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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Season Six; Episode Six: Always Accountable 1545 Views
  • Fluids
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    Walking Dead: Season Six; Episode Six: Always Accountable Link to this post


    Daryl, Sasha and Abraham turn left off on Route 642 after leading the walker parade away from Alexandria and head back home.

    They are attacked by a group (other then the Wolves because they use automatic weapons) with vehicles and get separated.

    Sasha and Abraham stop most of the attackers and Daryl uses hiding to avoid capture from the remaining pursuing vehicle.

    Sasha and Abraham find the spot where Daryl was attacked and surmise he escaped. Sasha wants to stay in the area because Daryl is a tracker and eventually will find them. They hide out in an office of a military man in the town nearby that has a walker behind a glass wall to wait out the attack of the new enemy because they are sure Daryl will find them and they leave a sign for Daryl on the door of their hideout ('Dixon'). Abraham finds a military out fit there in a protective liner (more later on.)

    Daryl makes his way with his bike through the woods trying to avoid the roads and capture with the intent of finding Sasha and Abraham. He hides his bike to speed up his journey and inadvertently stumbles upon the hiding place of two sisters (Sherry and Tina.) He's knocked out by a man called Dwight with a gun and awakes to find his hands tied and his captures waving a gun in his face around a camp fire (thinking he's a member of the group that pursued Daryl.)

    After they walk as a group the next day in the woods, Daryl manages to escape (while Dwight and Sherry tend to Tina who faints) near a gas depot and he frees himself and takes the bag the group has with his crossbow in it.

    He finds insulin and realizes one of them is a diabetic (Tina) and she's not doing well because she needs an insulin shot.

    He goes back with the pack and stands them down and robs them of a little wooden statue and gives them back the bag with the insulin in return takes the gun and then starts to leave and hides. (How passive aggressively civil minded.)

    At that time the new attacker group finds them and tries to surround them all lead by a man named 'Wade'. Wade wants them to bend the knee to him once more and return back what they stole (which I believe is a tanker truck full of gas and the insulin.)

    Daryl leads them out of there to a hiding place (and they give Tina an insulin shot) and she stabilizes and hands the gun back to the man to protect himself (Daryl, you are way too trust worthy considering what they just did to you. SEE: The bad.)

    Daryl lures an attacker towards a walker who gets bit and Wade has to take off the mans arm to save his life. He thoughtfully handed the guy his watch that was on the severed arm and decides they should leave to get the man help to stop his bleeding rather than continue to pursue the group with Daryl that stole the items.

    After thanking Daryl they ask him why he rescued them after being beaten, captured, and had a gun shoved in his face by them and he says he guesses he's stupid. (It's because Daryl is a decent human being now.)

    They help the girl Tina get back to an encampment they were all at before the apocalypse only to find the two people she cared about (Carla and Delly) were dead shrink wrapped in the plastic from a burned out greenhouse they were huddled up in.

    As she puts flowers on their bodies, she trips and lands between the bodies who are now undead that awake to bite her in the neck and she dies.

    Daryl helps the man and woman bury the bodies and reads them Rick's questions. He offers to take them to Alexandria and they agree.

    He finds his bike and they jack Daryl of his bike and crossbow and he leaves them with a warning that they will pay for what they have done.

    While all this is happening Sasha and Abraham are bonding and Abraham is still trying to cope with his struggle to kill himself versus fight for living in the world they are in. He finds a case full of RPGs and box of cigars and nearly dies trying to get obtain the Rocket Launcher for them strapped to a walker hanging from a pole over the edge of a bridge. Instead of stabbing the zombie in the head, he tries to take the launcher while the zombie gnashes away.

    He ends up screaming in its face (his knife the whole while tucked in a case on his left backside belt area.)(Boy do you have a death wish sir!)

    While he's smoking a cigar the zombie falls off the pole leaving the launcher. After Abraham comes back with his spoils of war, he puts on the military jacket (which actually leaves an impression on Sasha) and then he professes his desire to be with Sasha in a deep meaningful way.

