gives Michonne's group an opportunity to escape. Before they can leave a group of walkers is found at the back of the pet store and killing them sends some walkers outside to the front door of the Pet Store.

    7. Michonne and crew decide to escape (just as the front of their zombie parade reaches the pet store.) Annie gets grabbed and kills off a few walkers to buy them time as she is devoured. They make their way to an alley and Dave dies while helping Heath, Michonne and the man wounded by Sturgess' gunshot escape.

    8. Nick and Glen reach the feed store to discover it's already been burned to the ground. They make their final stand on a dumpster in an alley way.

    9. Nick commits suicide and his limp body sends Glen over the edge of the dumpster where he is devoured while alive by walkers.

    10. Rick moves into position with the RV and the Wolf who scored the pistol in front of Morgan (S6E2) tries to surprise attack and kill Rick and fails. He and one of his group meet and end with Rick's pistol. So Morgan letting the Wolves live has created this set of consequences (putting Rick and the others lives in jeopardy.)

    11. Darryl tries to hail Rick on a radio and eventually ends up motoring back to his position with Sasha and Abraham (I really didn't understand his whole blocking or purpose in this episode.)

    12. Rick kills three more Wolves with an automatic through the RV side wall. The gun play attracts tons of walkers that start surrounding the RV as Rick is attempting to start it to no avail.

    13. Michonne, Heath and the shot man make it to Alexandria and see the truck that hit the church and inner wall area.

    14. Credits.

    The Good:

    *It's clear that once again Rick was right and it was at the cost of Glen's life. He told his crew to lose the Alexandrian's if they wanted to get out of there alive (if any of Alexandrian's got injured.) Glen made an extra mistake by trusting Nicholas' judgements. Michonne also did things her way after listening to Rick and nearly lost her life in the process (depending on Heath's gun shooting accuracy.)

    *The demise of Glen Rhee was truly tragic. That being said I had mixed feelings about it. Glen was always one of the biggest risk takers in the group, however he broke his own rules and lost his life. Usually he was the one who would lead folks out of a situation; this time he relied on Nick and paid a price. (SEE the bad, All this being said, I am not sure what set his thoughts on trusting Nick over himself and his own abilities to navigate danger.)

    *Nick's final scenes were incredible I thought. I loved the first person perspective we got on the dumpster with zombies reaching from all sides with their teeth gnashing away; until finally he gave in.

    The Bad:

    *The special effects for Glen's demise were a little cheap. The viscera looks like long bags of blood.

    *Glen Rhee throughout the series has always been played as a character who can think fast on his feet; especially when placed in very adverse conditions. He lead Rick from a demise in the Tank in Season One; he lead Rick and company through the sewers of Atlanta (Season One). He was the one who told Nick what to do at the store full of walkers whose noise would draw the walker parade (S6E2). All of those things were done in the moment. So why is it Glen Rhee is looking for Nick to guide the team through the town when he should be able to get this done himself when things had to be done without practice? What trust has Nick established with Glen that would allow Glen to forfeit his skills to Nick? The guy nearly shot him death and several times in the episode Nick showed blatant inabilities to lead the group to safety.

    *It's pretty clear where Glen's story will go at this point; similar to that of Merle. No doubt Maggie will go looking for him only to discover Glen's zombie and she will have to be the one to kill him and collect his watch (kind of like Daryl finding Merle).

    *They tried to wedge in some back story for David to give me empathy for him, however it came off as too (slap it into the script) contrived for my tastes with little payoff. I felt bad for him dying, however I didn't feel horrible.

    The Unknown:

    *It's obvious since the episode is called 'Thank you' that this one is really about Nick's demise. We are seeing things through his indecisive perspective throughout the episode. It's therefore possible that when Glen is being ripped apart we are seeing things through Nick's eyes only. Perhaps Nick is seeing Glen get ripped apart or perhaps we are seeing what he thinks will play-out *if* he pulls the trigger. It's quite possible we come back to that moment and Nick doesn't pull the trigger and there is an alternate ending that really plays. I doubt it though. We have perspectives from other characters mixed throughout this episode, so I am fairly certain with my own thoughts that Glen Rhee as we knew him is no more; just a gutted walker.

    When it happened it was spectacular and it hurt, so the show runners did their job. In fact, losing Glen is what brought my score up from what was; a 59.

    *Besides being able to hear and see humans, walkers can smell humans (remember the episodes where Rick and Glen covered themselves with guts?) Wouldn't the zombies just follow the smell of Rick's group making their plan of leading away walkers on foot kind of moot?

    *Glen had a stunned look on his face as he fell. Was it shock from Nick's suicide or did he catch some of the bullet fragments?

    *Will Rick get the RV started or will someone rescue him from that situation?

    *What I don't understand is why didn't they originally just set the quarry on fire? That would have killed all the zombies and they could just reinforce the area and make it a big zombie trap.
    Am I missing something here?


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