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Forums » Other TV Shows » Game of Thrones: Theories about Hodor and Fate and Green Sight (S6E5)

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: Theories about Hodor and Fate and Green Sight (S6E5) 1534 Views
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    Game of Thrones: Theories about Hodor and Fate and Green Sight (S6E5) Link to this post

    Hodor’s end was beautifully tragic but confusing. Here’s my Theories about Hodor and Fate and Green Sight:

    •   It appears the past, future and present are all already written, which is why someone with green sight can jump between them all.

    •   You can interact (or may think you are interacting) with someone in the past however it doesn’t change fate because it has already been predetermined you are going to do what you are going to do (you just don't know it so it appears like the present and future are affecting the past for Bran. This was explored a bit in the TV Show Lost.) It’s also the only way to make Hodor’s story line work in my mind. Does anyone else have another explanation?

    Here are my thoughts on Hodor:

    Hodor as we are going through Bran's present is already mentally damaged. This means at some time in the past he was damaged. We later learn that Bran is responsible for this in the future. This means that the future is already predetermined in order for the past to have Hodor as a simpleton. What would happen if Bran left the past vision and reemerged into the present with the intention of Warging into Hodor? I think Hodor would have become Wyllis and he would have held the door for Bran and Meera (no warging required.)

    •   I believe the power that Bran is learning from the Three Eyed Raven is the ability to be able to reach out to folks throughout time because those interactions are also a part of fate and everything. I believe only those with green sight can make a true connection with him and jump with Bran into other periods of time; including the present. That’s how the Three eyed Raven was able to show Bran visions throughout the series during his present time.

    •   Bran has to learn to control his interactions with people in the past otherwise those can flow through to him and affect the present. This is why the Night’s King was able to leave a mark on Bran in the present by Bran allowing him to touch him in the past through interaction.

    •   The Three eyed Raven told Bran to leave the vision, however he didn’t touch Bran to get him out of the vision because he was uploading *everything* Bran needed to learn at the same time. Also because he knew it was destiny for him and Bran to stay in the past while Bran warged into Hodor in the present. Bran didn't listen to the three eyed Raven and maybe didn't know how to leave a vision himself yet and stayed in the past while he warged into Hodor in the present at the same time and this created a warg like seizure that damaged Wyllis’ brain in the past. It allowed Wyllis in the past to hear Meera in the future and perhaps he experienced additionally his future self being torn up by the Wights. So Wyllis became Hodor in the past. Possibly Hodor became Wyllis in the present.

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