    She tests the depth of his statements and tells him he has a lot to work on, however she does seem interested. (They are both fighters; lost love ones dear to them and have struggled with PTSD in similar ways. Sasha has emerged more from this more then Abraham. He has been spiraling since Season Five when Eugene told him his mission was a lie and she was after losing Bob and then Tyreese.)

    Daryl finds the fuel truck they stole and then finds Abraham and Sasha and they all appear to be heading back to Alexandria when they reach out on the radio and get a call back on it (from some unknown source.)

    Thoughts (and some unknown):

    People sure do know when they are right for each other.

    * Does Abraham know what his issues are that he needs to work on?

    * Will he work on them for the love of Sasha or for the love of himself? (Hopefully he works on himself and then the love between them will flow. Then again, they have very similar paths of loss and drops into PTSD and hopefully both are emerging from those with some permanence.)

    * Is it impossible in this environment where loved ones are continuously dying in front of your eyes to truly recover from PTSD?

    * The question is if Sasha and Abraham do hook up, what if one of them relapses? How strong will that relationship be?

    The Good:

    * Abraham makes a gentlemanly strong pass at Sasha which acknowledges and she does seem conditionally interested. I like their interactions and their chemistry (from the end of Season Five until now.) For me, they are helping define each others mentality with their scenes together and this has been built up slowly and well enough over episodes. There is some emotional bond I am feeling there too. I think Sasha is more level headed now then she has been (especially telling Abraham not to go and finish off the new human attackers bodies after shooting them.)

    * Daryl tries to save three lives. I felt he has been caring before and this time he was more foolish in his caring; especially with giving the guy back his gun and walking ahead of the two folks with his bike after doing that. A little too soft for my observational tastes of Daryl over time. I always thought Daryl was more cautious and bristly then that. I guess story over characterization here was required.

    * A new group of villains has emerged (suspense is now back in the picture to some degree.)

    The Bad:

    * I question why Daryl would give the man back his gun after what the man did to him. I suppose it makes the story work later when the man jacks him of his bike and crossbow.

    * I a bit confused about the fire area and then there being a fuel truck. It's unclear how the fire was spread, however it appears to involve the use of the fuel truck. How didn't the fuel truck blow up whilst near such a big fire close by is kind of mystery to me.

    * We lost a little bit of tension bringing Sasha and Abraham back with Daryl.

    Other Unknowns:

    * What will Rosita think about anything that might emerge between Abraham and Sasha? (She did seem upset when Abraham was away on the wall.) Will Abraham overcome his death wish?

    * When did Enid flee the compound? Is she still alive? Has Enid been taken by the Wolves? How about this new group?

    * How many are this new group in number that wield automatic weapons?

    * Will Daryl encounter that man and woman again who stole his crossbow and bike?

    * A lot of depth of Daryl in this episode. Is Daryl doomed soon? I hope not!

    * What kind of man is Wade? Is he a fair man? Is he a despot? Is he the runner for a more sinister leader?

    * Does the new group know of Alexandria?

    * Will the man and woman return to Wade's group and tell them about Daryl and his group?


  • Ben
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    Re: Walking Dead: Season Six; Episode Six: Always Accountable Link to this post

    I don't think this episode is going to win any awards, but it was ok. Certainly better than last year's equivalent Darryl/Carol episode.

    I would have liked some explanation or evidence that the Walker herd (the 1/2 that followed the trio) plan worked, as is we aren't sure if they will continue moving away or if somehow they will be head back to Alexandria.

    6 episodes in, this has been a good season, but much like season 5's 1st half, it began very strong only to weaken in the following episodes. I still think its an improvement from last season though.

    While normally we expect heavy casualties in mid/season finales, recently its just been 1 "major" death (Hershel, Beth, Andrea) which means most likely the cast will still be enormous and the only deaths will be Alexandrians.

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