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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5: Go Getters

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5: Go Getters 1324 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5: Go Getters Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this one a 55 using Robin's scale of rating. The dialog for this episode was not very good for me.

    At the Hilltop Sasha and Maggie bury Abraham and Glenn.

    The Saviors open the gates and send in a Gremlin blaring loud music bringing walkers into the camp. Maggie and Jesus take care of the sound generator and manage to close the gates.

    Enid decides to leave Alexandria and Carl follows her and rescues her from a walker; kisses her and they find roller skates.

    Gregory complains to Maggie that he thought Rick's group killed all the saviors. Maggie tells him that it was just an outpost. Gregory doesn't want Maggie or Sasha there and wants them to leave asap to protect himself and the Hilltop members. Maggie, Sasha and Jesus plead with him to allow them to stay.

    Gregory orders Jesus to hide Maggie and Sasha in a closet when the Saviors arrive. Gregory tries to out Sasha and Maggie to Simon and instead when he opens his closet he ends up having to show Simon his prize Scotch which Simon takes back to Negan. Gregory gets angry at Jesus for not hiding Maggie and Sasha in his closet and instead Jesus hides them in another closet because he doesn't trust Gregory (because Gregory is too desperate). This causes Gregory to be beat down by Maggie and Jesus makes sure she is allowed to stay.

    Enid shows up at Hilltop and Maggie gives her father's watch to her (I believe that's the 7th person to own that watch.)

    Jesus climbs into Negan's truck to get back the Scotch and spots Carl in the back and just smiles.

    The Good:

    * The use of a Gremlin literally and figuratively in the episode was cute.
    * The middle finger medallion on the Gremlin.
    * Maggie's baby is okay.

    The Bad:

    * Carl's moves in this episode were very contrived and the placement highly visible. He wants to make sure Enid makes it to Hilltop safe and that's used to get him in the truck to Negan's. What's his motivation though for wanting to go after Negan? The plan is a bit harebrained and doesn't make sense. Did he do this because he has uncontrollable rage against Negan and feels his father isn't stepping up? Seems a bit reckless and stupid. It's just seems like it is functioning to add drama later on when Rick learns that Carl is at Negan's compound and we watch him having to deal with that.


    * Where the heck is Tara and Heath?
    * What will happen to Carl when Negan finds him in the truck or Carl gets caught with Jesus at Negan's compound?
    * Will Gregory put Maggie in some sort of jeopardy?
    * What is going to happen when Negan finds out Maggie is still alive?
    * Who is watching Judith? Rick is out on a supply run. Michonne is trying to figure things out and Carl is on a Truck bound for Negan's outpost.


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 5: Go Getters Link to this post

    I give this episode a 57.

    This was another slow episode, continuing the chain from episode 2 and I'm getting pretty fed up with this pacing. I know this season would have been much better if these plot lines were shown in tandem, rather than one per episode. To say the least, I have been very unimpressed this season.

    The actual episode was fine and I enjoyed seeing Maggie again. Her character arc progressed nicely in this episode and she's being built up to replace Gregory once he inevitably bites the dust. Speaking of Gregory, Xander Berkeley makes his character much better than he should be. I have enjoyed Gregory so far and I hope to see more of him.

    The Saviours were excellent in this episode and Steven Ogg was brilliant as Simon. This is how Negan's arrival in Alexandria should have been handled. Short, but sweet.

    The ending was great as well because it looks like the plot is finally going to progress with Carl and Jesus heading to the Sanctuary. We have been at a stand still for so long, and thankfully this finally gives up something to look forward to.

    I hated Carl in this episode though. He had some nice moments with Enid (the roller skating scene was a nice moment of joy in a series which could use more of it), but most of the scene were boring with stupid dialogue. Carl and Enid have no chemistry so their scenes together do nothing for me.

    The stupid dialogue was consistent through the whole episode unfortunately. There were many poor lines that frustrated me.

    Other notes:

    -Enid putting the balloons on the wrong grave was a nice touch.

    -I liked Jesus rebelling by sacrificing Gregory's alcohol. It was a nice moment.

    -It's pretty annoying that Tara hasn't been shown at all. Hopefully we can see what she and Heath have been up to soon.

    Overall, this episode was pretty solid, but it's disappointing since the previous 3 episodes have been slow paced character episodes as well. I hope that the pace can pick up for the second half of the season.

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