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Author Topic: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Seven: Heads Up 1444 Views
  • Fluids
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    Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Seven: Heads Up Link to this post

    Overall I gave this episode a 73.


    Glenn is alive! (Arguably amongst the best cold openings in the series.) We flash back to S6E3 when Nicholas commits suicide and falls on top of him and then it is revealed the zombie horde claws into Nicholas' body (not Glenn's) as Glenn pulls himself under the dumpster right next to him. He manages to fight off and kill a few zombies trying to drag him out from under and he passes out.

    After the zombies disperse, Enid pops into shot; throwing him down a water bottle from a nearby rooftop. It hits the ground and explodes and she takes off. He spends a few minutes tracking her down through nearby buildings and finding a water bottle that she leads him to in one of her hold up places.

    Over at the compound, Rick encounters Morgan and tells him they need to talk.

    He inspects the bleeding bullet hole area by the church and talks to Maggie who is up on the lookout point. (It's almost like the wall was a person and he was tending to a wound; unfortunately this wound will hemorrhage - read on.) He holds out as having hope that Glenn, Abraham and Sasha will come back alive and focuses the conversation on how they can draw the walkers away so the crew can walk back into the compound without any trouble.

    Back to Glenn, who finds David in the alley Michonne, Heath and Scott used to escape and puts his zombified state out of its misery. (Unclear if the things they used to climb out of there are still there for Glenn to use to also escape, however he seeks an alternate route out of the town.)

    Father Gabriel posts Prayer circle signs that Rick pulls down and Carl protests while they pass and Gabriel re-posts them after they move on.

    Rick teaches Ron how to load and fire a gun while Carl adds in comments (which Ron gradually shows he doesn't like.) Ron wants to practice shooting however Rick says no because it will draw more walkers.

    Morgan pays a visit to the infirmary doing some scouting to find out what he would need to do to treat the Wolve's infected wound. Rick stops by and pulls him away.

    Rick has a long overdue discussion with Morgan (along with Michonne and Carol as counsel) about letting go of the armed five Wolves that ended up nearly killing Rick in the Camper. Morgan relays his *no killing ethnics* and that all people can change since all of them have. He admits to not knowing what's right any more. Michonne questions his ethics by reiterating that things aren't that easy to judge and sometimes you will have no choice but to kill for the betterment of everyone. Rick asks him if he would kill if he had to and Morgan says he doesn't know if he can.

    The Chapel tower is breaking apart.

    Rick and Michonne discuss doing what needs to be done to lead the walkers away. Rick wants only a small group of people involved in drawing away the walkers (without the rest of the community's knowledge). Michonne reiterates how they are all a team.

    Deanna shows up with plans on how to make the place work in the future. Rick reminds her that they are surrounded by hordes of Walkers and that's where his focus is at the moment.
    (Further reiteration of her blind idealism to the reality of the current situation. Just like her son mentioned a few episodes ago.)

    Rosita teaches a bunch of Alexandrians (new to us) and Eugene how to use a Machete. She points out the real fear in life to Eugene. Death isn't the real fear; the real fear is watching others get torn apart while you stand there doing nothing and having to live with that.

    Glenn finds Enid and after a gunpoint standoff; convinces her to go with him.

    The Church tower continues to crumble and Rick tries to reinforce the wall next to it and Tobin comes to help. He reaches out in conversation about how he was wrong about Rick and tells him not to give up on the Alexandrians. They bond on some level with the conversation.

    Ron sneaks into the armory and steals ammo (not looking good for Carl.)

    Glenn and Enid get back to Alexandria. They discover the compound is surrounded by the broken off horde. Glenn steps in as surrogate father (good practice for the future) and is fighting Enid's fatalistic mentality that society is dying and she thinks she's safer being alone so that she won't be amongst the fatalities. For Glenn; people are learning to win and live in this world; he has a family to focus on getting back to and convinces Enid that she has a life back there at Alexandria.

    Spencer tries crawling across the wall to the get a car to lead the walkers away on a grappling hook line and falls into the horde. Tara shoots off the zombies while Morgan, Rick and Tobin pull Spencer back over the fence. Rick screams at Tara for putting herself in danger and Tara reciprocates with the finger.

    Morgan goes back to the infirmary a second time and convinces Denise to go with him to treat the wolf. Carol spots the two of them heading to a house and senses Morgan is up to something. She follows while taking care of Judith and drops Judith off at Jessie's.

    She speaks briefly to Sam (Jessie's youngest) who is afraid to go down the stairs. Trying to give him the confidence to kill or be killed. (I can't decide if this meant to be realistic advice for a 10-12 year old boy to be able to follow; or if this is meant to make Carol look a bit unrealistic about her expectations for young children in this world.)

    Carol unlocks the door where the Wolf is and is confronted by Morgan.

    Ron rolls up behind Carl and pulls out his loaded gun from his back belt. (Look out Carl!.)

    Michonne looks at Deanna's plans. (Reach back to S5E9 where Michonne tells Rick that they need to find a place to live once again. Deanne embodies Michonne's desires in detailed format. It's clear this optimism resonates with her albeit Michonne is way more cautionary.)

    The church continues to crumble as Rick and the Alexandrian work on reinforcing the wall by the church tower.

    Rick wants to know why Tara helped Spencer and she mentioned because they are all one team and it's not *us* versus *them*. Deanna stops by to thank Rick for saving Spencer and Rick tells her what Spencer did was stupid. He mentions he could have used that to diversion to get a car to help bring the walkers away from the walls and Spencer would be dead (*Us* versus *Them*.) Deanna said but he didn't which means he's beginning to look at everyone as savable and as one team. (I am not sure if this changes his mentality though.)

