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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth 5951 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this episode a 65 using Robin's scale. I felt the tension levels throughout were uneven.

    These tense moments throughout the episode I felt were a dilution of the plot moving forward (ie filler).

    The ending however was very tense.

    Morgan spends much of the episode tracking down Carol and trying to convince her to come back to Alexandria.

    He saves her life from a Savior which forces him to kill again, which may have him rethinking his new way of living he gained this season.

    He encounters a new group of people on horseback; they could be Hilltop folks (by the looks of the spears.) Morgan gives back their horse to them and they agree to take him and Carol to get medical help.

    Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Carl, Aaron and Eugene try to take Maggie to Hilltop via RV and are cut off each way by Saviors.

    They try to decoy the Saviors with Eugene in the RV and by sneaking through the woods, however they are caught by a huge force of Saviors and finally meet Negan. (It looked they were lead to where they ended up.)

    Negan has them all kneel; including Rosita, Michonne, Glenn and Daryl.

    Rick looks visibly broken and Negan bashes in the head of one of the main cast members from their perspective and then we see credits.

    The Good:

    * Rick Grimes was brought down to his knees literally and systematically in stages through the episode. This helped dilute the stalling/filler affect the episode was having on me (See the bad.)
    * I liked the fact they held off who was killed. The important thing here is the 'night of reckoning' Rick and the Alexandrians are facing after dealing blows to six of Negan's groups all season and finally meeting Negan and realizing the full power and size of his forces.

    * Negan is cunning; has a massive ego; chaotic, homicidal; merciless; understandable in his desire for controlling Rick and his group and getting what he wants which is half of everything they find (or own.) Jeffrey Dean Morgan I think does a wonderful job of portraying this balance.

    * The fact though that he only killed one of Rick's group means his true intention is control and domination over Rick and his group. That was well conveyed. It reminded me of so many of people made examples of in so many mob movies I have seen. (De Niro in the Untouchables came immediately to mind.)

    * Special effects were amazing.

    The Bad:

    * As much as seeing Rick being broken was impactful; the journey with encountering roadblock after Roadblock and the overall pacing of this very long episode coupled with the expansion of Carol's (dealing with killing for her family/PTSD) arc and her own death got tedious.

    * I didn't feel like Carol was in any danger of dying. I knew somehow this was more about Morgan facing killing again more than Carol excepting her own death. It's been pretty clear to me Carol isn't afraid of dying; she's more afraid of what will happen to her soul for killing humans and her non killing life path. They should have edited down rehashing Carol's conflict with killing and gotten to Morgan's revision on killing quicker. That would have saved about 30 minutes.

    * The last four minutes in my mind showed me how they can ramp up the intensity of the situation and show Rick's broken state more effectively than the previous hour and a half ever was able to accomplish.

    * The excuse I have heard is the killing victim sets up a whole other story line, however if they got to this point a lot earlier in the episode they could have easily established the new storyline and set up a cliffhanger that would have been just as powerful.

    * I really don't feel compelled to know who was killed as much as what the impact is on the group and how Rick looks at this whole event. I know anyone's death he will take personally because he considers everyone family, so as broken as he is he will probably seek revenge. Not knowing that I think is a loss of impact on us all for this episode and major character death. Right now there is no impact. It makes you wonder if chopping up the execution will have consequences. I am of the mind that there will be (to the audience)...


    Who's last day was it on earth? Most folks believe it was either Glen, Daryl or Abraham. (I would add Aaron to the list.)

    Are the people at Morgan encounters Hilltop people or another group? I hope they are another group; that would make this whole setup way more interesting.

    Has Morgan now changed his way of thinking about killing?

    Guesses on the victim:
    The most impactful person to me would be Daryl. Glen, Abraham and then Aaron. Abraham wasn't afraid to die and Negan wants to see people squirm so I don't think it's him. If Negan killed Carl then Rick would be focused on revenge and Negan would have to kill him and not have people do his bidding; which is what he really wants.


