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Forums » Other TV Shows » Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Five: Now

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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Five: Now 1667 Views
  • Fluids
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    Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Five: Now Link to this post

    I gave this a 61. A lot spinning in place with this episode; noticeably setup driven; introducing secondary characters that will no doubt be killed off for the half season ender.


    Deanna mourns Reg; still clings to her ideals, however realizes she's only equipped to lead in a world that doesn't have zombies. She knows what to do when the Zombies aren't a threat and are under control. (“dolor hic tibi proderit olim,” which translated means, “Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.”) She doesn't know how to lead her people and train them so they know how to control the zombie threat because those are skills she lacks herself and she realizes Rick has these skills. Haven't we have this activity more or less since the end of Season Five? This is repetition. There is one difference though, I think Rick realizes he needs Deanna to get through the Alexandrians since he is meeting resistance.

    The Alexandrians still realizing the fact they need to fight or that they don't know how to.

    What is new is that they are now resigned to their fate (as we are) that they are nothing more than sitting ducks with no will to fight for their lives so they might as well live it up before they die (the pantry raid or Deanna's son getting hammered and criticizing her lack of efforts and skewed vision of planning.) One Alexandrian made a comment about how they were living in one big graveyard. (This is like watching a slow train-wreck about to occur. If this is the dramatic irony that's supposed to be generating suspense it's not really working for me. It's kind of like watching someone with low self esteem give up on life; depressing...not suspenseful)

    Maggie tries to find Glenn (along with Aaron) only to come to the conclusion while in the sewer tunnels that he is dead and she needs to protect what is left of him and their life together (their baby.)

    Betsy (David's wife) committed suicide and Jessie deals with her as a walker (funny how people can come from all over when they hear a walker squawking behind a window glass inside a house, however they don't hear Deanna stabbing and screaming the chest of a Wolf Walker out in the street except Rick.)


    This is a lot of secondary character setup right? I kind of felt like saying 'Oh just bring on the inevitable already!' Right? We know something is going to happen to these secondary people for the most part that we have seen little of before (and they are showing us a red spot in the wall.)

    If the wall does hold (which it probably won't) wouldn't walkers surrounding the perimeter be the best form of protection against hostile humans?

    They could use the sewer tunnels for recon and as Deanna envisioned raise crops within the walls.

    The walkers would act like a Moat.

    If the play here is that Rick needs Deanna to be a strong leader to get through to the other Alexandrians then if they end up being buffet material for the zombies at the half season closer, that makes his needs for her moot.

    The Good:

    * Maggie is pregnant. (Gimple hinted at this a few weeks ago on Talking Dead when he left a message through Chris Hardwick that Glenn would in some form live on.)

    * Denise comes out to Tara and makes here move. It appears Tara has a new love interest.

    * Rick and Jessie hooking up was to be expected. I am sure her older son will be thrilled (not.)

    The Bad:

    * I found there was a massive under utilization of characters (some not even in shot like Father Gabriel; Tiny slivers of screen time for Morgan, Michonne, Eugene and Carol.)

    * A lot of Alexandrians we have never seen much of (or at all) get screen time and then showing us a red spot on the perimeter wall. This means to me let's give these characters screen time before we kill them off and there most likely will be a wall breach (probably at the half season fall ending episode.)

    * Maggie didn't want to go onward in the sewers because she told Aaron that she knew in her heart that Glenn was dead and she was pregnant, however she took his name of the remembrance wall. At best that's ambivalence; at it's worst just poor characterization. Which is it?

    The Unknown:

    * Did Rick retreating from the RV bring more walkers than there actually were headed to
    the gates of Alexandria?

    * When did Enid flee the compound? Is she still alive? Has Enid been taken by the Wolves?

    * Are there more Wolves out of the compound?

    * Does Ron have ulterior motives? Is he having Rick teach him to use a gun for a bad reason?

    * How did some of these low morale Alexandrians survive the attack of the Wolves (if they don't know how to fend for themselves or their families and they are resigned to the fact that they are sitting ducks?)


  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Five: Now Link to this post

    "Now" was ok, obviously its hard to care about people who we know will only live for another couple episodes tops. And jeez, the cast is too big, wasn't enough time to include everyone in Alexandria.

    We've had two 1.5 hour episodes, so technically we could call this half season 9 episodes. but is that really enough time to give EVERYONE development. I dont think it is.

    Unfortunately I feel the formula TWD has used for the last several seasons has only served to dull the surprise factor of the story. I dont think we can call it the Gimple formula since its roots can be traced back to season 2/3. We're probably gonna get an episode with Darryl, then an episode back at the town, with a finale that brings them all together. Calling it now.

    Score: "Now" 52

    Worse moment: Rick's hand injury not mentioned, and his RV cliffhanger not resolved.

    Didn't post for episode 4: It was good, but predictable. Score: 64

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Five: Now Link to this post

    Great point about Rick's hand Ben. They could have at least built some nice suspense by addressing that. This episode certainly lacked suspense. Lack of suspense seems for me seems to be the overarching missing element in these first five episodes.

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