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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4: Service

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4: Service 1269 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4: Service Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this one 45 on Robin's scale. The Saviors come to Alexandria and get guns and mattresses and then burn the mattresses outside the compound after they leave. Rosita and Spencer go out and Rosita kills walkers for a gun. Spencer gets angry at Rick for going through his things to find the guns he hid that were on the inventory to avoid Olivia getting killed. Michonne bones up on her sharp shooting skills. Carl shows teenage angst to Negan and goes unpunished. All during an extra long hour and a half episode. The Cell episode establishes what Negan's relationship is with his Saviors and how he does his business. 'Service' applies this to Alexandria. The problem is the same redundant behavior doesn't yield any interesting plot development or interactions, except that Carl once again is making it clear he doesn't like Negan. We also get the reveal that Judith is Shane and Lori's baby. However, that reveal gets buried underneath the repetitive control freak behavior Negan kept pounding onto the cast and the viewers.

    I gave this episode a 45 using Robin's scale. I didn't like this episode at all and not much happened really (See the bad.)

    The Good:

    * (Note this the same comments as last episode for the good.) Negan is pragmatic about his subjugation. If he sees a strength he can use in a person he's smart enough to figure out how to manipulate them to do his bidding. As much as he commands respect and obedience he respects the strength and health of others because he recognizes that they can find things for him that will make his life easier. He does give little rewards to those who follow and listen to him to keep them in check. He's a smart guy.

    * Judith is Shane and Lori's child; not Rick's however he is still going to raise her as his own.

    * Negan's stare at Rick before they knew it was Carl acting up. That was incredible.

    The Bad:

    * This episode was an hour and a half and it was all about taking guns and burning mattresses. Why is it Game of Thrones can tell us what's going on with different characters in three or four parts of an entire world at the same time in an hour week after week and the Walking Dead can't? The Walking Dead needs to learn how to build world building, character development and back story better through editing and interlacing scenes and use of better dialog.

    * It appears that they are assigning different writers or directors to different groups. I know it's probably a lot more challenging to inter-cut actions with the different groups on the same episode, however Gimple should seriously consider doing that to make things more engaging. They already know about the overall season story-lines so chop them up and interlace them. Tara has been gone a long time. They could have thrown in a few minutes of her in there and also Maggie at the Hilltop (when Negan was talking about her.)

    The fact that I can leave the same good comments week after week means to me the story isn't really progressing. Let's have some story man. We already know Negan's going to take what he wants and spending an hour and a half to show that I thought was a waste of time.


    * Where the heck is Tara and her crew?
    * Is Maggie okay at Hilltop?
    * Will Gregory put Maggie in some sort of jeopardy?
    * What is going to happen when Negan finds out Maggie is still alive?
    * Why didn't Daryl go with Rick? Did he know Negan would have said no anyways? Is it because he feels like he deserves to be there?


  • Aaronic
    Community Member
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4: Service Link to this post

    Well said Fluids, I definitely agree with all of your points.

    I give this episode a 40 out of 100.

    This episode felt like a broken record. One single note on constant repeat for the entire episode. This episode's only focus was to cement that Negan was evil, something the show has already done enough of in the season premier. That makes this entire episode pointless and a general waste of time.

    This episode had hardly any content and was boring, yet it was apparently necessary to make this episode half an hour longer. All that did was make me annoyed that I had wasted more of my time watching garbage.

    The only enjoyable aspect of this episode was Negan at times. He had some good lines and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is doing a fantastic job of portraying him still.

    However, there was way too much Negan in this episode. Negan was present for about 80% of the episode which really wasn't needed; he was the main focus. This was the wrong way to approach this episode. This episode should be focussed on everybody trying to adjust to their new lives, but instead it focussed on Negan doing more bad stuff and being bad.

    I was annoyed by Rick giving up Michonne's gun. I buy that he's terrified by Negan, but Rick definitely should be taking some precaution.

    Why didn't the Alexandrians destroy their inventory list? That would have fixed a lot of their problems in this episode. They surely would have had enough time to do so, since they had enough time to fake Maggie's death.

    Other Notes:

    -Dwight is back to being a bad guy in this episode. I don't like that, since he came off so well in the last episode as a deeper character.

    -I really don't like the new Rick. I was more on Spencer's side than Rick's in this episode, and that's saying something.

    -Father Gabriel's first meeting with Negan was pretty funny.

    -Negan threatening Olivia was hollow since I hardly know who Olivia is, never mind caring about her fate.

    -Rosita is finally doing something important. It only took her 3 seasons to get there.

    -Carl's hair is disgusting. Please get that cut because it's all I can think about while he's on screen.

    This episode was a mess. The Walking Dead needs to pick up the pace this season desperately.

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