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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East 1633 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this episode a 55 using Robin's scale. It was tense through most of it.

    This was a setup episode at its heart for me. Some of the turns were surprising (see the good); some bad (Daryl's flight.)

    Daryl decides to go after Dwight; Rosita, Glenn and Michonne take chase.

    Rick finds out Carol has taken off and goes after her with Morgan.

    Carol meets a group of Saviors (which includes Wade; this is the savior group from S6E6 that Daryl evaded with Dwight in the burnt forest) and kills all of them except Wade.

    Wade tries to go after her and hides when Rick and Morgan show up. He follows them into a field to see where they are going.

    Morgan tells Rick about what he did with the Wolf and tries to convince again that killing isn't the only way to go with evil humans and that consequences with bad people can turn back around if you spare them. He tells Rick that he will stay out there looking for Carol until he find her and promises to bring her back. (Morgan needs Carol to prove his way of looking at things needs to persevere.)

    Rick returns to the compound.

    Maggie doubles over with pain in the area where her baby is in her belly in front of Enid.

    Glenn and Rosita get captured by Dwight.

    They are used to bait Daryl and Michonne who also apparently get captured.

    Dwight proves to be as good of a tracker as Daryl and sneaks up behind him telling him he will be okay and then shoots him.

    The Good:

    * They wrote it so Daryl went after Dwight before finding out about Carol. That's a great choice and Morgan going after Carol is also a logically choice and less predictable then Daryl doing it. Morgan and Carol both see things the same way, however she's still struggling with her choice not to kill. (She's going through her version of PTSD.)

    * Carol's encounter with a six Negan group was bad-ass. I totally wasn't expecting that result after the sudden take down of her vehicle.

    * Morgan's speech about the chain of consequences to Rick showed how sparing the Wolf created the scenario where Carl was saved.
    To his point, regardless of the Wolves attacking Alexandria, the zombie parade was on its way towards their compound, and Ron hated Carl, so Carl could have been shot in the same scenario regardless. Also, the Wolves truck depot trap existed whether Morgan spared the lead wolf or not, so Aaron could have still dropped his pack and the rest of the Wolves could have still found Alexandria and done their damage.

    * I think the characters are slowly learning that Fate is a thing you think you can control in this world by your actions, however (like a river) it is stronger then us all and has its own course of action that is going its own way regardless of your meddling with it in a good or bad way. Since that is the case, Morgan has chosen to think that all people deserve to live regardless of how evil they are because bad things are going to happen regardless and so will good things. Carol may think that Fate is divine (judging from her holding onto the cross.) Added to Show Axioms here:

    The Bad:

    * Daryl's conflict of conscience about not taking down Dwight seems a bit manufactured to me.
    Glenn called it out to Daryl. Killing Dwight isn't going to bring back Denise, so why does he feel so compelled to go after him? Isn't this a bit simplistic and Daryl's a bit more thoughtful as a character to obsess over his moral decisions enough to go back and try and right a wrong that can't be? I thought that was a bit of weak construct to use to get Daryl back out in the field with Dwight.

    Then again the show does capitalize on chain of events construct.

    * As shocking it was with Daryl being shot at the end I think Dwight should not have said anything as he shot Daryl. When he said he would be alright it made it clear to me in my mind that Daryl is not dead.

    * The dialog about Carol's direction in the conversation between Rick and Morgan was a bit confusing, so much so I have to re-watch and then comment again.


    Is Daryl dead? Dwight did say he would be okay. Perhaps D shot off Daryl's ear? (Bear in mind Daryl is not in the comic books so this is a guess.)

    Where the heck is Carol going to go where she doesn't have to kill humans? An Island? (That's the only thing I could think of that would prevent
    her from interacting with other humans.) Is she totally antisocial or is she just trying to find a community that is totally against killing other humans? Or is she just blinded in judgement by her own PTSD episodes?

    Wade went after Rick and Morgan to find Carol. Is Wade tracking Rick now or Carol?

