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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10: The New World

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10: The New World 1509 Views
  • Ben
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    The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10: The New World Link to this post

    My critiques, much like The Walking Dead, are becoming more and more procedural. Attention-drawing television ruined by poor planing and pacing.

    First the good:

    I usually enjoy the one-off scavenger episodes (especially the ones that take place separate from the "split the group up" story arcs), and the Tale of the Food Truck worked well enough to keep me interested.

    Michonne and Rick reflecting on the couch was a nice way to tie together their days/stories, not a unique tv trick, but new to TWD. Not to mention the A,B,C stories all connected and didn't muddle the focus/pacing of the episode.

    I'm happy the bullet to the eye didn't result in a complete character transformation of Carl.

    The bad:

    Lots of the small details- Carl/Enid leaving behind the comic book, somehow Deanna's walker form wasn't killed last episode amongst the slaughter? "Jesus" is effective enough as a fighter to briefly hold off Rick/Darryl but is unable to hide his presence on the roof of the truck (kinda convenient), Rick/Darryl tie up Jesus the same way after he already had broken free (quick enough to hide on the truck).

    My personal beefs:

    I'm not sure I'm convinced with the Rick/Michonne romance, but more importantly I'm even less convinced by the timing. I know several weeks passed from last episode (for which we only get a brief glimpse of how the town was rebuilt, even though the architect AND his assistant, plus the construction site foreman (whatever his name is) are all dead)). Nothing to show Rick is over Jessie's death, and it feels like more of a "let's shock the audience" development than something that was planned out.

    Rick/Michonne/Carl have had enough time together to just barely allow me to buy into the idea that they are a strong "family" unit, but they have not been in much focus for the last season worth of episodes.

    Additionally, Carl/Enid's story feels out of place, Maggie pops in briefly (and not seen again afterward), Enid's "change of heart" felt a bit too subtle.

    I've been grading TWD harshly, and I admit I enjoy critiquing TWD more than pointing out what I liked. But I strongly believe the season's events have been thrown around and plotted out and paced poorly, and the very large cast of characters only makes it harder for the producers to succeed (at least in my ideal version of the show.

    Looking forward: we have yet another new character (who's role in this half season feels a lot like Aaron's last year, who I think should have been in the supply run with Darryl and Rick, to mix the dynamic up). Sadly, I don't feel I can really connect with the characters outside of hoping they survive when under attack. I wouldn't be surprised if a season or two down the line we have one episode that kills off a major portion of the cast, but until then we will be stuck presumably following comic book events with calculated deaths by the producers to barely maintain the threat of death.

    Score of episode when looked at by itself: 60
    Score in the context of the show as a whole: 50

  • Fluids
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10: The New World Link to this post

    I gave this episode a 72.


    * Two months have gone by since the victory over the Zombie Horde. Michonne is still living with Carl, Judith and Rick.

    * Rick and Daryl go out on a supply run; finding a small truck hidden in a Sorghum depot; a mobile cache; loaded with supplies.

    * Driving back to Alexandria they stop at a gas station to raid a vending machine and encounter a bearded leather clad character named Jesus who is quite a fighter without weapons; lifts Rick's car keys and steals the truck from them using a firecracker diversion.

    * Michonne follows Spencer Monroe out on his wooded walk and is curious about a shovel strapped to his back. She doesn't know it, but he's looking for the zombified remains of his mother Deanna to put to rest. She tells him that his mother taught her that she is looking for something in her life that she needs to find. It's pretty clear by the end of this episode that what she's looking for is a colony and a family to belong to and a life partner; an equal (more on this later).

    * Maggie talks to Enid and expresses concern for her in a motherly sort of way. She feels Enid must care for her since she helped her and Glen during the Horde attack, so she reached out to her and wants to spend time with her.

    * Carl goes out with Enid into the woods to chill in a place where they can read comic books and relax. Enid is kind of skittish and wants to go back to the compound, however Carl doesn't want to. They spot Michonne and Spencer following each other in the woods.

    * Jesus is apparently with another settlement since he's clean shaven. They manage to tie him up and take the truck back.

    * Carl is approached by Deanna's zombie and Enid wants him to kill it, however Carl refuses and Enid runs back to the compound. Carl leads Zombie Deanna to where Spencer and Michonne are to deal with her and then runs back to the compound.

