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Author Topic: Better Call Saul 840 Views
  • Ben
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    Better Call Saul Link to this post

    I love Better Call Saul, I think every episode has been a winner (Breaking Bad didn't bat 100% with me, even though it was close, looking at you "Fly").

    Having said that, I understand where TheTvCritic is coming from, it's like a teacher seeing his/her best, brightest student, satisfied with being a B+ student, when they could be the top of their class.

    I think the reason why I don't share the same opinion is because I'm enjoying the story in the short term, and I'm very curious what the endgame will be, will the series end just as "Better Call Saul" the episode from BB season 2 begins? or will it follow Saul from his POV past that?

    I also really enjoy the characters new to the universe, Kim, Nacho, and Chuck.

    I will say the season 2 had a different feel to it, as it very much felt like a setup for season 3, especially the finale, whereas Season 1 could have worked as a standalone prequel season to Breaking Bad. I wouldn't call it worse it just depends on your preference for television, whether you like seasons to end on a note that could serve as a finale or not.

    Additionally, the actual episodes themselves, except for Mike's flashback episode, don't really stand out from one another, not in a bad way, but unlike other shows I watch I couldn't really tell you what scenes/twists are in what specific episode. In a sense, it makes the show incredibly balanced, but also would make it really hard for me to have a favorite episode/top 5 list.

    I would be very curious to know how someone who didn't see Breaking Bad, feels about Better Call Saul.

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