    Maggie races towards Rick to point out the green balloons that Glenn and Enid let go and takes that as sign Glenn is alive.

    The church tower crashes in silence through the wall causing a breach the walkers will certainly use to gain access to Alexandria.

    Let the meat fest carnage of nonessential and possible primary Alexandrians begin!

    Thoughts (and some unknown):

    For me, this episode really brings around defining Chaotic Good Morality with the central characters in the shows current setting and time.

    *All* People are worth saving because they are human and they are redeemable. Examples, Glenn, Tara, Morgan, Deanna and Michonne all see this.

    However Michonne leads the way with adding to this that sometimes its a good act to kill other humans to preserve humanity. She puts it this way, it's not easy to just avoid killing humans sometimes. Sometimes there is no choice and it's kill or be killed by them (especially when you lack the skills of being able to defend yourself and subdue all those that are attacking you.) She's in my thoughts the closest character to balancing this Chaotic Good morality.

    Characters like Rick and Carol still see humans as an *Us or Them* (we are worth saving and the defenseless or the stupid acting aren't). When push comes to shove in order for *us* to survive, we are willing to sacrifice *them* for the greater good.

    Deanna is trying to get Rick to be a better leader by caring about all people; not just the strong or prepared as part of his group. He will regain his humanity.

    I have heard it said from other sources that Glenn has not killed another human being. That's not true. Glenn did plenty of killing when the Governor's group attacked the prison the second time (when Hershel lost his head.)

    The Good:

    * Glenn Rhee is alive! This was very cleverly handled with even pulling Steven Yeung from the credits. I thought for sure he was gone. The funny thing was there were times I thought why didn't they get into the dumpster or under it as I relived the episode of his apparent death in my mind.

    * Morgan is finally called to task for letting the Wolves go that ended up attacking Rick. (See the unknown). I thought his inner conflict is clear (S6E4 helped lay the ground work for that mentality.)

    * The silent crashing of the church tower into the wall gave the moment a timeless inner monologue quality.

    The Bad:

    * I really don't see the clear source of Ron's anger at Carl. That should be established better. Perhaps it's a combination of things. Is it teenage angst of Carl for being so close to Enid? Is it really misdirected anger at Rick in disguise for killing his father? Or is it that he doesn't like the fact that Carl knows more to survive then him? I am hoping it's more about anger towards Rick in disguise.

    * They built up conflict with Morgan and Rick, however Rick really didn't address his own thoughts on this so it kind of diffused a little (I guess story over character again). I do get the impression he thinks he needs Morgan against the Walkers, however he has to be struggling with the fact that Morgan's actions nearly cost him his life. You would think Morgan's indecisive nature about killing being necessary sometimes would be more on his mind and he would push more on Morgan about this, however he doesn't. That was a bit wishy washy to me. If the discovery of the Wolf doesn't prompt a strong response then that's bad writing to me. It's totally within his character to get upset at Morgan for these actions that are detrimental to the community.

    Other Unknowns:

    * Why is this town used in S6E3 and now S6E7 so contained in its ways to get out of it? That's never been addressed, however it's convenient for the actions of the characters. Why is it that Glenn who is an excellent scavenger, need assistance to get out of the town by Nicholas and now Enid?

    * Can Morgan continue to embrace his morality when he knows it can cost the lives of those around him and himself?

    * Is Morgan being selfish and actually narrow minded with his view? I think so. Morgan is forgetting that he can defend himself against evil humans, whereas there are others around him who can't. He may not be affected by his actions against attackers, however others will be and have been. He understands this and he seems genuinely in conflict about it. If more lives are lost I think he will snap due to his inner struggle of not killing versus killing because he cannot justify killing in his new way of looking at things (although clearly it is necessary.)

    * Will the group hideout in the sewers for safety (if they can.)? Are the houses safe enough to hide in while the horde runs through the building parameter? There has to be hundreds of zombies.

    * Will Carol be able to get in to see the Wolf or will Morgan stop her? (No doubt she will tell Rick about this, however at the moment there is bigger problems to solve like the wall breach. What will happen to Morgan after it's been revealed he has been harboring an injured Wolf?

    * Will Ron kill Carl or will Carl have to shoot Ron?

    * The walls of Alexandria are mostly made of metal. Why don't they just set some of the zombies on fire with Malatov cocktails? That gas truck Daryl is driving would come in hand for that.


  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: Walking Dead: Season Six: Episode Seven: Heads Up Link to this post

    I always have a hard time giving scores to episodes that are mostly set up for the big season finale.

    Obviously the "twist" of Glenn being alive, proved to be useless, just a cheap trick by the producers to stir up buzz.

    One of the challenges i've had with the Alexandrian natives is that they are often written as "Stupid", as in doing things that to us (the audience) appear incredibly foolish. Some people might confuse that for bad writing, and while I don't, i could more easily forgive it if they were characters we had a better understanding of. So of course Enid disobeying Glenn or Spencer trying to act on his own, makes for frustrating viewing sometimes.

    The first few shots of the tower falling over were a bit odd, as it wasn't clear to be if it was breaking apart, or someone was trying to climb it.

    It was nice to see Rick immediately noticed the bleeding hole in the wall and he actually sought to fortify the wall.

    Lots of developments COULD happen in the finale, obviously the last finale didnt kill off anyone important, but lots of new characters were given just enough screen-time where its likely they will die.

    I'd be surprised if Alexandria remained a viable home since the walls are falling, but how can the writers find yet another base of operations work in a creative way?

    If i had to give it a score, I can only go as high as 55. Not boring or poorly written, but 6 seasons in, its a bit TWD by the numbers.

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