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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 11: Knots Untie 1473 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 11: Knots Untie Link to this post

    I gave this episode a 65.


    * Jesus reveals to Rick and company that the world is a lot bigger place than they thought. There are other settlements around them. (This is something as a viewer I have wanted to see on the TV show for *many* seasons. (For me) it's the struggle of evolution and progress of mankind and humanity against the apocalypse revealing itself in a way that I would have thought would feel more dramatic and uplifting; not sure why I feel that way... It's down right puzzling (see Thoughts)).

    * Rick and company set out for his community via RV where Jesus is a member (Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Jesus, Darryl, Maggie and Glenn).

    * The RV encounters a crashed car from Jesus' community and Rick and company investigate a nearby building to find survivors.

    * They rescue a # of Jesus fellow dwellers including an Obstetrician (much to Maggie's luck) and make it to Jesus' settlement called 'the Hilltop'.

    * The group meet their Leader Gregory, who ends up negotiating with Maggie for Alexandria for supplies. He's not very charismatic; nor gregarious or nice to Rick and his group. He thinks they smell and that they are stinking up the place and need a shower.

    * Hilltop folks come back from a meeting with aforementioned Negan and relay that one of them has been taken prisoner and won't be released until a message is delivered to Gregory (which is death.) Rick stops the assassination attempt; killing the Hilltop assailant which causes a skirmish between Rick's group and the Hilltop folks.

    * Rick and Company agree to eliminate Negan and the Saviors for half the supplies at Hilltop and set out in the RV back to Alexandria and take a Hilltop scout with them to find out where Saviors are located later on.

    * Incidentals: Abraham goes back and forth between Sasha and Rosita and also having a family. Maggie and Glenn get an ultrasound and photo memento! How likely is that something you would have thought happened two or three seasons ago with any character??


    * Why don't I feel as great as I thought I would feel when the Walking Dead Universe is now expanding?? Is it the way it was so uneventfully presented in such a flippant sarcastic way by Jesus? Maybe it's perhaps that every group we have been introduced to hasn't worked out well for Rick and his group? It's been a 'them or us' situation; no peaceful coexistence. Yet, Alexandria has proven otherwise (so far.) Then again, there has been a lot of blood loss at Alexandria to make that work right? Hilltop coexistence seems promising. The settlement seems like it's been there a while, the lack of firearms with ammo is alarming though.

    * The big wildcard and unknown is Negan and the Saviors. The three Negan groups we have seen so far; two confronting Sasha, Daryl, Abraham had to be killed and a third Daryl outmaneuvered (with those three folks in the woods). These have not been great encounterings. If coexistence is possible with this group then Rick and company have a shot, or else it's pretty clear there's a *huge* shit storm coming in future episodes; possibly involving multiple groups which would actually be cool to see.

    * Rick's plan of charging into confrontation with Negan doesn't sound like the brightest move; then again it's inevitable isn't it? If everything his people walk up to becomes his property then it's only a matter of time before they are at the gates of Alexandria claiming that as well right? It's better to take a preemptive offensive stance then a reactionary defensive one if you are prepared right? So I can understand Rick taking an offensive stance against him (especially after what happened on the hilltop and what has happened to Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.)

    * Negan must be a pretty smart guy. The Hilltop community within itself is untouched because they give half of what they find to Negan. He merely has to threaten to get supplies (Jesus says he only killed one of them to get what he wanted.) They just ran out of bullets and only have hand weapons. It's clear to me if Negan ever found that out, he might just take more of what he wants or then again, maybe he is that smart.

    The Good:

    * Finally! Our world opens up into a bigger universe with more settlements. It looks like there politics coming straight away between Alexandrian, Hill Top and the Saviors.

    * Love triangle development for Abraham.

    * More interesting characters! Doctors, Blacksmiths, gardeners, crafters.

    The Bad:

    * It would have been good to have more about the other characters (as far what they were all doing.)

    Other Unknowns:

    * If Negan's group ever found out Hilltop doesn't have bullets how will that affect their current trade agreement? Will Negan just go in and take over their facility?
    Why not? (If they don't have any weapons.) Is this the reason why Rick wants to act fast against Negan? (Besides the fact Alexandria doesn't have food.)

    * How important was the Hilltop boy that was killed by Negan? Was he Gregory's boy?

    * How is Rick and company going to attack Negan and his group?


  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 11: Knots Untie Link to this post

    The Hilltop story is certainly a step in a far different direction than what we've seen in 5 and a half seasons, I wasn't thrilled with how quickly we moved through the story, but it is an arc I'm looking forward to seeing.

    Personally I would have liked seeing the entire story spread out into 2 or even 3 episodes, so that we could have gotten each individual's reaction/thoughts on learning about their expanding world, and the rest of the screen time could be subplots back in Alexandria. As is, its a bit predictable that just as they touch base with "semi-allies", we already have to move into conflict against Negan.

    Bonus points for upping Maggie's role as the new Deanna, and giving a number for the total residents of Alexandria (~54) (something the writers often refuse to tell us, dating back to Woodbury).

    Not sure why we have back to back episodes Doctor-Darryl scenes about food/drinks

    Score: 62

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