  • Yogabon
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Frankly, I am terribly disappointed.

    The entire idea of using the trailer for Maggie's medical crisis, with most of the central characters.
    (Can you say easy Moving target?)

    Not allowing at least one bullet to mercy kill the poor guy hung over the bridge.
    (Then show carol's tormentor shootng her one limb at a time)

    Negan's world sure makes one long for the Governor days.

    If 65 is average this one rates the equivalent of a C to a C minus.

  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Oh man was this episode a big miss for me.

    The bad:

    First off, the opening 15 mins with some Saviors and a Hilltop person? Who were they? Why were we supposed to care about some random guy and some Saviors we don't know?

    I should mention once again we were right to assume Darryl and Carol would live, despite the usual television tricks that TWD continues to stick to which could easily be subverted.

    Did we really need to see every roadblock be blocked off? Now I don't actually have an issue with it, but I do when its all crammed into one episode. I would have written the final two episode differently, and ended with the RV coming across the 2nd roadblock to break it up (and i would have shorten or cut the scenes with Rick/Morgan/Carol to make space).

    Aaron finally gets screen time so the writers can at least pretend he MIGHT die, I doubt he will. Eugene gets this ultimately pointless sendoff

    No hilltop or Jesus sightings, 90 mins should have given them time to have some bearing on the story. The aimlessness of the story meant lots of filler and stalling, not to mention the transparent "next season bait" of the Hockey armor people Morgan meets.

    I haven't been a fan of Carol, since the 2nd half of last season, and nothing about her talk with Morgan did anything to change that.

    Personally, i hate the cliffhanger, I fully expected Negan to kill at least 5 people, given how much damage Rick and Company have done to him, and really if he wants their submission, why wouldn't he kill Rick (the leader)? Psychology and logic would suggest that killing the leader would prevent any potential future rebellion. The acting was good (i usually don't comment on acting, as I'm not a good judge of it), but TWD producers are addicted to playing games with the audience for the sake of headlines, particularly this season.

    Final note for the episode, that was the lamest excuse for an ending for the Flight 462 stuff. I mean seriously, the hook should stem from wanting to see the newly introduced character become part of the story (even if i have no intention of watching FTWD), and instead they ruin 16 weeks of investment (even if for some it was only minor interest) without resolution.

    Score: 38

    Season Score: 46 (I'd place this tied with season 3 as the worst season of TWD) (Not an average of my older scores)
    First half of season: 60
    2nd half of season: 40 (2nd half ties it all together, so i weight it heavier on my grade)

    The decline of TWD isn't exactly a shock to me, most shows at the season 6 mark will falter. But I'm beginning to think that the Gimple Era is to blame, formula has set in, stakes are low, the constant fear that anyone could die has long since dried up. Obviously, Negan will be defeated somehow, Alexandria will fall eventually, and new characters will be introduced and then killed, with maybe one longtime cast member dying (when said actor gets a new acting gig elsewhere probably). Season 7 prediction: Jesus, Hilltop, and Enid will all die, and maybe someone peripheral like Aaron, Rosita, or Eugene will die.

    I don't know if i will watch next year, I obviously need a break from this show, but the weak story and awful pacing/direction is only matched by the genericness and predictability of season 3.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Great to hear you weigh in Yogabon. Yes, my average scores are around 55 or 60. The more I think about it it was less than average. I should have rated it a 50 or 55. This episode should be re-edited. Too much Morgan and Carol; Too much driving around. The Carl and Enid scenes needed more meat to matter. There needs to be better use of characters and more story. They opted instead for action that goes nowhere; horse riding; RV driving and lots of walking...

    Ben, you always have great comments. Who the heck was the guy running through the woods? That had me scratching my head for about five minutes and distracted me. It wasn't clear and Rick and crew didn't know him or seem to care that he was caught, so what was the point? Was it to make us feel horror and how cold hearted Rick's group has become? That didn't work for me. It would have been more impactful if it was someone we knew and they walked away leaving them.

