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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2: The Well

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2: The Well 1399 Views
  • Fluids
    Community Member
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2: The Well Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this episode a 55 using Robin's scale. I really didn't like this episode. I didn't like the Tiger in the graphic novels either. It's just too silly.
    This about sums it up:
    For me, Shiva is the Jar Jar Banks of the Walking Dead.(See the bad). As much as Shiva establishes Ezekiel as a larger than life King to his minions; I think it casts a silly shadow over his abilities as a skilled fighter against walkers; and a good negotiator with the saviors and his seemingly earnest interests for Carol and the livelihood of his people.

    The Good:

    * I loved Carol seeing the dead as people. That was really cool and showed for me how her inner feelings about this world and the dead are evolving.
    In the past I would have pegged Carol as cold and calculating.

    * Carol's reaction to King Ezekiel and his Kingdom was priceless. That was the best part of the show.
    'I would be speechless if I wasn't already speaking. I don't know what the hell's going on in the most wonderful way.' (See the bad. I wouldn't call it 'Wonderful'.)

    * Fattening up the pigs with the dead is clever and shows how he has disrespect for the Saviors behind their backs (see the bad).

    * Morgan's interactions with his student showing his shift away from taking a lives. It's pretty clear to me he does what he needs to do now (if he has to.)

    * Some good world building. Introduction to some new characters at the Kingdom: Ezekiel and his sidekick Jerry, Benjamin (Morgan's student),

    * Choirs, cobbler and Ken-do training struck me at first as being a little too saccharin, however it does give a good definition of the kingdom. They have their own way of existing in this life. Ezekiel does shelter them, however they do know how to fight and they do have a skilled leader as silly as he presents himself.

    The Bad:

    * How long would the members of the Kingdom realistically be able to get away with fattening the pigs with walkers?
    Wouldn't the saviors slice open the stomach of a pig to find pieces of a walker and go after them?

    * If people were unimpressed with the Alexandrian's then what do they make of a weapon proficient Kingdom of people
    ruled by a dread locked Arthurian acting and speaking King with a Tiger? Uh...Hello!


    What is Carol seeing in the human forms of the zombies? A loss of humanity? A loss of herself?
    Can eating animals that have feasted on walkers cause a human to die?
    Where the heck are Tara and her group?
    What is to become of Daryl?


  • Aaronic
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2: The Well Link to this post

    Nice points Fluids, though I disagree about your opinion on the Kingdom.

    I give this a 63 out of 100.

    I enjoyed this episode mostly because of its focus on resetting Morgan and Carol. Their story arcs in the last 5-10 episodes were awful and I'm glad to see something new arise for them, as they are my favourite characters. Hopefully Carol's stay at the creepy house can help her get back to the character I used to love.

    I was very skeptical of the Kingdom when it was revealed and I was overwhelmed by its peacefulness, which is deemed to be unrealistic in this world. With the reveal of Ezekiel and Shiva, I thought for sure that I was right and that the Kingdom was going to be disappointingly ridiculous.

    However, King Ezekiel changed my mind about that. His character is a breath of fresh air for a series that has been overwhelmed in darkness recently. The Walking Dead has always crushed all the good people (literally doing so in the last episode), and has treated all the people who try to be peaceful as wrong. But as Ezekiel says, he gets rid of all the bad by going overboard with the good. I think this line sums up why this episode worked as a whole for me.

    I hated Shiva's existence at first, but then I realized her purpose. She stands for how fake and ridiculous the Kingdom is, but also for how even the strangest things have a logical reason for being there. Like the Kingdom, Shiva's existence is stupid at first, but when you learn how peaceful and real her story really is, it makes you appreciate her being there. That story was told really well and by the end of the episode I was sold on the Kingdom.

    However, this episode was very slow and lacked tons of action. By spending so much effort in making me believe the Kingdom could be a place worth living in, no story was really told here. There was literally no plot progression. We deserve to see the aftermath of Negan's murders in the last episode right away, but for some reason we get a completely different plot for this episode.

    My personal favourite moment was when Ezekiel gave Carol basically his entire life story to try to convince her to stay. Ezekiel's character has impressed me and I look forward to seeing more from him.

    Overall, this episode surprised me with its quality and was a breath of fresh air after The Walking Dead has struggled with its last season. Here's to hoping for a solid season this year.

  • Fluids
    Community Member
    335 Posts

    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2: The Well Link to this post

    Hi Aaronic, very nicely put.

    Yes, very little happened and I love Ezekiel as a character (except the Arthurian dialog). He's strong, intelligent, gregarious, thoughtful and genuine in his care for others which outweigh the pretentious nature of being a king of his people with a tiger sidekick.

    Yes, I guess Shiva's existence is no different then representing the likelihood of finding a mint condition working Ferrari, or I suppose a group of survivors that has everything: a TV station; working airplanes, etc...

    I personally would have liked to have seen more focus on Tara's group or what has become of Daryl or even Maggie (she was at death's door a few episodes ago.) Then maybe the Tiger would have worked better for me. I still think it's a bit wild in a random sort of way. For me, it's steps away from having a celebrity be the co leader like Henry Winkler or Ben Affleck be there.

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