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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet 1273 Views
  • Ben
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    The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet Link to this post

    This episode can be best described as a tale of two halves, neither of which were particularly interesting to me.

    We had the Alexandria half, with a number of conversations and subplots that I didn't care for. Carol finding love with some random guy? Hiding Morgan's Wolf secret? Kinda dull, not to mention they threw in so much almost as if to cram in it, when details like Morgan and Carol's butting heads are things I wanted to see play out over time in detail

    And then the Ocean's Eleven assault on Negan's compound, which sounded and looked as intense as TWD has been, but I just wasn't feeling it. Never felt like anyone was going to die, and it felt once again too easy.

    Its a decent cliffhanger with Carol and Maggie captured, but it doesn't make up for the dull action.

    Best Moment: Abraham telling off Rosita, a solidly mean comment.

    Score: 46

  • Fluids
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet Link to this post

    The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 11: Not Tomorrrow Yet

    I gave this episode a 61.


    * Carol bakes some cookies out of acorns and beets for the Alexandrians and the RV Rolls up.

    * Ricks holds a meeting in the church to discuss the preemptive attack on Negan and the Saviors. Morgan is against the attack, however he's the only one who voices dissent. Rick tells the group regardless of whether they participate in the attack everyone will have to live with the decision.

    * Tara tells Denise she loves her and asks her to go with her. Denise says she's the Doctor now and has to stay and will tell her she loves her when she gets back. (More on this later.)

    * Abraham breaks it off with Rosita.

    * Glen wants Maggie to stay at Alexandria, however she wants to go (See bad: This didn't make any sense.)

    * Carol we find out has killed 18 humans so far and she hooks up with Tobin after sharing a cigarette.

    * Rick sets off with Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Glen, Maggie, Jesus, Heath, Rosita, Abraham, Father Gabriel, Sasha and some others.

    * They find a walker that fairly resembles Gregory and uses it's head for the bait to get into Negan's compound. Rick gives it a knuckle nose-job to give it a better resemblance.

    * Carol convinces Maggie to hold back with her and guard the perimeter while the rest of the group executes the attack.

    * They attack Negan's compound at Night with the Hilltop scout luring out the guards with the imposter Negan's head.

    * At least 20-30 of Negan's men are killed. Glenn kills two in their sleep and spots Polaroids of about a twenty people with their heads bashed in. So although he may second guess his brutal actions what must be racing through his mind is that he silenced some fairly brutal killers. (Is this all of them though? See Thoughts.)

    * Tara confides to Father Gabriel and Jesus that she only told Denise she loved her because she was covering up her feelings about what happened with the Governor. Jesus asks her if she meant it when she said she loved Denise and she says "yes". His response is "You know what you are fighting for".

    * Jesus, Tara and Gabriel join the attack and Hilltop scout drives the beat-up hilltop captor back to the Hilltop.

    * Abraham and Sasha run into a guy brushing his teeth that manages to hit the alarm and the group has to deal with armed saviors. Glenn and Heath manage to find an armory and secure it by cutting down saviors with their own weapons.

    * They finish their take over at dawn and secure some trucks and start heading out.

    * Daryl goes after a guy who tries to escape on his bike. As he is beating the guy up and voice comes over on the guys walkie talkie ordering Rick and Daryl to lower their weapons because if they don't they won't be able to discuss trading Maggie and Carol.


    * The attack on Negan's compound was intense. However, I counted only maybe 20 Saviors killed. The first three groups that encountered Daryl, Sasha and Abraham probably added up to more than that number.(Probably 10 in the car chase group; 9 in the biker group and a dozen in the woods going after the three folks with Daryl.) Why do I feel like this *isn't* Negan's main camp? It was just too easy and too small of a number of people considering the scout groups mentioned. It made me think this is some type of guard house for a larger facility. If this is Negan's only facility he must be out on a raid somewhere right?

    The Good:

    * The assault scenes were very intense.

    * I loved Rosita's reaction to Abraham. It's exactly what I expected and well acted.

    The Bad:

    * Maggie going on the raid made no sense (considering she's really a second in command and that she's with child.) I can only surmise this was so they had someone the Saviors could capture later on that would ratchet up enough drama. That came off as a bit contrived. Her reasons for adamantly wanting to join the raid didn't make logical sense to me.

    Other Unknowns:

    * Who is in charge of Alexandria since Maggie decided to go along with the attack? Is it Spencer?
    If it is Spencer, wouldn't it make better sense for Maggie to have stayed at Alexandria and Spencer go?

    * Is this Negan's main facility? Is this just a guard house or relay site? Is there a bigger facility somewhere?

    * Where is Negan? (As Michonne says.)

    * Is this a standoff with the Saviors or is Rick and his group surrounded?

    * Glenn found some pictures have people with their heads bashed in. What is up with that? Are these people just really psychotic (whom he killed)? Is this an indicator of their behavior towards groups they interact with? I keep thinking of the 16 year old boy named Rory that Jesus said was beat to death by Negan at the Hilltop. Is he one of those people in the photos? If each photo represents at least one member of a community that was wasted to establish the tribute relationship to Negan (half of everything), then there are least 10 other communities; probably more (there were around 20 Polaroids on that wall.)

    * Does Denise love Tara?

    * Is Carol's fling with Tobin a one niter or if she survives the trade and makes it back to Alexandria will they be together?

    * Is it not tomorrow yet because they still aren't out of the Saviors compound?

    * Will Negan surround Rick and Company and exact revenge on them all? (The ending to this doesn't look good.)

    * What the heck is Morgan building? It looks like a jail cell. If it is, who is it for?


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