    Is Maggie's baby okay? That didn't look good.

    What will happen to Michonne, Daryl, Rosita and Glenn?

    When will we see Negan? (He has to show up in the long season ender.)


  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East Link to this post

    The good:

    Just one episode left this season!

    I suppose Carol's machine gun arm was neat, even if we had to watch more hyperventilating that i still don't know it it was fake or real. And I appreciate that she didn't actually kill all 5 with it (at least not at first).

    I'm intrigued by what will happen in the final Flight 462 episode.

    The bad:

    I didn't buy Darryl's quest for revenge, initially I assumed he was chasing after Carol (wasn't until ~halfway that I realized he was Dwight-hunting). It's not the first time someone's died after all, and for him to run out alone seemed illogical when he knows Dwight won't be alone.

    Didn't think for a second Carol was gonna be taken hostage, or killed.

    But not as illogical as half the cast basically running after them. You'd think by now they'd know better.

    Cutting away from "Carol's death" and "Darryl's death" is another trick that TWD really needs to get rid of. I literally didn't react at all to Darryl getting shot. For a death to work, there has to be some sense of tragedy, something like Darryl realizing he can't live without Carol and was about to confess his love when he gets shot could have worked. But the great hunter Darryl not noticing anyone hiding? Boo, I say.

    When we first saw the Hilltop community, it felt like the world was truly growing, but the last 4 episodes just have been so unambitious. Reminds me of cartoons when the villain pops in once a episode, is defeated, then comes back with a brand new plan only to lose again, rinse and repeat.

    Episode seemed to cram in every character, as if to remind us they exist in time for the season finale.


    Maggie = Miscarriage? If so, then why? What purpose does it serve the story/show?

    Was Maggie's shower bruise foreshadowing the miscarriage? Was it an injury from "The Same Boat?"

    If the Saviors know where Alexandria is (since they recognized Carol's car), why have Dwight and co. been hovering around in the forest?

    The "Mystery" of Negan hasn't really been all that big of a deal, the narrative hasn't felt like we were building up for a big confrontation nor has the conflict of the Saviors really made the thought of finally meeting Negan anything to look forward to outside of basic curiousity.

    Conclusion: It's hard for me to articulate my thoughts on everyone leaving the walls in a eloquent manner (leaving = stupid!). Either Darryl's death is another cop put, or he is dead in a poorly realized fashion.

    Even though it was rushed, "Knots Untie" seemed to be moving us into new territory, but the structure of this half season doesn't feel too different from the 2nd half of season 3 with the Governor lurking near the prison.

    Even if the finale is the best episode ever, I will still contest that this has been easily the most illogically plotted season of TWD. After a great first 4 episodes, that centered around a single event and a single character, the pacing/direction/etc has been so poorly thought out that I'm considering giving up on TWD.

    Score: 40

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East Link to this post

    Final comment i forgot to mention, we haven't heard from Jesus or anyone from Hilltop since "Knots Untie".

    Begs the question why even have them in the story, if the focus was going to be entirely on the Saviors.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 15: East Link to this post

    Yeah, in general I don't like how they laid out somethings with Jesus and never addressed them.

    What was the Hilltop reaction to Rick's efforts?

    S6E11: Jesus says: " Negan's the head of a group of people he calls the Saviors. As soon as the walls were built, the Saviors showed up. They met with Gregory on behalf of their boss. They made a lot of demands, even more threats. And he killed one of us-- Rory. He was 16 years old. They beat him to death right in front of us. Said we needed to understand, right off the bat."

    That made me think originally that Jesus had met Negan also so when Rick killed the Savior in S6E13 he would have told Rick he wasn't Negan.

    Given how many groups of Saviors we have met so far, I believe Jesus probably met Saviors that weren't in the compound they took down in S6E12, so why wasn't there a scene in that episode after Michonne says ' Just-- just want to know which one of them was Negan' where Jesus says there must be another group. I have met other Saviors that weren't here.

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