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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 9 No Way Out

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 9 No Way Out 1444 Views
  • Ben
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    The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 9 No Way Out Link to this post

    A midseason premiere that encapsulates the season as a whole: crazy violence and deaths surrounded by bad pacing and predictability.

    I actually never saw the ending scene of episode 8, since I had zero interest in letting "Into The Badlands" into my life, so seeing Team RPG run into Negan's men was surprising. The standoff was tense, and the image of the RPG blowing them up was shocking and thrilling.

    The various divisions of Alexandria and the subplots kinda threw the focus/pacing all over the place. Denise and the Wolf's subplot didn't work for me, trying to humanize him doesn't work if you're gonna kill him so quickly.

    The rapid fire deaths of Mom + 2 kids was crazy upon first watch, but when I had the chance to really think about it, its a bit of a let down that once again the cast has its "untouchables and cannon fodder" with the rule still in play. It makes scenes like Carl getting shot and Glenn surrounded less enjoyable because we know they aren't dying.

    Characters like Aaron and (black guy with glasses, forgot his name) get no development, and was anyone also surprised that a bunch of elderly people were alive and in the church? I would have figured they'd have died from the earlier Wolves attack.

    One of the few shows I've watched where I think there are too many characters, especially the number of untouchables.

    Score after I watched live: 64
    Score after time to think about it: 54

  • Fluids
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    Re: The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 9 No Way Out Link to this post

    I gave this episode a 68.

    Overall I liked this episode (some continuity issues: See the bad.) There were some great comic book like adaptions to television that I have not seen done in shows before that I liked (See the good.)

    Not a lot of dialog and a very visual episode. It must have been expensive to film. The jump cut editing does lead to some consequences. I agree with Ben, that this lead to some consequences about emotional impact losses with some characters. I think when you edit out time to build pacing you lose character development which can affect the emotional impact you feel with the characters when something good or bad happens.

    The Wolf in general isn't someone I really had much sympathy for though even before this episode. If the intent was trying to humanize him or just to get you to think there is a switch in his true intentions due to his interactions with Denice then it didn't work for me. He did tell her to go while he fought off the Zombies and then got bit in the process. He could have very well thought that he could get through this and would meet back up with her and still enslave her for his own needs. (Rather then agreeing to give up his life so she could go own without him.) Regardless, Carol made sure that it would never be known with her gun shot from behind.


    * Abraham, Sasha and Daryl meet Negan's scouts and avoid being taken prisoner via RPG.

    * Father Gabriel takes Judith to safety.

    * The Andersons meet their end (Jess, Sam and Ron) and Carl loses an eye in the process (possibly his life.)

    * The Wolf possibly redeems himself first kidnapping and then saving Deniece; is shot by Carol and becomes a Zombie Wolf (I keep thinking of Frank Zappa's Zombie Woof song for some reason.)

    * A bunch of Alexandrians and Rick (and company) make a stand against the Zombie Horde.

    * Abraham, Sasha and Daryl to the rescue with automatic weapons; Gas Truck and a lake of fire.

    * Group victory over the horde at the compound.

    * Rick has an epiphany through Deanne's message of hope and the outcome of the horde's encroachment and prayers for Carl to be responsive come true.

    The Good:

    * I loved the editing a lot with the show; jump cuts accelerated the action and made you feel more immersive in the battle.

    * I loved them showing different characters doing machete slashes; very comic book oriented filming!

    *Rick's message of hope to his boy at the end of the episode. He connects with Deanne's vision and potential that she saw in every person living at Alexandra by his observance of everyone stepping up in their own way to save their lives and residences. Hang in there Carl.

    *The sheer scale of the makeup and gags is amazing for one episode of TV. It had my attention all the way through.

    The Bad:

    * We left S6E8 with Sam calling for his mom (LOUDLY.) Why then would the zombies go after him while he is quietly whimpering some time later on instead of when he is talking loudly in S6E8?

    * Why are most of the characters allowed to have lower tone full on conversations during this episode and not be detected by the horde? I didn't like how that was handled.

    Perhaps the zombies can only key on the sounds of the Andersons and no one else like Rick or Michonne's?

    Other Unknowns:

    * Who is Negan? How bad of a foe will he be?

    * What are the consequences of killing Negan's scouts? Is there anyway Negan can trace their killing back to Alexandria?

    * How far away is Negan's camp (if he has one)?

    * How big is his group?

    * How many Alexandrians lost their lives besides Jessie and her kids?

    * Is Carl going to make it? (It looks that way.)

    * How many grenades are left? I think two right?


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