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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7: Sing me Song 2363 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7: Sing me Song Link to this post

    Thoughts with summary mixed together:

    I gave this episode a 65 on Robin's scale. There was some plot motion and they are finally splitting people up and cutting between them. That moves things along a lot better. I loved most of the interactions between Negan and various characters. that being said, the writers still continue to sketch rather then detail out settlement characters, so when there are subplots and interactions they don't impact the main characters or provide them the dynamics they deserve, so the dialog becomes filler that just moves us towards whatever shocking thing the characters are going to do. Why they are doing those shocking things (and the consequences to everyone involved) doesn't seem important and it should be. Past groups (Woodbury, Terminus, The Wolves) and the impact of the main characters actions and impact of consequences all suffered from this.

    * Michonne whistles a tune killing walkers and sets a walker roadblock trap for one of the Saviors. She means to go to Negan's hideout.
    * Rick and Aaron find a curmudgeon's house moated with walkers (and try to investigate it for loot.) I really hope that guy's still alive. The written ramblings reminded me of Morgan's signs from the 'Clear' episode. He looks like he would be interesting as a character. He's probably a zombified mess in the house though.
    * Jesus marks a syrup trail from the back of Negan's truck to his base and bails while Carl stays on board.
    * Carl tries to take out Negan with a surprise machine gun attack once at his lair and fails but gains some respect from Negan.
    * Negan treats Carl like Billy Joel and demands a song. Carl is no piano-man and rightfully too terrified to sing 'You are my Sunshine' (a song Lori used to sing to him) because Negan's behind him swinging Lucille around in the air.
    * Carl confides to Negan that he killed his mother, which makes Negan step back again. He truly admires Carl. (See the Good.)
    * A poorly put together subplot about some of Negan's minions produces fear from Carl as he watches Negan put a hot laundry iron to the face of some henchman.
    * Daryl is reduce to a role of a janitor mopping up the man's urine after the branding.
    * Rosita and Eugene make a bullet.
    * Negan takes Carl back to Alexandria and plays with Judith while waiting for Rick.
    * Spencer shows off his Latin skills and finds caches of food and supplies written on a note and literally walks them into the hands of the Saviors.
    * Someone offers Daryl a key to escape; most likely Sherry.

    The Good:

    * Olivia slapping Negan. Various people pushing back on Negan: Daryl, Sherry and Carl puts in some nice dynamics between Negan and all of them and it also adds depth to Negan as a character. He respects people who assert themselves to him. It shows him what they are made of. He uses that to make sure he has the right people in place that will do his bidding. That shows more intelligence and depth as far as an arch villain than anyone we have seen before. I loved all of that.
    * I am on the fence about Daryl's humiliation; mostly positive. It would be tropic to see Negan torture him in front of Carl or out an out humiliate him, so treating him like a janitor works. It shows things need to be done in Negan's camp and he can combine breaking a person with those tasks.
    * One of the best scenes for me was Carl talking about shooting his mother and Negan's reaction stare which had a mixture of wonder, astonishment and respect for the boy.
    * Negan has been rounded out more as a villain very nicely.

    The Bad:

    * Who was watching Judith with every member of the Grimes Family gone? Good thing Negan showed up to take care of her
    * The subplot where Mark is given the iron isn't defined so all we get is someone being marked and humiliated. What exactly did the woman do that Mark deserved the iron? Is it because she wanted to be with Mark instead of Negan? We understand that it's being done to lay down Negan's laws and have the Saviors be obedient, however what the real underlying reason why Negan is doing this isn't really explained. We know it's to instill fear (in everyone; including Carl) and to manipulate a female character he wants to control but we don't get her side of the story nor does it appear to matter to the writers. The loss to us (and the show) is the real cause of the consequences and the impact it has on the female character and Negan and the dynamics between them.
    * I would have liked more anger out of Chandler Riggs when he was shooting in the truck. I think the kid is capable they just needed a better take.


    * Is Heath still alive? Where is he? He looks like he was abducted.
    * What does 'ppp' (or flip it upside 'ddd') mean on the security card? Is this a different group? My hope for years has been for a group of nerds to still be alive that have processor power at their finger tips. Perhaps this is who took Heath? More likely Negan eh??
    * What is going to happen when Negan finds out Maggie is still alive?
    * Will Negan harm Judith? How about Olivia?
    * Will Rick provide something big for Negan or fail?
    * What the heck is Michonne up to?
    * Will Oceanside ever help Alexandria in a war against the Saviors?
    * Will Daryl flee from the Saviors?
    * Does Michonne know that Carl has been captured by the Saviors? What is her plan for the Saviors?


  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 7: Sing me Song Link to this post

    Hi Fluids, great points as usual. Regarding the ironing scene, I figured that Mark was punished because the female Saviour messed up, but Negan doesn't want to hurt her because she's his wife. She cheated on Negan with Mark, so Negan ultimately punished Mark with the iron. While the story makes sense to me, I still agree with your points and I definitely wasn't able to make an emotional connection.

    I give this episode a 60.

