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Forums » Other TV Shows » The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends

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Author Topic: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends 1473 Views
  • Fluids
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    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends Link to this post

    The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends

    Thoughts with summary mixed together.

    I gave this episode a 55 on Robin's sale.

    Rick and his search party encounter (lets call them) the *Junkyard Dogs* who have captured them and given them a chance to negotiate using a Trial by Combat method.

    I kept thinking of the episode of Star Trek where Kirk fights the Gorn and all the while they were dumping trashbags on his head.

    Rick has a cheesy uninspired non suspenseful battle with a walker wearing spiky armor whose defeat allows an agreement to take place where they will get back their food items and tools from the Junkyard Dogs in exchange for the weapons Rick and Aaron recovered from Stanton's boathouse. Does anyone else see Fonzi jumping the shark here like me?

    Richard gets Daryl to agree to attack the Saviors, however Richard was trying to lead them to Carol as the person who did them in. Daryl refuses to attack the Saviors and Richard's information sends him to Carol's location.

    Sparks don't fly between Carol or Daryl, however it was a moving scene. Do they have a mother/son dynamic? Platonic warriors? I think the vagueness of their relationship does help show both of them have trouble with intimacy due to their broken backgrounds. However, it's a double edged sword isn't it? I don't get a strong emotional moment from them both because of that but I understand why. The overall effect for me was a warm sort of touching scene which could have been a little stronger.

    Overall thoughts...Yawn...

    The Good:

    * I love Jerry as a character. His good natured obedience begs for me what his intensity will be when I will see him eventually fight. I am guessing he's a pretty fierce warrior when he has to be.
    * Daryl reuniting with Carol, however the dynamics for me were wimpy (SEE the bad).
    * Nice easteregg. The Smokey and The Bandit Truck Trailer.

    The Bad:

    * More tiring wasted calls on Carol. More repetition from Ezekiel's group. Even if it's Jerry handing her the cobbler. Yawn...
    * I think I wasn't the only one disappointed that Carol didn't hook up with Daryl. I suppose the nature of their individual characters is more complex than to allow for that to happen.
    * Yet Another group very roughly sketched out.
    I really don't care whether they help Rick or not because I don't care so much for those characters because I don't know these characters. I have not seen them betray others; lie to others, dishonor an agreement. I have not heard their story on how they met each other or how the Junkyard became their home. Their words to me have no weight. I do know Rick needs them more than they need him so they do provide some suspense and motivation for why Rick needs to find more weapons. That's about it.
    * A fight to the death battle with a spiked walker. I never felt Spiky man was a threat to Rick's life. I didn't get any suspense. I actually starting laughing half way through the fight because the walker looked so ridiculous and piles of garbage kept falling on Rick. This was just to silly. I wish I was drunk at the time because I probably would have really laughed myself into a fit.


    * Rick doesn't want to give up the weapons cache he got from Stanton's boat. Will Rick and company find more weapons? Will Tara lead the group to Oceanside or keep her vow?
    * What is the nature of Carl and Daryl's relationship? How does he see her? What about her seeing him?


  • TheTVCritic
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends Link to this post

    I'm afraid the trash people made me feel pretty good about no longer reviewing TWD. Why exactly do they speak with strange sentence structures and communicate with weird hand gestures? And why on earth would you trust them with a bunch of guns after a 10 minute chat?

  • Aaronic
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    Re: The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends Link to this post

    This episode embodied the best and the worst of season 7 so I have had difficulty on giving this episode a proper score. In the end I have settled for a 58.

    I'll start with the good part of this episode. For one, the Kingdom plot for the most part was the best we have seen fro The Walking Dead this season. Of all of the communities, the Kingdom has been the most developed and it's the one I enjoy seeing the most. Ezekiel, Ben and Richard have been good characters so far and Carol and Morgan are some of my favourites, so I'm always happy to see more of them. This episode had more of the same excellence that The Kingdom has shown in "The Well" and "Rock in the Road".

