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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: War of Five Kings (S6E3) 1147 Views
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    Game of Thrones: War of Five Kings (S6E3) Link to this post

    This is a living document to run up through Season 6. Wikias have way too much information and can spoil things and I wanted to reference (as I watch) a concise form and came up with this. There is lots of stuff missing (characters and places.) Please let me know of any corrections or additions and I will update this information. From here forward, I will save a version of this after each episode. Unfortunately I don't have time to go backwards and do this for every episode prior.

    War of Five Kings

    Territory House King Status

    #1. King of The North: Speculation: Could end up being Ramsay Bolton, Baelish or even Jon Snow (if he decides to give up his quest for King of Westeros.)

    #2. King of the Iron Throne: Baratheon of King's Landing (Lannister); Tommen Baratheon; Alive
    (Territories include The North and The Riverlands.) Tommen appears to be wiser than Joffrey. He is being mentored and manipulated by Cersei. I look at this as the Crown (still) being run by Cersei House Lannister. However, there is a struggle with House Tyrell since Margaery is the Queen now.

    #3. King in the Narrow Sea: Baratheon of Dragonstone; Stannis Baratheon; Executed (presumed by Brienne of Tarth)

    #4. King in High Garden: Baratheon of Storm's End; Renly Baratheon; Killed (by a Stannis smoke monster)

    #5. King of the Iron Islands: Greyjoy; Balon Greyjoy; Killed (by Euron Greyjoy at the Pyke.)

    Major Events:

    * Stannis was in charge of a Navy that defeated the Greatjoy Fleet a number of years before the War of the Five Kings so there has been bad blood between the Greyjoys and Stannis in the past. (S1E7.)

    * Battle of the Blackwater: Lannisters held back the Baratheons and Tyrion has the scars to prove it.

    * Stannis killed Renly using dark magic: Most of his followers at Storm's End sided with Stannis.

    * Red Wedding: Lannisters used the Freys and Boltons to kill Robb Stark (S3E9.)

    * Purple Wedding: Joffrey is poisoned after his wedding to Margaery Tyrell at his wedding reception (S4E2.)

    * Stannis is defeated by Ramsay Bolton in the Battle for Winterfell (S5E10)

    * Lord Bolton is killed by Ramsay Bolton (S6E2)

    * Balon is killed by Euron Greyjoy (S6E2)

    Speculative Anticipated Upcoming Events:

    * Sansa could end up the bride of another house other than Bolton which could challenge who has control over the North

    * Ramsay may eventually declare himself King of The North (if they chose to Challenge the rule of The Crownlands.)

    * Attack on Winterfell (and the rest of the North) by Jon Snow with some of the Wildlings (potentially with the help of Little Finger and the troops at the Eyrie.)

    * Attack on Winterfell by the Lannisters because they may think Roose Bolton was responsible for King Joffrey's death; the motive being framing Tyrion so Ramsay could marry Sansa to secure the North.

    * Attack on the Wall by the White Walkers and Wights

    * Attack on Westeros by House Targaryen:
    (Not Yet.) Danaerys currently has:

    8,000 Unsullied Troops
    2,000 Second Sons Troops
    Small # of Dothraki Troops or followers
    Unknown # of freed Yunkai Troops or followers
    3 Dragons
    The City of Meereen
    She defeated Astapor, Yunkai (which she may need to reconquer through Tyrion; not sure if we should count Quarth.)

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