    Finally we get to see multiple storylines in a single episode! I'm very happy that we got multiple stories and that already makes this episode a marked improvement over others this season. Unfortunately, multiple storylines doesn't mean that the episode moves at a quicker pace. The Walking Dead managed to have more content and still run a slow pace by extending the episode to 90 minutes. Because of these pacing issues, I can't help but feel that this episode would have been better at 60 or even 75 minutes.

    Overall, I must say I enjoyed this episode. There were defined A and B plots, which was nice. The A-plot revolved around Carl, which was a welcome surprise since Carl hasn't had an episode focussed on him since "After" back in season 4. I loved seeing him build a relationship with Negan, with Negan ultimately respecting Carl for everything he's been through. I enjoyed their conversations. On the other hand, I thought Negan was great in this episode. I found Negan's presence in previous episodes to be annoying and honestly pretty bad (Though not as bad as The Governor thankfully). However, he was great in this episode and he works a lot better as a villain now. I wish he was like this back in "The Cell" while torturing Daryl.

    The cliffhanger was fantastic as well with Negan holding Judith. This is an example of a good cliffhanger that allows fans to speculate on what will happen without pissing everybody off or creating fake drama (ex. Last Day on Earth, East, Start to Finish). I'm curious to see how Rick will react to seeing Negan with Judith. I wonder, could Negan possibly take Judith to punish Carl for killing 2 of his men? This cliffhanger successfully made me excited for the next episode for the first time this season.

    The B-plots held their own as well. Rosita was great in her selfish and desperate revenge story. I enjoyed most of her scenes with Eugene, but I did have one issue with their interactions. After Rosita tries to apologize, Eugene calls her out on her selfishness and basically sums up everything her character is feeling. This really annoyed me because it proved once again that The Walking Dead doesn't believe in the principle of show, not tell. Thankfully Eugene was the one scolding Rosita since the lines would have felt awkward if Eugene wasn't Eugene. His use of words make it sound more natural, but I still saw through it.

    I appreciate the roles of Michonne and Rosita currently. They are both angry and vengeful, making them wild cards. I'm interested to see what they will do and how they are going to react to Negan's presence in Alexandria, giving me more intrigue heading into the mid season finale.

    In several scenes this episode, Dwight and Sherry shared some glances and then met by a stairwell and talked about Negan. This should sound incredibly familiar and it is. It highlights what I think is Season 7's biggest flaw: repetition. We have already seen this story from Dwight and Sherry so we don't need it again, yet we still get it. This isn't the only repetition in the episode either. Spencer's arc repeats the Rick vs Alexandria theme and the exploration of the Sanctuary repeats the entire concept of "The Cell". The Walking Dead can't just repeat its storylines to remain interesting.

    My favourite moment in this episode was Father Gabriel speaking with Spencer in the car. Gabriel's character was revealed excellently as a dedicated Ricketeer, a far cry from the cowardly priest he was last season. I have enjoyed Gabriel's development and he has consistently provided good moments whenever he's been on screen.

    My last main point has to be on Spencer. Spencer's story has been incredibly frustrating this season. His entire arc is just a rehash of the Rick vs Alexandria plot from Season 5 and 6. There are even some "Rick is god and you are wrong and are probably going to die in a couple episodes" speeches delivered in this episode to Spencer. It's disappointing since this arc should have been something new. For example, it could make Spencer likeable, which would have worked since Rick did actually mess up pretty badly here. Spencer's hatred of Rick should make sense and be relatable, but it's not written that way at all and instead Spencer comes off as a naïve prick who is just a coward.

    Other notes:

    -The Kingdom was introduced in episode 2 and hasn't been seen since. Why introduce it so early then? If it really has to be introduced quick, at least offer some other Kingdom scenes throughout the season. It's hard to believe that Carol and Morgan have only been in 1 episode so far, but are listed as main characters in the intro. Furthermore, Maggie and Sasha have only been in 2 episodes, which is ridiculous for the 2 characters who should be affected the most by the deaths in the season premiere. Hopefully we can see Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel, Maggie and Sasha in the mid season finale at least.

    -This season is yet to have a good walker attack sequence. Maybe we can get one from Rick and Aaron, but I doubt it. Last season's "No Way Out" effectively killed all of the potential of walkers to provide tense scenes. I honestly can't believe that episode is being considered the best in the series by many people, especially considering its lasting effect on the series.

    -Daryl looks like he may escape next episode. I think the note is from Jesus, but would Daryl think that? He may think it's a Saviour trick, which it very well may be seeing how TWD likes jerking around its fan base.

    -It bothers me that the back of Negan's trucks weren't closed. It seems like a convenience just so Jesus and Carl could go in and out at their own will. Additionally, Jesus hiding on top of the truck makes no sense. Anybody who moves away will easily see him, plus it would draw a lot of attention for him to go up there. It's small things like this that make The Walking Dead feel unrealistic.

    -I wish that Simon made an appearance. I really enjoyed seeing him in episode 5. Hopefully he can be back next week.

    In the end, this episode fixed one problem, but unfortunately that's not enough to produce an above average episode since there have been too many problems with The Walking Dead recently. At least this episode succeeded in its primary goal: get me excited for the mid season finale. I have my hopes up that there will be a good episode next week and hopefully I'm not disappointed.

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