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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth 5950 Views
  • TheTVCritic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Ben and I think similarly on the Seasons list.

    I think despite its problems Season 2 had a clear identity. The group worked out who was going to lead it and fully absorbed the idea that normal life was over.

    That sense of direction returned strongly at the end of Season 4 with that final moment in the Terminus railway car. Now the group was self sufficient and dedicated to survival.

    Briefly they explored this being flipped on its head when they arrived in Alexandria and seemed like they had become the bad guys. But since then I feel they've constantly flip-flopped on the identity and moral purpose of the group. Perhaps fighting Negan will give the show a specific tone and sense of direction again. Perhaps.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    There is one technique I would really like to see them get back to (especially now there are at least three groups of survivors out there); parallel story telling.

    They did this in Season 4 when Rick's group got split up into mini groups. It was used effectively in GOT and Lost. This linear story telling; where they meet someone and they last for an episode or two and killed off is getting repetitively boring and more simplistic. I hope that changes in the coming season. I would just love for them to cut to someone in an entirely different group and gradually connect them to Rick's group.

  • Ben
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    I think to your point, Fluids, that is where the back half of season 6 really missed the mark, by not developing the Hilltop Community (both its people and their relationship to Alexandria or even the Saviors). Not to mention, the logistics of the first half of season 6 got messy with Morgan and his role in things, and the Wolves and Saviors kinda blurred together.

    But in all honesty, the only way the show could seriously win me back would be if they reduced the cast, Heroes had a cast of comparable size, and as flawed as it was, they usually kept stories for each character going so that you never forgot about them. Particularly since TWD only has 16 episodes (divided in two halves), there just isn't enough time to balance character development and plot progression (neither of which have been great for quite awhile). The cast grew almost exponentially after the Prison blew up, and then again in Alexandria, not to mention the complete refusal to kill off regulars. I suppose there must be a section of viewers that AMC doesn't want to lose (like super fans who are "Team Glenn" or "The Darryl Fan Club").

    Although, according to wikipedia, the viewership for TWD was down quite a bit this season, which is possibly due to the Spinoff and Zombie Fatigue, but I'd like to hope that its partially because others are seeing the show now as a procedural instead of something of Breaking Bad quality (which TWD has never been, but you could have argued it was decently close back in season 1).

    But the more worrying thing for me is the producers admittance that they in theory have the next 5 seasons planned out, I understand that its important to have direction, but I worry it just means they will stick to the current formula and drag out the comic's story for as long as they can, without an idea for an ending.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Great points Ben and I agree 100% with you and Robin.

    Yes, showing new groups interacting amongst themselves and the main group is what is needed to define them as characters and make deaths more impactful and as you put it, to that end you need less characters to accomplish that. Otherwise it's just offing characters with emptiness. More characters should have died in encounters with the mega horde of walkers invading Alexandria and fighting Negan's groups and there weren't.

    As an example, if Daryl is who get's killed by Negan, how impactful would that be? Devastating...That's mainly because Daryl has character development more than any other character in the storyline (aside from Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Glen and Carl.)

    It wouldn't be if it were Jesus or Gregory or even if Negan died (at this point) due to a Hilltop invasion.

    If the idea was to break Rick during the Finale and show how powerless he has become, what better way then to show him crumbling in reaction to the killing of someone very dear to him? We won't see that reaction until 7 months from now and it opens another story line so it does rob me of the emotional impact of helplessness I think I should be feeling.

    Could you imagine if they showed the person getting beaten and then panned to Rick for a reaction and heard the following lines that were said before the beating?

    'You ruled the roost.
    You built something.
    You thought you were safe.
    I get it.
    But the word is out.
    You are not safe.
    Not even close.'

  • Yogabon
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 16: Last Day On Earth Link to this post

    Season 1 will always stand out.

    This show creates a world with a fascinating premise; Something reanimates the dead into mindless creatures that consume the living. Sometimes the characters display realistic reactions, this is when the show is good. When it is bad it provides contrasting rules for the way Zombies behave, fast moving or shuffling, climb stairs and move around barriers, strong or weakened by exposure to the elements, drawn to each other or repelled? Ability to see, hear, smell hasn't been consistently handled either.

    I used to wish there would be hope. Like hope for a cure or mankind's survival. Maybe more realistic consequences for the majority of the world turning into zombies; eg What would happen to nuclear power plants? Wouldn't gas dry up after a few years?

    As long as I set aside those inconsistencies, I can enjoy the show.

    There were several episodes I enjoyed this season. But I don't dwell on any episode.

    Still I'm struggling to get over the stupidity of the last episode. A finale should make me want to come back. This has been the worst of the cliff hangers on this show.

    The simple truth is: I am a zombie genre fan. So I may keep watching.

    I am enjoying IZombie, a very fun comic exploration of the genre. A lot of humor with some dark undertones.

    I'm also checking out Fear the Walking Dead. My expectations are very low, and it's interesting to see the plague's beginning in another part of the country.

    I plan to continue to read the Novels, which I have reviewed in other posts.

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