    Also great point about Negan's mercy. He should have killed Rick if he wanted them all to comply unless of course his thoughts are this would motivate more thoughts of revenge from these people then compliance (in the long run.) At the very least you would have thought he would kill at least two characters. Perhaps he's a slacker villain? Maybe what matters more to him is their ability to give him supplies then total subjugation?

  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Thank you very much Fluids, and I should say thank you for creating these forums pages/posts.

    One question I have for you (Yogabon, feel free to answer as well):

    How do you feel this season ranks amongst the rest?

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Sure thing. It's my pleasure!

    I would say Season 2 was one of the best ones overall.

    I would list them like this for me:

    #1: Season Two (Hershel's struggle with Morality and the truth about dealing with the Apocalypse)
    #2: Season One (Rick's reuniting with Family and start of his and everyone's evolution.)(Season One doesn't carry as much weight for me because of the zombie abilities: the zombies were climbing ladders; turning door knobs and glaring back at Morgan (his wife) and scaling chain link fences and bashes glass doors with rocks.)
    #3: Season Four (Good use of parallel stories due to the 2nd prison war diaspora; some weak development though and okay acting (Beth))
    #4: Season Five (Interesting adds: Father Gabriel)
    #5: Season Six (Padded out Season)
    #6: Season Three (Andrea storyline/Governor- Prison Standoff Fiasco.)

    I have favorite episodes throughout each Season.

    In Season Six:

    Episode 4 (Here's Not Here) (Morgan's back story)
    Episode 10 (The Next World) (Intro to Jesus)
    Episode 9 (No Way Out) (Alexandria Horde Stand off)

    Those stand out the most.

    How about you?

    Yes, the Flight 462 thing going to characters on the ground was a let down. I wanted to see what happened to the people on the Flight and I was hoping it tied eventually into the story more.

  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
    172 Posts
  • Ben
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Season Rankings:

    #1: Season 1 (like Breaking Bad, its not the easiest to evaluate a short first season, but this season was gripping, unpredictable, and intense all the way through)
    #2. Season 2: As slow as the first half was, I enjoyed pretty much every episode.
    #3. Season 4: The first half of season 4 was by far the best and most organic use of the "Gimple" formula, splitting up the group didn't feel contrived, and besides the ultimately pointless Governor two parter, every episode was at least a 50 for me.
    #4. Season 5: As awful as middle portion of the season was, upon reflection the Alexandria arc plus the first two episodes gave us something new from the comics that i could enjoy.
    #5. Season 3: The funny thing about this season is that episodes 1,4 (2/3's of it at least),7, and 12 are some of Walking Dead's best episodes, but pretty much everything else with Andrea, The Governor, and Woodbury was super generic and boring. It's by far the worst of the 3 pre-Gimple seasons, mathematically it might score higher than season 5 for me, but it left a much bitter taste in my mouth by the end. Like TheTvCritic, it took season 4 to win me back as a fan (when the Gimple formula was fresh and worked)
    #6. Season 6: Like season 5 it began strong (especially the feeling i got at the end of episode 3 where it really felt like the group was overwhelmed to the limit), but gradually we were lucky to get an episode that i could actually sit and watch without picking it apart as i watched. "The Same Boat" and "Last Day on Earth" are both easily in my bottom 5 episodes of TWD of all time.

    Favorite Episodes of Season 6:
    #1. "Thank You"
    #2."First Time Again"

    Side note: Great to hear from you, TTC, very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Better Call Saul, I'm enjoying this season as much, if not more as last season.

    Interesting you mentioned diversity, because something I noticed in the finale was that all the Saviors who were with Negan in the final scene were male, and I wonder if that had anything to do with the female-lead "The Same Boat" casting, or if the Saviors were all guys in the comic and in order to be faithful they crafted a extra story to compensate.

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