    I loved the scenes with Daryl and Richard. These scenes felt very organic and had great dialogue, which is a massive improvement from the forced lines in the previous episode. There was good use of dramatic irony as well since we knew the woman Richard was talking about was Carol, and it added some tension to his confrontation with Daryl which ended in an enjoyable face off between the 2 of them. I think the reason this works is because the show has done an excellent job with Richard's character. Here is a proper character that is a threat to the main characters whose thought process and motives make sense and are relatable. It's been a while since The Walking Dead has made a character as compelling as Richard. However, that's not saying much since most new characters have been awful the past few seasons.

    I enjoyed the opening bit as well. The Saviour meetings have been exciting so far and I'm looking forward to the next one as I'm sure that something will go down there.

    The highlight of the episode was Daryl and Carol's reunion. It provided the best character moment of the entire season by a long sot, which I'm thankful for. I really love that Daryl didn't tell Carol about Glenn and Abraham and it made for an excellent character decision from Daryl that had a lot of significance. I am enjoying Carol's current arc because it's well written, but I don't think it's as good as it could be. Carol's arc in the last season was executed terribly and unfortunately it affects her current arc in a negative way that makes me not quite buy into her new broken character.

    Howver the Kingdom story had some problems. Apparently being rude to Morgan is becoming a motif, which I don't really like. How are we supposed to buy into this group being stronger together if they are always fighting? Also Daryl's final decision to go to the Hilltop was stupid. I thought he was going to make sure Richard didn't do anything to Carol? The man said he would die for the Kingdom and could very well have decided to try to kill Carol anyways. It feels ridiculous for Daryl to just leave Carol like that. And also from last episode, I also want to add how stupid the scene was when Rick told Daryl to stay at the Kingdom. He literally got told at the last second and didn't get to voice his own opinion at all, which was pretty awful.

    Now that the Kingdom plot is done, it's time to get into the bad stuff. The junkyard group (apparently they are called The Scavengers) are terrible. They operate ridiculously and fee cheesy and fake, and completely unrealistic. Why do they dress in black? Why are they silent? Why do they talk weird? Why do they live in a junkyard? Ay good TV show would answer these questions, but I have no reason to believe that The Walking Dead would address these issues. Robin, I agree with your opinion on this group as it feels like ne of the most ridiculous plots this season, which really says something considering how poor this season has been.

    Rick's fight with Winslow wasn't good. There was no tension because Rick obviously wouldn't die there. It really just reminded me how comical and unthreatening walkers have become now and they solely exist just to provide some "cool" moments for casual fans who just thrive on action and violence. Even worse was his smile after they made the deal with the junkyard group. They clearly have similar motives to the Saviours because apparently they take and don't bother, and yet this doesn't unnerve Rick at all. Instead he gladly hands over all of their weapons and agrees to bring more them with a gigantic grin on his face. Why on Earth should he trust them? It's ridiculous writing.

    Other notes:
    -No Simon this week.

    -Negan is missing once more thankfully. His presence wouldn't have helped anything here.

    -That junkyard backdrop was really fake and ridiculous. How did they think that looked good?

    -Looks like Tara is going to crack about Oceanside soon. Rick's group needs weapons now and she knows where to find them.

    -Rosita continues to be awful in this episode.

    -Father Gabriel has been on of the best characters this season. His relationship with Rick is actually more in depth than his relationship with Michonne in this season, which is nonsensical. Well at least one relationship is getting screen time.

    -Daryl has tamed Shiva. Good for him.

    Overall this episode was a real mixed bag. Good and bad makes this episode both a good sign and a bad sign. I look forward to future Kingdom episodes since that's a story I'm now invested in. However, I really couldn't care less about the main plot after this episode which is a real shame and I probably won't be given any kind of reason to care until the season finale. Well, I hope next season can be more impressive than this.

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