    * Michonne realizes that Spencer has been going out all this time to give his mother peace. She tells him that his family lives on within the compound who are his family now.

    * Jesus surprises Rick and Daryl in a field by following them back on the roof of the truck. The field has a river running along one side, and is centered by a circle of vehicles with zombies tied to them. Rick and Daryl shake him off of there, and the zombies get loose as Daryl ejects himself from the truck to pursue Jesus. Rick gets out of the truck to get rid of the walkers while Daryl runs his pursuit.

    * Jesus manages to use Daryl's gun out of the truck and shoots a walker attacking Darrell while simultaneously reversing the gears of the truck sending it into the river's depths ruining their supply run spoils. Jesus gets his head hit by the driver door of the truck and gets knocked out.

    * Back at the settlement at night Michonne talks to Carl about what he done with Deanna. She says he should have killed her and Carl reminds her that she would have done the same thing. She agrees.

    * Rick and Daryl return with a bound and gagged unconscious Jesus who Rick leaves a note for and he collapses on the couch with Michonne.

    * He gives her breath-mints and they both agree not to exchange their days. This leads to something that has been building for three seasons; a romantic encounter between Michonne and Rick (See: Thoughts and The Good.)

    * The lovers awake startled by Jesus who has managed to get free and wants to tell Rick something.


    * The relationship between Rick and Michonne has been building in my eyes ever since Season 3 Episode 12, "Clear" where Michonne goes out with Carl to find a crib for Judith. Season 4 Episode 2 she cries whilst holding Judith. Over the years Gimple has been slowly bringing these characters together and the time is right for this union. Michonne has been mothering Carl for a while. The two most physically capable type A characters in a relationship makes a lot of sense.

    As an example, I have never seen Carol and Rick as a couple. The trust issue and redemption story-line aside, she just doesn't have his leadership skills; fighting skills and decision making skills. However, Michonne does. Now if you go back to the first episode Rick meets Michonne at the prison gates (S3E7) and lay that one now on top of this episode, what jumps out is a huge amount of emotional growth converging in both of their characters since then.

    * Rick (post horde attack) values people which is probably why he wasn't that upset when he only had Jesus to bring back rather than the supplies. I think in his eyes Jesus could potentially be very valuable as a fighter for his compound. A great fighter is worth a truck full of supplies if the real enemy is other humans right? He's more willing to trust Jesus than Daryl is (who might be reluctant to allow new folks in the fold after the recent encounters with Negan's scouts.)

    * I think Michonne wants to build a colony and a family and needs both to have a purpose to make life worth living. I think that's what has been missing from her soul. (I keep remembering how hollow she became that she felt comfortable walking amongst the dead as the Walking dead because she had reached a low in her psyche.)

    * Alexandria, Rick and his family complete her search for what she feels has been missing. She talked about laying down roots when she was with Rick and Tyreese whilst at Noah's plundered family compound at the end of Season 5.

    * Rick may have been torn up by the death of Jessie and her family, however it's been two months and Jessie was someone who was just starting to realize what she had to do survive and was working on it. Michonne has had those skills for years and has been there for Rick and his family for a while.

    The Good:

    * I thought Rick and Michonne's attraction is very natural to the story-lines that have been building for years and that time was right; nothing really was going on so why not? It should be interesting to see how this new emotional bond will have an effect on the characters; their dynamics and the story.

    * I love how chaotically good Jesus is in his manner. He obviously is not entirely trust-able, however he certainly could have killed both Rick and Daryl several times with his skills so I think he may have been pretending to be knocked out to see where Rick's camp is and how many folks it has. My gut feeling is he's a good guy and might be a very valuable soldier to the group and he probably knows the area better than them.

    Given how clean-shaven he is, he must be from some place near by that has some security or at least a compound. I don't think he is with Negan's group because he has not mentioned anything and he isn't armed and most of Negan's men were.

    The Bad:

    * It would have been good to have more about the other characters (as far what they were all doing.)

    Other Unknowns:

    * Who is Jesus? Friend or Foe?

    * Will Rick and Michonne's new level of intimacy last?

    * Why is Enid so skittish now?

    * There was some graffiti on a tractor in the field that said 'we will we back for...' Could anyone read the rest of that?


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